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Pearl Harbor


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This is a presentation that I completed for EDU 290 in the Fall of 2009. The intent of this assignment was to create a lesson that could be used by a student that missed the classroom instruction due to illness.

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Pearl Harbor

  1. 1. The Tr agedy on Am i ca er
  2. 2. •Pear l ar bor i s a har bor on t he i sl and H of ʻO ahu, Haw i , w ai est of onol ul u. H •The m r e of Japan E pi at t acked Pear l ar bor on H Decem ber 7, 194. •Thi s at t ack br ought t he ni t ed t at es U S i nt o or l d ar II. W W
  3. 3. Hawaii Pearl Harbor View from an attacking U.S.S Missouri Japanese aircraft (now a museum ship)
  4. 4. Many Different Reasons • President Roosevelt had banned all exports of scrap iron, steel and oil to Japan. • The United States wanted Japan to withdraw from Indo-China which they had invaded earlier. • The US opposed Japanese expansion. • The Japanese were motivated to expand their empire and had to make a decision between surrendering or going to war with the United States.
  5. 5. • Pearl Harbor was the home of the U.S. Pacific Fleet. Japan did not want the U.S. in the war because the U.S at this time had the greatest Naval force. They thought that if the Pacific Fleet was destroyed, Americans would feel demoralized and not want to fight. They made a big mistake when they thought that this might be a reason to attack America!
  6. 6. The First Wave of Planes • The first attack wave consisted of 183 planes It included: 1st Group (targets: battleships and aircraft carriers) (Used 50 Nakajima B5N bombers and 40 B5N bombers) 2nd Group (targets: Ford Island and Wheeler Field) (Used 54 Aichi D3A dive bombers) 3rd Group (targets: aircrafts at Ford Island, Hickam Field, Wheeler Field, Barber’s Point, Kaneohe) (Used 45 Mitsubishi A6M fighters)
  7. 7. The Second Wave of Planes • The second wave consisted of 171 planes This wave included: 1st Group (targeted: aircraft and hangars on Kaneohe, Ford Island, and Barbers Point) (Used 54 B5Ns) 2nd Group (targets: aircraft carriers and cruisers) (Used 81 D3As) 3rd Group (targets: aircraft at Ford Island, Hickam Field, Wheeler Field, Barber’s Point, Kaneohe) (Used 36 A6Ms)
  8. 8. The targets that were hit by these waves consisted of the following: Attacked targets: 6: USS Arizona 1: USS California 7: USS Nevada 2: USS Maryland 8: USS Pennsylvania 3: USS Oklahoma 9: Ford Island NAS 4: USS Tennessee 10: Hickam field 5: USS West Virginia