Changes to Cook County Medical Examiner's Office 061912


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A brief overview of changes to the Cook County Medical Examiner's Office.

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Changes to Cook County Medical Examiner's Office 061912

  1. 1. Medical Examiners Office Update June 19, 2012 Capital Improvement Plans:  A new racking system for the cooler  Installation of new Eye Wash Stations.  Upgrade of the HVAC systems to improve air circulation and humidity. Personnel Changes:  The Chief Medical Examiner has announced her retirement, effective July 31, 2012.  The Bureau of Administration will conduct a nationwide search for a new medical examiner.  Daryl Jackson has been hired as the new Executive Officer, starting on July 16, 2012.  Management employees from the Bureau of Administration will continue to be on-site through this management transition.Currently Hired Interviewed Waiting on Terminated Disciplined RetiredPosted hiring paperwork1 Asst. 2 3 Autopsy Tech II 2 Autopsy Admin. Asst. Asst.Chief ME Investigator Investigator Tech II IV Chief ME Aides IIIs4 Asst. 3 Adm. Physician – 3 Investigator Investigator I 2 Intake Invstr IIIMEs Asst. I Forensic III Attendants PathologyPhysician- 2 Autopsy Accountant III Administrative ChiefForensic Techs Assistant I ToxicologistPathology Toxicologist Histotechnologist 2 I III Toxicologists Admin Assistant I Process:  The ME’s office will be participating in the Department of Labor’s Illinois On-Site Consultation Program, which offers a comprehensive review to ensure compliance with federally-mandated OSHA and state safety regulations.
  2. 2.  Starting last week, Stroger Hospital Infectious Disease staff began testing ME employees for the presence of Hepatitis B antibodies. Where employee tests showed the need for vaccination, the vaccinations were immediately offered. The majority of Medical Examiner staff was tested last week. On-site Infectious Disease screening, including chemical testing, will be offered to employees, beginning the week of June 25, 2012. The Stroger Hospital Safety Division will begin training employees on safety issues this week (June 21, 2012). We are also working with the Stroger Safety Division to get more effective personal protective equipment for employees. We are working to secure funding to be able to implement an electronic case management system. The RFI for a new case management system was posted on the Purchasing website, with a closing date of June 8, 2012. The Bureau of Administration submitted a grant application for possible funding of $175,000 to purchase an electronic case management system. The unions received a letter announcing our intention to implement an electronic timekeeping system to improve the timekeeping system. We intend to begin using the new system on July 1, 2012. Bureau of Administration staff met with Medical Examiner staff and began reviewing autopsy and intake procedures. A draft of updated Intake procedures was completed. The Director of Intake Operations is developing a new training program for Intake Attendants that will include better customer service. Staff sent out a letter to Chicago police units to remind them of viewing hours to prevent devastated families from arriving at the Medical Examiner’s office when viewing hours have closed. Staff from the Department of Homeland Security will begin assessing security issues at the Medical Examiner’s Office.Policy: The Bureau of Administration worked with the State’s Attorney’s Office to develop forms required by ordinance amendments to allow for armed forces certification and next of kin certification. The names of members of the Medical Examiner Advisory Committee will be submitted to the Board of Commissioners on June 19, 2012. A bloodborne pathogen exposure plan was reviewed and updated and has been posted in various locations around the Medical Examiner’s Office. Spoke with Facilities Management to initiate the process of having burial shells completed in- house. The head of Stroger Hospital’s Safety Division is developing a written hazard plan.
  3. 3.  A new fire safety plan will be introduced to employees this week at the Safety Training.  We are working with Purchasing and Stroger Hospital to streamline procurement of health-related devices and leverage economies of scale when purchasing items used by both the Medical Examiner’s Office and the Hospital System.Cooler Inventory As of June 2, 2012:  234 adult remains were in the cooler, along with 56 fetal remains  Of that number, 96 cases are storage cases being held for Public Aid  The next burial is scheduled to take place at Mt. Olivet Catholic Cemeteries on June 20, 2012