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  • Action research

    1. 1. SPY/LONE WOLF
    2. 2. 1920-1930 Action movies from this era was mainly were cowboy films or adventurous. They usually involved one leading main male character. They also usual featured a female which get involved in one way or the other. These are already ideas and concepts that are continue in movies nowadays
    3. 3. ‘The Wings’1927Wings was released in 1927 and was based onworld war one fighter pilots. This film won anacademy award for best movie in 1929. It isone of the first war movies made. It is about 2pilots that fought in world war one. One of themfalls in love with a woman. One of the maincharacter gets shot down at end of the movies.This could have been influence on the film ‘TopGun’ . Top gun follows a similar story line andsimilar background. This film has now beenrecorded by the national film registry ashistorically and culturally significant toAmerican films. Scheduled to be released in2012 in high-definition .
    4. 4. ‘All quiet on the western front’1930All quiet on western front was a film that is thistime period changed a lot of opinions. Becausethis film follows the story of a young Germansolider it must have had mixed views whenshown in Britain during the period it had beenfirst released. I do believe that this film has hadan impact on war film but has not had a majoreffects on the genre
    5. 5. ‘The 39 steps’1935 The 39 steps was one of Alfred Hitchcocks first movies. It was released in 1935 as an adventure film and has since been Re-mastered and turned into a play . This movie is one of the first Man-On-The-Run films. As the main male character tries to escape the police and others who are pursuing him. Already it is an influence in on modern day films such as the Bourne franchise where the main character is running away. It also has a slight spy feel to it as they try to hide British military secrets. Another influence on modern films such as James Bond.
    6. 6. 1940-1950 Action movies from this era were still continued to be cowboy movies and war movies. Alfred Hitchcock began the spy movie genre with films such as ‘North by northwest’ and ‘The guns of Navarone’ These films inspired producers to invest in the Ian Flemings novels ‘James bond’
    7. 7. ‘She wore a yellow ribbon’1949 A western based film that is still considered one of the best action western movies. It main character was played by John Wayne. This film show no real indication of a lone wolf film but is a typical cowboy film for this era. Many more western Films such as the searchers and face to face were released during this time period.
    8. 8. ‘Seven samurai’1954  Seven samurai follows a village of farmers which are under threat from bandits that steal there crop once it has been harvested. They invested in the help of seven samurais which would stop the bandits from attacking. This is one of the few film from Japanese cinema that is widely known in western movies because it influenced the movie ‘magnicent seven’ which followas the same storyline but in another seting. It was voted one of the top ten movies by ‘sight and sound’ in 1982.
    9. 9. ‘North By Northwest’1959 A government worker is mistaken for a spy as he is chased across the country as he tries to survive the foreign spies that are following him. This is one of the first examples of a spy movie. It has twists in the plot, comic touches and has and contains some chase scenes. It also has sex appeal and themes such as the man with a mistaken identity. Some of these themes such as twists in the plot, comic touches , chase scenes and sex appeal are themes that occur in other spy films such as James Bond . This film has also influenced directors such as George A Romero.
    10. 10. 1960-1970 James bond movies dominated this era. Over six James bond movies were made during this period Later movies such as ‘Bullitt’ and ‘Dirty Harry’ began the police crime action movie Another type of movie that became big in this period would be the martial movie. Films such as ‘Enter the dragon’ and ‘Way of the dragon’
    11. 11. ‘Spartacus’1960 A slave is trained to be a gladiator that begins a revolt because of the corrupt government that imprisoned him in the first place. This film could have clearly influenced the film of gladiator. As the gladiator tries to expose the corrupt government.
    12. 12. ‘James bond’ 1962- Present A prime example of a lone wolf film. in my opinion this franchise the definition of a lone wolf film. This film has a huge influence on this type of genre. Originally began as a book and now has 22 films in the franchise .all of the films follow the same outline. Film such as Mission impossible and the Bourne franchise follow the guideline of a spy thriller Movie. This is one of the only franchise that has had a massive impact on the action genre. Over the years james bond has got younger and younger and has grown more of a sex appeal.
    13. 13. ‘Bullitt’1968  One of the first American detective movies. Set in San Francisco the detective played by Steve McQueen has to catch a major gangster that it is wanted by a politician for his own selfish gain. After the gangster has been killed the politician and the detective clash with each other. This film also features an iconic car chase through the streets of San Francisco. This film may influenced TV programmes such a 24. it also has influenced video games such as the Driver franchise.
    14. 14. ‘Dirty Harry’1971 this film is Another example of a single detective film. the detective must find the serial killer. This type of storyline has become an outline for most cop movies. This film had. This film is believed to inspire 80’s films such as judge dread and cobra.
    15. 15. ‘Enter the dragon’ 1973 This film the last screen appearance of Bruce Lee. A Shoalin monk is sent to a fighting competition run by drug lord and his gang. the monk later finds that this gang is responsible for the death of his sister and then tries to seek revenge on the gang. Another example of a lone wolf film as the character played by Bruce lee takes down the whole gang by himself. This film has been parodied by balls of fury and some also believe that it inspired the Japanese game show Takeshi’s castle . This had real change to Japanese film making but had an impact on western films as it was made by Warner brothers and a Japanese film company
    16. 16. Sub-Genre ‘Martial arts’ These films contain many characters that use martial arts. The actors that usually play in these film are actual martial artist themselves. Bruce lee and Jackie Chan are examples of actors in this genre. These film contains numerous fights between the characters.
    17. 17. 1980-1990 Most of the movies from this era came from hollywood. The movies that featured in this year usually consisted of the same actors. Actors such as Bruce willis and sylester stallone. Later in this era films became more futuristic and would use more use Computer animated technology in the films . Films such as the matrix and the terminator are examples of furturistic films .
    18. 18. ‘Rambo first blood’1982 This an example of a ‘one man army’ film. Rambo played by Sylvester Stallone is an ex Vietnam solider that goes rogue. Once he is chased into a forest Rambo picks of men one by one using his environment and skills. This film franchise had three more films which followed Rambo. The sequals had had links to the previous film in the franchise
    19. 19. ‘Die hard’ 1988  Die hard is a prime example of a to lone wolf film because it has all the characteristics of this type of film. Based in a LA building the ‘one man army’ must try and stop the terrorist group from taking over the building. It was first released in 1988 and since has three more films been made with the same actor. This film has now started it own movie genre because of the scenario.
    20. 20. Sub-Genre ‘ Die-Hard Scenario’ This type of sub genre is usual based in one set place like a hotel or skyscraper. This place is usually been taken over or seized by terrorist. These films usually involve hostages . The one heroic person has to regain control over the one building using stealth and cunning. Films that have copied this scenario are ‘snake on a plane’ passengers are trapped on plane full of snakes, ‘under siege’ terrorist take over ship and ‘speed’ trapped on a bus .
    21. 21. ‘The Terminator 2’1991  This is science fiction action movie. This film had a huge impact on it genre. The film used breakthrough CGI technology on the characters. This technology caused this film to win a an academy award for best visual effects. It is a example of a lone wolf film.
    22. 22. ‘Mission impossible’1996 This is another example of a lone wolf, spy movie.It features all the characteristic of a spy movie. It features a male lead character and has action scenes and chase scenes . It also features a sidekick of a fem-fatal . Much like James bond movies. This franchise has had three more films in the franchise since its first release and one more at the end of december 2011.
    23. 23. 2000-Present More dominated by Hollywood action movies More special effects are being used to make film more impressive. Going into different eras. Films such as Sherlock Holmes and gladiator show this. (Trying new things) More and more sequels or remakes.
    24. 24. ‘Bourne Franchise’2002,2004,2007  A modern example of a spy film/ lone wolf . Jason Bourne is a CIA agent who has lost his memory. The three films are about Jason finding out more information about himself and what he did in his past. There is talks about a fourth Bourne film which is schedules for release in 2012 which carries on the storyline from the previous film. this franchise is one of the only spy franchises that could rival the James bond franchise.
    25. 25. ‘Salt’2010  This modern spy film is unusually to most films it genre. The lead character in this movie is played by Angelina Jolie. This is unusual because most spy films have male character that is the lead role. This film is yet again about a CIA agent that goes on the run after being accused of working for the Russians. This mistaken identity is a theme in many spy / lone wolf films.