Cook County Annual Report 2013


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The 2013 Annual Report for Cook County Government

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Cook County Annual Report 2013

  1. 1. COOK COUNTY ANNUAL REPORT 2013 Toni Preckwinkle | President Cook County Board of Commissioners $ Fiscal Responsibility Innovative Leadership Transparency & Accountability Improved Services
  2. 2. Table of Contents Where Toni Has Been 2 A Letter from the President 3 Performance Management 4 Economic Development 6 Finance & Administration 10 Healthcare 14 Property & Taxation 18 Public Safety 22 Forest Preserve District 26
  3. 3. 2 Where Toni Has Been
  4. 4. 3
  5. 5. 4 Performance Management $ Fiscal Responsibility Innovative Leadership Transparency & Accountability Improved Services The STAR Performance Management Program allows us not only to better understand and work with the other separately elected officials, but to assess and evaluate our own operations. By bringing everyone together, we have been able to change and improve government operations. what we are doing By measuring how we conduct business, we’re able to identify ways to be more efficient. In fact, the Offices Under the President have reduced employee sick time from nearly 6 hours per month to under 5.5, representing a nearly 10,000 hour productivity increase annually. The STAR program launched a new website that shares how well we’re delivering the services that our residents need and value at We’ve given our team the tools to succeed, by empowering our team to manage the data that they collect, we’ve seen a 43% reduction in the open procurement backlog. Having the right information in a timely fashion has allowed us to increase the number of annual building inspections by 48% and increase the percentage of autopsy reports issued within 90 days by 29%.
  6. 6. 5 $ what’s next We will use the data we’ve gathered to make sure we are investing our resources where they are needed most. Continuing to enhance the STAR website, ensuring that it is user-friendly, easy to access, and has the information that matters most to our constituents. We will continue to hold ourselves accountable by tying individual performance evaluation to department goals starting with the Bureau of Finance.
  7. 7. 6 $ Economic Development Fiscal Responsibility Innovative Leadership Transparency & Accountability Improved Services what we are doing $ Received HUD approval of $30 million BUILT in Cook loan guarantee program to finance projects that will create or retain jobs in priority development areas Recognized by Chicago Innovations Awards for the largest single-phase Guaranteed Energy Performance Contracting project, resulting in $60M in energy efficiency upgrades Leveraged $14.5 million in federal funds to support 29 capital improvements, 6 demolition projects, 485 affordable housing units, and aided more than 50 social service & homeless service agencies Utilized HUD Private Activity Bonds, making tax-exempt financing available to a project expanding the pool of affordable housing within the County Expanded HUD HOME Consortium and CDBG Urban County jurisdiction to increase inter-jurisdictional coordination and expand impact of federal resources Launched Cook County Land Bank Authority, securing $6 million in Illinois Attorney General funding to respond to the County's vacant and foreclosed property crisis
  8. 8. 3 7 $ Fiscal Responsibility Innovative Leadership Launched a web-based dashboard which allows user agencies to check the scope, current status, and schedule of their capital projects Began Strategic Building Inspection program and increased by 40% annual inspections of commercial & multifamily housing complexes in unincorporated Cook County Transparency & Accountability The Council of Economic Advisors released a report outlining strategies to strengthen economic development throughout Cook County and the Chicago metropolitan region Completed the Real Estate Asset Strategic Realignment Plan, allowing for better investment of capital resources and more efficient allocation of space Improved Services Revised the County’s commercial & industrial tax incentives to level the playing field between Cook County’s property tax rates and those of the collar counties Expended $7.7 million Neighborhood Stabilization Program, completing the County's transition from a troubled NSP recipient to a national success story
  9. 9. 8 Economic Development $ Fiscal Responsibility Innovative Leadership Transparency & Accountability Improved Services what’s next $ Utilize $30 million BUILT in Cook loan guarantee program to finance projects that will create or retain jobs in priority development areas Adoption of national and state building codes creating a more consistent and uniform set of regulations as they relate to neighboring municipalities Implement recommendations of the Real Estate Asset Strategic Realignment Plan, allowing for better investment of capital resources and more efficient allocation of space Develop Planning for Progress, combining two federally mandated plans that will guide funding requests, investments, and partnerships over the next five years Revitalize communities through Cook County Land Bank Authority's strategic acquisition, management and reuse of vacant and foreclosed properties Implement Partnering for Prosperity recommendations to strengthen regional collaboration
  10. 10. 9 $ Fiscal Responsibility Innovative Leadership Launch redevelopment of two sites, including the Stroger Hospital Campus in coordination with the Illinois Medical District and the Oak Forest Hospital site Cook County Workforce Partnership will build integrated workforce strategies focusing on high growth sectors Transparency & Accountability Implement web-based tools that integrate the asset management activities of offices under the Bureau of Economic Development Transition to paperless systems at both Building & Zoning and Zoning and Building Administration Improved Services Improve business environment through the recommendations and activities of a reconstituted Economic Development Advisory Council Continue to expand HUD Home Consortium increasing inter-jurisdictional coordination and leveraging federal resources
  11. 11. 10 $ Finance & Administration Fiscal Responsibility Innovative Leadership Transparency & Accountability Improved Services what we are doing $ Unanimously passed budget with no new taxes, fees or fines Over $70 million in saving and additional revenue through City/County collaboration Cut expenditures by Reduced taxes by $1.1 billion Implemented Guaranteed Energy Performance Contracting (GEPC). Under GEPC, the Energy Savings Company (ESCO) carry out energy efficiency measures and guarantees that the cost will be paid from savings produced by the project $430 million Improved grant funding by roughly 21% over the previous year
  12. 12. 11 $ Fiscal Responsibility Innovative Leadership Launched new Performance Management website and open-data portal to give residents direct access to the most up-to-date County operational data Launched a City/County reciprocal certification program to allow Minority and Women-Owned Business certification to apply to both agencies Transparency & Accountability Continued focus on absence management with new web-based reporting tools for office managers. Seen a gain of almost 10,000 hours in productivity Increased cigarette tax inforcement, resulting in revenue collection from $133.3 million to $148 million Improved Services Issued the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) on time Passed Demolition Debris Diversion ordinance. Improved the recycling of construction materials, with diversion rates well above 70%
  13. 13. 12 $ Finance & Administration Fiscal Responsibility Innovative Leadership Transparency & Accountability Improved Services what’s next Invest in over $ $40 million for technology around Cook County Bring our payroll system into the 21st century via a virtual internet based application stored in “the cloud” $14.4 million in Health Insurance & Pharmaceutical savings through a more efficient management of County benefits Expand Geographic Information System (GIS) application offerings to municipalities for greater usage, improved community, and updated contact information Embed plans to reduce our real estate foot-print and save over $100 million in coming years to facilitate affordability of new critical investments in County infrastructure Finalize the Cook County Hazzard Mitagation Plan (HMP) to index known threats, hazards, and vulnerabilities. This will be the largest HMP submitted to FEMA in the nation
  14. 14. 13 $ Fiscal Responsibility Innovative Leadership Continue our annual Supplier-Diversity Report. Approximately $67 million or 36.7% of total contracts awarded to Minority and Women-Owned business Shape our Long Range Transportation Plan by creating high level Advisory and Program committees. Identify transportation investments and create a strong business climate across the County Transparency & Accountability Develop a comprehensive risk assessment and mitigation program in order to identify and prevent fraud in County operations Submit application for The National Association of Medical Examiners (NAME) Accrediation. Improved Services Implement an innovatove, biometric Time & Attendance program to increase accountability amongst employees and bolster efficiency in current payroll systems The ability for a customer to apply, track & be issued a building permit online without the need to apply in person
  15. 15. 14 $ Healthcare Fiscal Responsibility Innovative Leadership Transparency & Accountability Improved Services what we are doing $ Continued year over year increase in collections—collected $87 million more dollars in 2013 than in 2012 Reduced the days of revenue outstanding by Reduced unbilled patient accounts by 32% in 2013 13% in 2013 Established and staffed Patient-Centered Medical Home as the system model for coordinated primary care Exceeded goal of 115,000 CountyCare applications and proudly provided more than 60,000 formerly uninsured Cook County residents with health care coverage through CountyCare Graduated 15 CCHHS mid-level managers from CCHHS University—an innovative management training program designed specifically for CCHHS. These and future cohorts will serve as leaders in the transformation of CCHHS
  16. 16. 15 $ Fiscal Responsibility Innovative Leadership Provided monthly quality, patient safety and regulatory updates to the CCHHS board Invested $6 million in outpatient diagnostic imaging and laboratory services at Oak Forest Health Center Transparency & Accountability Increased transparency of the CCHHS budget process through public budget briefings and public hearings, stakeholder meetings and easier website navigation Reduced wait times in the General Medicine Clinic by 25% by streamlining processes Improved Services Reorganized leadership structure to facilitate a system-wide strategy, reduce layers and improve accountability Implemented centralized scheduling for primary care appointments for CountyCare members
  17. 17. 16 $ Healthcare Fiscal Responsibility Innovative Leadership Transparency & Accountability Improved Services what’s next $ 2014 budget reflects a reduced request for taxpayer subsidy by $76 million in 2014, down 55% from 2009 In partnership with the State of Illinois, migrate CountyCare from and 1115 Waiver demonstration program to a permanent managed care entity Capitation revenue in 2014 is planned to exceed $460 million as a result of accessing new reimbursements through the Affordable Care Act Expand CountyCare health plan offerings to serve additional Medicaid populations and federally-subsidized populations on the Health Insurance Marketplace Further reduce days of revenue outstanding to less than 90 days in 2014. Expand inventory management to reduce inventory on hand, reduce supply expense, and increase patient service revenue With the CCHHS Independent Board, update strategic plan to keep pace with rapid changes in the health care environment
  18. 18. 17 $ Fiscal Responsibility Innovative Leadership Fully utilize new project management office to ensure efficiency and accountability in projects, contracts and services Continue process improvements to increase patient satisfaction and improve overall experience Transparency & Accountability Monitor implementation of the FY14 Quality and Performance Improvement Plan within the structure of the Quality and Patient Safety committee Identify and address geographic and service gaps to better serve CountyCare members Improved Services Provide monthly education to CCHHS board members to foster a deeper understanding of system operations Update diagnostic imaging and laboratory services on the Provident campus
  19. 19. Property & Taxation 18 $ Fiscal Responsibility Innovative Leadership Transparency & Accountability Improved Services what we are doing $ Mailed property tax bills on time for the second year in a row, after failing to complete the tax cycle on time in 34 years Through STAR performance management process, convened stakeholders on a bi-monthly basis during the tax process to ensure timely completion Passed legislation to stop erroneous homestead exemptions, leading to $1 million in owed revenue during the amnesty period 86% of Board of Review appeals were filed online for tax year 2012, an increase of 58% over the previous tax year On time tax bills saved County taxing districts $3 million per month in borrowing costs The Board began accepting online appeals prior to opening of the township, making it more convenient for taxpayers
  20. 20. 19 $ Fiscal Responsibility Innovative Leadership Assessor’s Office appeals for tax year 2013 assessment increased 28% over tax year 2010 Transparency & Accountability The Board of Review adjudicated 422,713 parcels in tax year 2012, the second highest in Board history Redesigned Assessor’s Office website to make it more assessable for tax payers Assessor’s office initiated the Emergency Flood Revaluation & Outreach Program for taxpayers impacted by spring floods Improved Services Launched website video tutorial to address the most frequently asked questions about the Assessor’s office Created a cross-office Frequently Asked Questions list
  21. 21. Property & Taxation 20 $ Fiscal Responsibility Innovative Leadership Transparency & Accountability Improved Services what’s next $ Establish a new norm by continuing to mail second installment property tax bills on time Completely digitize the Board of Review process so that evidence and decisions can be submitted, distributed, accessed, and saved electronically Automate the property tax appeals process so that a higher volume of appeals can be adjudicated within the allotted time at a lower cost Enhance the quality and detail of County maps through Cadastral Information Project Begin the implementation of a unified Tax Administration System for all property tax offices Continue to meet quarterly to make sure tax bills go out on time and to improve inter-office collaboration
  22. 22. 21 $ Fiscal Responsibility Innovative Leadership Continue to improve property and taxation websites so that information can be more easily accessed and searched by residents and businesses Rollout the Government to Government (G2G) Municipal Village to allow local governments to access County map data to for greater usage, and improve community, calendaring and updated contact information Transparency & Accountability Continue to expand outreach process to educate taxpayers about the assessed valuation appeal process Implement document bar coding in the Board of Review so that case files can be tracked and found quickly Improved Services Expand access to map data systems to the City of Chicago sister agencies Look for ways to streamline customer interface with the property tax system
  23. 23. 22 $ Public Safety Fiscal Responsibility Innovative Leadership Transparency & Accountability Improved Services what we are doing $ Received $500,000 grant from the MacAuthur Foundation to reduce the burden of pre-trial detainees Launched the Community Anti-Violence and Restoration Effort (CARE) in collaboration with the Mayor’s office to reduce violence and stabilize communities Awarded $2 million in grants for non-profit organizations for violence prevention, intervention, and reduction programs Created the One Summer Chicago program to provide youth with educational, safe summer activities for at risk youth. More than 700 youth were selected to participate Received over $27 million in grant funds from the Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) Program to support training, planning, and equipment to respond and prevent threats Wrote letter to the Illinois Supreme Court to establish a commission to conduct an audit of Cook County court’s backlog of criminal cases
  24. 24. 3 23 $ Fiscal Responsibility Innovative Leadership Continue to host targeted Breaking Down Barriers forums to improve community based services for re-entering indivduals Upgraded space for pre-trial services at the Department of Corrections campus. Detainees will have better conditions and greater opportunity to provide information to their attorneys Transparency & Accountability By request of the Judicial Advisory Council, commissioned Stemen Report that demonstrated the cost of increasing court delays Approved a gun ordinance to target straw purchasing—those who legally buy guns but give them to convicted felons or others barred from owning firearms Improved Services Focusing on best practices models drawn from Cook County and the National Association of Counties The Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management trained over 6,000 Cook County first responders in over 120 courses and training events
  25. 25. 24 $ Public Safety Fiscal Responsibility Innovative Leadership Transparency & Accountability Improved Services what’s next $ Improve the setting of bond amounts to reduce the burden of Cook County residents and their families Continue to work with the Illinois Supreme Court to address the backlog of criminal cases, costing the tax payers of Cook Couty millions Reduce the expensive burden of permitting detainees to serve time at the tax payer’s expense Finalize the Cook County Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP), the largest HMP submitted to FEMA in the nation Continue to apply for competitive Federal Homeland Security grants while providing local jurisdictions with notice of available grant opportunities Spearheaded the creation of new courts to deter high-risk individuals and reduce crime
  26. 26. 3 25 $ Fiscal Responsibility Innovative Leadership Expand DHSEM outreach by creating a Private Sector Advisory Council to address unique resiliency and preparedness requirements Launch pilot program with the Cook County State’s Attorney to expidite criminal cases Transparency & Accountability Working to reduce excessive delays in minor criminal cases Early enroll high-risk detainees into CountyCare to reduce recidivism Improved Services Focus on reintegration of returning indivduals that centers on the particular barriers facing Latinos Extend services to homeless detainees, mothers with small children, and at-risk youth
  27. 27. 26 Forest Preserve District $ Fiscal Responsibility Innovative Leadership Transparency & Accountability Improved Services what we are doing $ Provided support for jobs training and youth internship programs through Chicago Greencorps, Audubon Chicago Region, Friends of the Forest Preserves, and Fishin’ Buddies Began implementation of a strategic Centennial Campaign Plan to increase public engagement, funding support & reestablish the role as a leader in environmental education and outdoor recreation Awarded more than $6.3 million by federal and state funders in support of land acquisition, trail development, restoration of natural areas, community outreach and environmental education Developed a Trail Master Plan for the Preserves’ 300 miles of trails Supported the Forest Preserve Foundation with its second annual Conservation Cup Golf Outing raising more than $150,000 to support Forest Preserve youth programs Selected as one of eight urban wildlife refuge partnership sites in the country by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  28. 28. 27 $ Fiscal Responsibility Innovative Leadership Attained full compliance with the Shaman decree Enhanced marketing efforts, including introducing a new full color quarterly events brochure and related collateral and new signage Transparency & Accountability Established a Commission to serve as advisors for the Next Century Conservation Plan Improved website by publishing expanded content, including site profiles and interactive mapping capabilities Improved Services Implemented a Computerized Maintenance Management System for work orders, inventory, reports and more with web-based access Administered customer service training to all active employees
  29. 29. 28 $ Forest Preserve District Fiscal Responsibility Innovative Leadership Transparency & Accountability Improved Services what’s next $ Implement ActiveNet system for permit issuance and point of sale cash management Launch and implement the Next Century Conservation Plan, a vision to sustain the Forest Preserves for the next 100 years Complete implementation of new financial management system modules related to Payroll, Fixed Assets, Grants and Capital Projects Develop a Natural & Cultural Resources Master Plan working with the Illinois Natural History Survey and Prairie Research Institute to prioritize and set ecological goals for 55,000 acres of natural area Develop and implement a concessions business model Implement Campground and Recreation Master Plans
  30. 30. 29 $ Fiscal Responsibility Innovative Leadership Develop a new GIS database for tracking/maintenane of Preserves’ signs, buildings, trails, parking lots and ADA compliant amenities Increase public attendance at nature centers by offering diverse programming, evaluating and updating special events, and increasing promotional efforts Transparency & Accountability Finalize and implement revised Drug and Alcohol testing policies and procedures for Forest Preserves employees and employee candidates Improve law enforcement response capability to emergency events and disasters by providing specialized training Improved Services Purchase and install GPS units into a portion of Preserves’ vehicles to reduce idling, improve vehicle routing and monitoring mileage for preventative maintenance scheduling Update and improve Preserves general and zone maps and develop new maps that focus on trails and destinations