The Science of Online Reputation Management


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Online Reputation Management, is much more effective, when done in a proactive manner than reactive. Muzzammil Bambot, who works with us in the ORM division, has clearly underlined this fact through his detailed presentation. In fact, he has covered almost everything that currently comes under the purview of online brand building. It will help brand managers immensely on how to establish and sustain a good presence on digital.

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  • M: Online Stays Forever! – What is the difference between classic difference between <a href="" title="online reputation management">Online Reputation Management Services</a> & traditional public relations?
  • All this decreases your online trust and ultimately loss of business and decline in sales
  • <a href="" title="Analysis & Monitoring">Online Brand Monitoring</a> of user generated content about the brand is also important. In fact, <a href="" title="tracking of brand mentions on various platforms online">Iristrack - The Brand Monitoring Tool</a> is a good way of identifying places to get into a conversation with your potential/existing customers.
  • M:Everybody says that ORM consists of 3 steps- but after that period. We can explain the intricacies of ORM
  • M:Just a process flow to make people understand how does ORM analysis work?
  • M: SEO here is for Secondary Pages of the Official WebsiteM: Owned review domains – companies like Samsung, Apple have their own sub domain’s for users to post reviews
  • Focus on the About Us , Management Team, Key Spokespeople, Investor Relations pages of the Website
  • We need to maintain absolute positivity and along with that maintain complete online omnipresence
  • The top 3 have been successfully implemented by a consumer electronics chain client while the Content Visibility results have been seen in an ORM campaign for a client in the BFSI sector
  • The graph shows the<a href="" title="reduction of negative content and an increase of positive content on SERPs">Search Engine Reputation Management</a> over time for an actual ongoing Campaign This above graph is the actual performance graph for an ongoing campaign for a Major Indian BFSI Company
  • The Science of Online Reputation Management

    2. 2. Reputation Management – The Classic Difference ! PRE – WWW(World Wide Web) Public Relations Reputation Management (PR Teams) WWW – Internet Age Offline Media Reputation Management Online Visibility
    3. 3. Explaining ORM ? – A Bird’s Eye View For A Company X ORM Snapshots are for Representational Purposes Only
    4. 4. Challenges that Need ORM ! Negative Reviews Disgruntled Employees Complaints Bad Press False Coverage Allegations
    5. 5. Objective of ORM ! For an online Push and Promote Positive Content on SERPs user; searching for keyword x Increase Positive Online Visibility
    6. 6. General Conception about ORM LISTEN Analysis & Monitoring ENGAGE CONTROL Contributing Positive Content Promoting Positive Content
    7. 7. How
    8. 8. ORM Analysis for Company X Keyword Analysis- NIP (Negativity Identification Influence of Negative Potential) Entities Objectives & Problem Statement
    9. 9. ORM – The Process Monitoring & Maintenance Company Official Micro Business Owned Profiles Listings Review Domains Company/Key Executive Fluid Content Google Syndication Places Profiles SEO – Social Google Auto Secondary Profiles Suggest Pages Buy/Create/ Maintain/ Wikipedia Promote Domains Analysis & Feedback
    10. 10. The Trade Secret – Interlink the Entire Process
    11. 11. ORM – Process – Profiles Official Profiles Company Profiles Key Executive Profile • Promotion • Endorsement • Visibility • Knowledge • Visibility Sharing • Verifiability • Trust • Authentication • Conversations
    12. 12. ORM – Process – SEO Optimize and Promote Secondary Pages of Official Website for Brand keywords
    13. 13. ORM – Process – Wikipedia A Good Wikipedia Page tremendously adds to positivity on SERPs Wiki Alerts Create Assess Revision Pages Positive/Neutral Negative Monitor Existing Verify Facts Undo to Original Add Retain Changes Edit/Add Info Content Note Profile Record Edits
    14. 14. ORM – Process – Social Profiles Social Profiles for Increasing Visibility Social Channels assist Conversations with Brand Positivity on SERPs
    15. 15. ORM – Process – Business Listings Create Promote Listings Listings
    16. 16. ORM – Process – Google Places and Auto-Suggest• Creation of Assist • Ranks on Places • Assists in SERPs Listings Local SEO • Induces Positivity Create Promote Long Term Control of Auto-Suggest Results to prevent the above from happening to us Places Listings done for Major Indian BFSI Client
    17. 17. ORM – Results SERPs
    18. 18. Is thisEnough ?
    19. 19. How is Online Reputation Management vital to a Brand? 2002-2003 2004 - 2005 2006-2007 2008-2009 2010-2011 Infuses Builds
    20. 20. PROACTIVE ORM - Online Branding OUTREACH Targeted Branding • Rich Media • Advertorials Niche • Guest Columnist Domains • Content Visibility
    21. 21. Online Branding – Outreach Content Partnerships • Share Fluid Content with industry specific websites Advertorials on Partner Websites • Syndicating News • Sharing Images/ Videos • Podcast Disseminations Guest Columnists • Brand Mentions on Popular News Platforms
    22. 22. Online Branding – Outreach – Creating Targets SEM • Referral Traffic SEO • Off-Page SEO Social Media
    23. 23. Online Branding – Outreach - Results Graph Showing Percentage Positive Listings for a leading BFSI client for all campaign keywords
    24. 24. ORM Increases Visibility + Infuses TrustOutreach
    25. 25. THANK YOU! 37