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Website Redesign


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Website redesign, if not done in the proper manner, could spell doom for a site in the search rankings. Soumya Shankar & Vishal, who work as SEO professionals with Convonix, have created a resourceful presentation on the factors that need to be taken care of, while you are redesigning a website. Our website design & usability team follows these processes with the utmost care, and have successfully managed to replace entire websites, without seeing major fluctuations in rankings.

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Website Redesign

  1. 1. Website RedesignPrecautions, Next steps &Best Practices By Soumya Shankar & Vishal Shah SEO Team at Convonix
  2. 2. Why?
  3. 3. • Outdated• Unprofessional• Change in Business Goals Why?
  4. 4. Or just change for the better Why?
  5. 5. • "Pretty" than functional• Complex Navigation/Disorganized Architecture Why?
  6. 6. Simply Bad Why?
  7. 7. CMS migration Why?
  8. 8. Common MistakeRedesign First, SEO later
  9. 9. Pre-LaunchInitial Steps
  10. 10. R-E-S-E-A-R-C-H !• Analyze Site• Gather Data/Current Stats• Define Objectives• Decide Timeline• Understand Limitations Pre-Launch
  11. 11. Make Use of Analytics Pre-Launch
  12. 12. Wireframe & Navigation
  13. 13. Keywords Pre-Launch
  14. 14. SEO Elements• URL• Content• Title• Meta tags• Heading Tags• Alt/Title Attributes Pre-Launch
  15. 15. URL Re-writes?• Dynamic URL• Feasibility• 301 Redirects Pre-Launch
  16. 16. Precautions
  17. 17. Keep it Simple. Precautions
  18. 18. • Putting off existing users• Page Load Time• Shorter Funnels Precautions
  19. 19. Changing Domain Name Precautions
  20. 20. •Flash and JavaScript•Team Work•Launch when the traffic is low•Analyze Incoming links Precautions
  21. 21. Before you go Live!• Analytics Code• Sitemap• Testing• Check for Duplication• Custom 404
  22. 22. Post Launch Audit• Check Tracking code• Webmaster Tools• Build Links• Compare with previous stats
  23. 23. Benchmarking• Ranking Report• Pages Indexed• Analytics Parameters• Site crawl
  24. 24. Tips for Server Shift Shifting from Server A to Server B: 1. Copy site to server B while maintaining a copy on Server A 2. Check the functionality of the site on Server B. Check forms, navigation and other elements
  25. 25. 3. Once the functionality is checked,change the DNS to server B. A copyof site on server A needs to bemaintained for 72 hours for the DNSto propagate4. After 72 hours, the site on serverA can be taken down
  26. 26. Summary• Do your homework thoroughly• Design a checklist & stick to it at every stage• Balance SEO & Usability• DO NOT expect miracles overnight• Stay Alert!
  27. 27. Thank you.