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Tips & Tricks to Trend on Twitter


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If you are hosting a contest on Twitter, then getting it to Trend is as good as it gets. Our Social Media Marketing expert Chirag Kalwani gives you an in depth analysis of the tips and tricks that you can employ to get your Hashtag to Trend on Twitter.

Tips & Tricks to Trend on Twitter

  1. 1. Tips & Tricks To Trend On Twitter By Chirag Kalwani
  2. 2. What is #Trending and why should I bother?
  3. 3. What is #Trending and why should I bother? • What is #Trending – Trending topics are those which feature on the left side of virtually every page of your Twitter • Why should I bother? – Imagine being on virtually all the pages of one of the most popular social networking sites. That kind of exposure for your brand will surely grab your client’s attention
  4. 4. #Burst or #Sustained?
  5. 5. #Burst or #Sustained? • If you want it to trend, devise the contest in such a way that it lasts for 90 minutes or 2 hours at max. Try to maximize your impact by limiting the use of the hashtag in a very short but concentrated burst. The reason for doing this is simple. A topic will trend only when Twitter senses high usage of a particular term within a short period time • In order to achieve this, try to get maximum number of mentions on the minimum possible time
  6. 6. #Burst or #Sustained? • Day long quizzes will only trend if your audience is exceptionally enthusiastic or if your prize is very enticing • Open ended questions which entices multiple responses from the audience are better than a simple quiz . • The reason being quite simply that for an open ended question, a fan will submit multiple entries as opposed to a proper Q&A in which each question will have a definite answer and hence will only entice a single Tweet
  7. 7. The #Hashtag
  8. 8. The #Hashtag • Always Try to pick out a Hashtag with is more generic in nature • In order to trend, you will generally need a lot more people to use the Hashtag than your fan base. A contest based one might prove to be interesting for the ones who are participating but not for a random person • Pick a Hashtag which will compel a bystander to use it
  9. 9. Hashtag #Fail • Before finalizing a Hashtag, make sure it cannot #Aurora – An unsuspecting brand be used as a double-meaning one in any case tried to piggyback using this hashtag which talked about the Aurora shooting in • Another technique which many brands employ is USA piggybacking on already trending topics . This is something you should be very careful about! #susanalbumparty #RIMjobs
  10. 10. #Suspense
  11. 11. #Suspense • After finalizing on the date of your contest, leave a very generic & cryptic tweet about the contest • Don’t forget to ask for a RT from your followers. This will definitely get more people excited about the contest and most of them who read the tweet will end up following your profile in anticipation
  12. 12. D-Day!
  13. 13. D-Day! • Another tantalizing tweet telling your followers about the contest is a must for few hours before the contest • Whatever you do, DO NOT use the Hashtag before the contest starts. Many over-excited users will start to Tweet with the Hashtag even before the contest starts which will decrease your impact • Avoid talking about prizes before the contest starts . Let your fans expect the best. However if your prize is exceptionally good, you can talk about it
  14. 14. #Engage
  15. 15. #Engage • Try to fit in the description of the contest in one Tweet with the Hashtag so that even if it gets Re-tweeted, an unknown user will still know what you are talking about • One of the biggest factors which will help you to trend is to engage with the initial users as much as humanely possible • Small one liners like ‘Haha, that’s a funny one’ or ‘That’s a great one, keep them coming’ go a long way in retaining the interest of the user
  16. 16. #Engage • Use the Hashtag of your contest IN EVERY TWEET even if they are short and simple replies • If a user forgets to use the Hashtag, make it a point to remind them that their entry is invalid without the Hashtag
  17. 17. Beware of the #Overkill
  18. 18. Beware of the #Overkill • While it is imperative to keep your audience engaged throughout the contest, be very aware of the number of Tweets you post for your fans • On an average, even if your account has 5000 followers, the number of people engaging with you will be around 100 at most. Don’t alienate the 4900 who are, in most probability, the higher quality of audience by tweeting excessively • As a norm, keep at least 5 minutes between successive tweets
  19. 19. #Temptation
  20. 20. #Temptation • About halfway through the contest, drop the prize bomb on your fans ( the better the prize, the earlier you talk about it) • Try to get the most enticing picture of your prize and tweet it for your audience. It will breathe a new life into your contest
  21. 21. General #Pointers
  22. 22. General #Pointers • Retweet few of your outstanding entries so that people know what they are up against. While doing this, do not use the Retweet button. Compose a new tweet with the ‘RT’ prefix so that the emphasis remains on your profile and not the fan • If a user asks you whether its quantity or quality, try to give out vague answers like ‘A bit of both!’ so as to keep them hooked • If your contest is region specific (winner has to be chosen from one place), don’t reveal that your audience unless it is absolutely necessary. Try to encourage as many people as you can to participate
  23. 23. The #HolyGrail
  24. 24. The #HolyGrail • If it has to trend, it will generally start from a smaller city and then move nationwide or even worldwide • Once you get going, don’t stop!
  25. 25. The #HolyGrail • If you do it right, forget the nation, you can make it big – Worldwide!
  26. 26. Go #Fishing
  27. 27. Go #Fishing • One of the best screenshots you can give to your client is how much your audience loves your contest
  28. 28. Go #Fishing • Fish for compliments after the contest is done. The users will definitely give you glowing praise in hopes of getting into your good books and win the prize
  29. 29. The #Benefits of Trending
  30. 30. The #Benefits • Most of the times, a client might be hesitant to spend on a giveaway. The most rational way to approach this is by explaining the benefits of trending on Twitter and comparing the cost of buying a promoted trend to the giveaway you want • The cost of a promoted trend for 2 days is in the region of Rs.6.5 Lakhs and that too won’t is only Nationwide. Your Giveaway will always be a mere fraction of this cost
  31. 31. The #Benefits • A simple example which justifies a giveaway is the contest that was conducted for the launch of HTC One. For the cost of one HTC One, the name of the brand and the phone trended worldwide and also remained on top spot in the nation’s trends for more than 12 hours. • The most surprising fact about this is that the contest only lasted for 1 hour! • In monetary terms, we were able to achieve exponentially greater results at a fraction of the cost
  32. 32. Announcing the #Winners
  33. 33. Announcing the #Winners • Announcing the winners can also be turned into a small activity to get Retweets and interactions • A simple ‘RT if you think you have won it’ can prove to be very successful • Once the winners are announced, DM all of them asking for their contact information and other such details
  34. 34. Why #DM?
  35. 35. Why #DM? • The sole reason for keeping all this private is Twitter is a very open platform. Most users will not prefer to share their details publicly. • Another advantage of doing this is to ensure if anything goes wrong, the brand name does not get bashed publicly • For such situations, you have to adhere to the philosophy – Never Wash Your Dirty Laundry In Public
  36. 36. Why #DM? • If you begin your communication through a DM, even when a disgruntled winner is complaining, you can reply to them in a DM and shift your conversation there • The ill effects of having an influential user bashing your brand over something as menial as the delivery of a prize can be far reaching and in extreme cases, even disastrous
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