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Latest Trends in Digital Marketing


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This is a detailed presentation by Deepa Venkataraman – our online reputation management expert, on the major flashpoints in the internet marketing world towards the end of last year. Its aim is to inform digital marketers of some major announcements in the internet marketing world that have a potential to influence marketing strategies of brands across the world in 2014. We would love to hear your feedback in the comments section below.

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Latest Trends in Digital Marketing

  1. 1. Latest Trends in Digital Marketing Presented by Deepa Venkataraman Online Reputation Management SMG Convonix
  2. 2.  Content Grouping in Google Analytics  What Happened on November 14 – 15, 2013 ?  SEO for Hispanic Searches  Twitter Trends  Instagramination
  3. 3. Custom Grouping
  4. 4. For example, if you wanted to compare aggregated sales by Department, then you might create a Content Group called Department, and within that Content Grouping create Content Groups for Men and Women. That would allow you to compare performance of the men’s and women’s clothing departments.
  5. 5. Procedure: (One of the three below mentioned steps can be used to set up Content Grouping)
  6. 6. Key Take-away • E-commerce websites can clearly compare performances of different categories based on how profitable or non-profitable that category has been for the entire business revenue model. • E-commerce sites will hugely benefit out of this as it enables grouping of various categories as well gauging performance of individual category at a very granular level • News websites and other such sites that have similar categories for more than one section can explore this custom grouping feature offered by Google Analytics
  7. 7. What Happened on November 14 – 15, 2013
  8. 8. This peak depicts the amount of variation in the resulting URLs as shown by the Search Engine Result Pages Did big sites win big? Percentage of total search results in the set occupied by the top 10 domains on 15th November 2013 Source:
  9. 9. The one day jump from 15.39% to 15.89% represents a 3.2% relative increase – it may not seem like a huge amount, but it's historically unusual. Wikipedia, Amazon, and eBay all had one-day gains in the 3-5% range. Some of the Big websites seemed to have increased their appearances in SERPs on these days. Or was it the smaller websites disappearing from SERPs?
  10. 10. How SERP showed variation for the keyword "famous footwear store hours" ? November 14, 2013 November 15, 2013
  12. 12. And.. More Speculations follow..
  13. 13. Key Take-away • Sites that updated their content on a regular/daily basis saw greater prominence in SERPs as compared to those sites that lacked fresh content • Apart from sites that had freshness in content, it was observed that sites having an active mobile version saw greater traffic as compared to those sites without a mobile version
  14. 14. SEO for Hispanic Searches
  15. 15. Characteristics of Hispanic Searches Source: • • • • • • Use of genuine humor Music with cultural affinity Appealing celebrities / role models Family / children scenarios Latin American scenery Elements of escapism
  16. 16. Can We Use This? Source:
  17. 17. Attention must be given to the types of keywords Spanish speakers are using in a given market. Source: Google Keyword Planner
  18. 18. Running Site Content through Online Translation Programs
  19. 19. Key Take-away • A lot of American based companies can benefit from Hispanic SEO as it is statistically proven that Hispanic population is not only more likely to remember your brand but is also more likely to convert. As a result of this, SEO must be specifically performed for the Hispanic population in addition to targeting audience well versed with English language
  20. 20. Twitter Trends!
  21. 21. New TRENDs on Twitter! Twitter’s users can keep a track of emergency contact details near their current location and avail of useful prompt services as per requirement. The Twitter team has used MagicRecs to tweak the algorithm that finds users and tweets to recommend, and now this is being rolled out as a stand-alone recommendation feature TV on Twitter!
  22. 22. SCHEDULED TWEETS Twitter Ads users can schedule either Promoted or organic Tweets to be sent at specific dates and times up to a year in advance. Of course, this can be useful for marketers who want to promote timesensitive events on Twitter, like product releases or premieres.
  23. 23. Key Take-away • Scheduled Tweets as a new feature can be encashed by marketers to leverage their activities on Twitter based on the time when their target audience is most likely to be active there! • New Twitter features may be incorporated in your Internet Marketing strategy to ensure that your business is TRENDy and can reach to a majority of your target audience
  24. 24. Instagramination
  26. 26. - Be a Visual Storyteller: Balance Fun Images With Pictures From Your Business - Add Instagram to your content strategy - Use hashtags, Cultivate a Following - Embed Instagram Video in Your Blog or Website - Leverage Photo Contests on Instagram With Facebook
  27. 27. 15-Second Video Editing Cinema Analytics Filters Cover Frame Embedding
  28. 28. Key Take-away • Instagram is an excellent social platform for your Content Marketing strategy. Use witty and attractive images for your Brand to be recognized by your target audience • Its Video feature gives your business ample opportunity to make campaign – oriented videos and share it with your desired audience
  29. 29. THANK YOU