Content Marketing - The New Link Building


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This presentation by Anindita Debnath provides brilliant insights on how the link building landscape is rapidly changing. She has brought to the fore the fact that traditional link building is dead, and brands will have to create & market great content and obtain links organically for survival.

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  • We need to acquire links smartly.
  • Search engines are constantly chaning and evolving
  • The Penguin update which was specifically targeted at eliminating spammy methods of link building
  • Content Marketing not only helps you acquire links from good sources, it also helps build your brand, engage customers, improve visibility and increase conversions.
  • Content marketing is another way to reach out to our target audience
  • Get listedin the top blogs of your industry by means of an outreach program and guest blogging
  • Upload presentations to various platforms such as Slideshare and Scribd
  • Created a kick ass sales case study? Well upload it online to target potential leads
  • Got loads of video or audio data? Well, podcast it periodically.
  • Remember Blendtec? Well, that is the power of videos. So go ahead, make a video and upload it on YouTube!
  • Did you do a lot of research and come up with a whitepaper? Does it give you an in-depth understanding of the industry? Well, why don’t you let potential leads know that too!!
  • We all love listing things. Create a list of top 10 tips, or top 8 facts and syndicate it on sites such as 12most!
  • Well, you take regular seminars for your employees. Why don’t you periodically also engage with your clients by the means of webinars?
  • We all have PDF and eBook versions of content. Upload it on various platforms.
  • Get yourself listed on your local yellow pages. Find a directory which actually talks about your niche and get yourself listed there.
  • Giving away coupons and vouchers? Got special discount codes? Well list yourself on discount websites and coupon websites. Everybody loves a good deal or even better, a freebie.
  • Have someone who swears by your brand? Ask them to put up a review on their website. Give out widgets linking back to your site.
  • You already have a list of FAQs for your website or a bunch of resource guides to help visitors. A lot fo sites list these out. Get yourself published.
  • Selling a new product? Launching a new fashion line? Buying another brand? Well, why don’t you tell the world about it?
  • Selling beautiful antique furniture? Or lovely hand sewn baby clothes? Your images deserve their own channel.
  • We all love infographics. We love collecting the data and the thinking that goes behind making one. Your audience loves them too. 
  • Wiki Answers, eHow, Forums.. This is a never ending list. Talk about your brand, showcase your expertise, help out some people in needed. Answer their questions. They might just become future clients! Win-win for everyone!
  • Well, get yourself on Wikipedia. Enough said.
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus. If there is a social network, get a brand channel on it.
  • Figure out what works best for you. Choose the right channel and then all out.
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  • Content Marketing - The New Link Building

    1. 1. Link Building – TheContent Marketing Way
    2. 2. The need of the hour is to Acquire links… Smartly!
    3. 3. Why the need for other ‘types’ of links?
    4. 4. Search Engines arebecoming SMARTER!!
    5. 5. Remember?? THE Penguin Update!!!!
    6. 6. We Should Do Content Marketing to…Improve Brand Acquire New Visibility Customers Increase Build The Brand ConversionsDiversify Link Engage Sources customers
    7. 7. What is Content Marketing?It is a Means by which we can reach out to our target Audience
    8. 8. What Channels Should one use?
    9. 9. Blogs & Guest BloggingGet top blogs talking about your website by means of guest blogging
    10. 10. PresentationsCreate an official ‘brand channel’ on top presentation websites
    11. 11. Case Studies Publish your case studies online.Researching on a specific topic? Make sure it is published!
    12. 12. PodcastsHave multimedia data? Syndicate it bymeans of a podcast at regular intervals!
    13. 13. Have a video? Make an official Brand Channel on popular video sharing websites! Videos
    14. 14. Publish a great research paper for your audience White Papers
    15. 15. Have a set of Do’s and Donts? Well, List them out! Lists
    16. 16. WebinarsHold webinars on a regular basis to update customers on your latest offerings & updates
    17. 17. Upload your eBooks and PDFs on popular sharing sites.eBooks & PDF Documents
    18. 18. Niche Websites & Citation SourcesList your site on niche directories and local yellow page websites
    19. 19. Giving out a coupon code? Offering adiscount? Make sure you are listed and found! Freebies
    20. 20. Customer Links Have a brand evangelist who swears byyour brand? Ask them to write about you.
    21. 21. List out popular FAQs & Publish your resource guides!Resource Guides & FAQs
    22. 22. Press ReleasesLaunching a new product? A new line? Do you have some life changing news? Well, put it all out in a press release!
    23. 23. ImagesUpload pictures and create a brand channel on sites like Picasa and Flickr
    24. 24. have a kickass infographic? Well, share it already!! Infographics
    25. 25. Forums & Discussion Platforms Talk about your brand and product ondifferent forums and discussion platforms. Create the hype and buzz about your brand!
    26. 26. Wikipedia Create an official page about your brandon Wikipedia - one of the most trusted and searched for sites on the internet!
    27. 27. Social MediaGet on every Social Networking platform
    28. 28. Be Smart. Use the Right Channels.
    29. 29. Thanks!