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Grapes of Wrath up to ch.9 ppt


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Grapes of Wrath up to ch.9

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Grapes of Wrath up to ch.9 ppt

  1. 1. Chapters up to and including ch. 9 • Chapter 7 is a good example of one of the roles of the inter-chapters. It adds new voices – in this case that of a car salesman who speaks with the quick pace and phony tone of a hustler taking advantage of the desperate farmers.
  2. 2. Discussion: Steinbeck goes to a lot of trouble to describe each character well before any real action takes place. Thus, we can assume that it is important to know much detail about each of the Joads (and a few others). This will help us understand how they function as a family unit.
  3. 3. Discussion: • Jim Casy: Review – Casy rejects the notion of sin: “There ain’t no sin, and there ain’t no virtue. There’s just stuff people do.” – “Maybe all men got one big soul ever’body’s a part of.” – Casy is a thinker in the first half of the novel; a man of action in the second half.
  4. 4. Discussion: • Tom Joad – Main protagonist of the novel; strong, responsible, doesn’t like being pushed around. – On probation from state prison; limits his actions. – Viewpoint transforms from concern for his immediate family to concern for the whole migrant society.
  5. 5. Discussion: • Muley: – Refuses to leave the land; lives like an animal; has been hunted for more than two months; lives in caves and fields; hunts his own food. – hates the government • Many disparage Muley for not heading west with his family: There is something at work there that is much stronger than we can imagine: His very being is tied to the land. • This is a huge theme in the book and in Steinbeck’s writing in general.
  6. 6. Discussion: • Ma Joad – Backbone of the family. – “Heavy, but not fat; thick with child-bearing and work” ;“full face was not soft, but controlled, kindly.” – The “citadel of the family.” – Pa and the family “could not know fear or hurt unless (Ma) acknowledges it…if she ever deeply wavers or despairs the family would fall, the family will to function would be gone.” – Considered the healer of the family; the arbiter of disputes. – She fights to keep the family together.
  7. 7. Discussion: • Pa Joad – Official head of the family. Hard-working tenant farmer who is forced out by elements beyond his control. – Only touches Tom on the shoulder, and very timidly, after an extended talk with him. Doesn’t openly show emotions. – Doesn’t trust anyone who writes for no reason. – Looks dirty and worn; worn out clothes, salt-and-pepper beard.
  8. 8. Discussion: • Uncle John: – “Crazy kind of son-of-bitch – somepin like Muley, on’y worse in some ways.” – Often seen drunk and visiting whore houses. – Feels guilty about his wife’s death; blames himself for his family’s bad luck. – Older than Pa – Never goes to church; wants to be off alone; doesn’t want to get close to anyone.
  9. 9. Discussion: • Granma and Granpa – Sleep in the barn so that they aren’t bothered and don’t bother. – Fighting keeps their relationship healthy: They love it (need it) and are devoted to each other. – Granpa is “cantankerous, complaining, mischievous.” – Attached to the land; too old to adapt to a new place; pretends to want to go to California but doesn’t mean it. – Granma is “as mean as her husband”; shot Granpa once during one of their arguments, which made him love her even more. – Speaks in tongues when the spirit hits her.
  10. 10. Discussion: • Al Joad – 16 years old; interested in girls and “billygoatin’” aroun” at night. – Handsome, seen unconsciously as a younger version of Tom (although less responsible at this young age). – Disappointed that Tom got paroled rather than escaped from prison. – Expert with automobiles; caretaker of the truck.
  11. 11. Discussion: • Noah – First-born son of the Joads; Pa pulled him out of Ma with his hands because he couldn’t deal with Ma’s pain and screaming. – He is not stupid; just strange and a little slow. Loves family but feels like an outsider. • Rose of Sharon – 17 or 18; pregnant. – Pre-motherhood has changed her from an immature girl to a young woman gaining wisdom. This change isn’t completed until almost the end of the novel. • Connie – Rose of Sharon’s 19-year-old husband
  12. 12. discussion notes • Ruthie and Winfield – Youngest Joad children; Ruthie, 12, is on verge of adolescence; Winfield is a rough-and-tumble, typical boy, 10.