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FTM: Corruption and data extraction


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Project Money Trail’s primary focus is, initially, on Slovenian journalists with a demonstrated pre-existing interest in the topics that its workshops will cover, because they are the easiest for a Slovenia-based NGO to successfully attract. Working primarily with local journalist will also make it easier for Project Money Trail to evaluate the success of the project.

Project Money Trail has a secondary focus on regional journalists for its current workshops in part because Project Money Trail intends to expand its program beyond Slovenia, in part because educating regional journalists is a way for Project Money Trail to ensure that the influence of its workshops is wide ranging and long lasting and in part because regional journalists will bring a valuable range of perspectives and experience to these workshops.

For later workshops, as Project Money Trail succeeds in reaching its initial goal of educating Slovenian journalists and journalism-focused educators, Project Money Trail’s focus will shift to prioritize journalists and educators from other countries in the region.

Project Money Trail’s approach will build on that of a successful Croatian program with similar, although more limited objectives. Project Money Trail will reach a different (Slovenian and regional) audience than the Croatian program, and will also be more ambitious in its goals, including in particular the creation of a universally accessible teaching and learning tool, the website described above.

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FTM: Corruption and data extraction

  1. 1. Special discussion of vulnerable industries such as construction and extraction. Introaduction to publicly available data (what’s available, where, how it can be obtained (e.g., FOIA), how it can be used directly, how it can be cross-referenced with other sources, additional analytical techniques) Marko Rakar @mrak
  2. 2. Any processes that involve the extraction of raw materials from the earth to be used by consumers. The extractive industry consists of any operations that remove metals, mineral and aggregates from the earth. Examples of extractive processes include oil and gas extraction, mining, dredging and quarrying, forrestry, water.