Integrating LinkedIn with your Marketing & Sales Efforts


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Learn how you can use LinkedIn to Effectively Reach your Target Audience! This presentation created by Murtaza from our social media team covers the techniques you should adopt to be a successful LinkedIn Marketer.

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Integrating LinkedIn with your Marketing & Sales Efforts

  1. 1. Integrating LinkedIn with Your Marketing & Sales Efforts Using LinkedIn to Effectively Reach Target Audience
  2. 2. Joining the Right LinkedIn Group • There are 2 ways of discovering the right LinkedIn Groups for you • Similar to a telephone directory LinkedIn has a directory to search for LinkedIn Groups • Browse through LinkedIn Groups alphabetically to find the groups that you are looking for •
  3. 3. Joining the Right LinkedIn Group
  4. 4. Joining the Right LinkedIn Group • Search for Groups in the LinkedIn Search Field • Type the keyword that you are looking for in the Search field • Select the Group filter on the right hand side of the window • Browse through results for the required keyword
  5. 5. Joining the Right LinkedIn Group Search Field Keyword No. of Members No. of Discussions Group Filter
  6. 6. Joining the Right LinkedIn Group • Things to look out for: – Number of Members – Number of Discussions initiated – For more insights visit the Group Statistics tab • View Group Statistics to better understand the Group you are about to join – Look in the “Activity” section to determine how active a particular Group is
  7. 7. Joining the Right LinkedIn Group
  8. 8. Joining the Right LinkedIn Group There should be a good ratio of comments to discussions – This shows that group members are responsive to discussions initiated. A comments to discussion ratio of 0.8 to 1 shows a highly active Group
  9. 9. Making Connections • To search for people on LinkedIn simply type their name in the search filter to get results • Narrow down these results using filters like – Relationship – Current Company – Industry – Past Company – School – Etc.
  10. 10. Making Connections Search Field People Filter More Filters Click to connect
  11. 11. Making Connections • Things to look out for while making connections: – Always customize the personal note
  12. 12. Making Connections • LinkedIn also allows you to view people similar to a particular LinkedIn profile
  13. 13. Messaging Considerations for InMails • LinkedIn Mails are of 2 types – LinkedIn InMails (Paid) – LinkedIn Messages (Free)
  14. 14. LinkedIn InMails • InMails let you directly message members you're not connected to • If you have a Basic (free) account, you can purchase up to 10 InMail credits • If you have a premium account you are allotted a number of InMails based on the plan that you purchase • You can send an InMail by clicking the Send InMail link in the upper right of a member's profile page or from search results
  15. 15. LinkedIn InMails • There's a 7-day response guarantee for InMails • InMails can be used to contact those people outside your network • Use Inmails to contact people who may have a Strategic impact on your organization
  16. 16. LinkedIn Messages • Send messages to people whom you are directly connected to or with whom you share a common LinkedIn Group Click to Send Message
  17. 17. LinkedIn Inmails vs Messages Inmails • Send to people that you’re not connected to • Guaranteed open rate • Less likely to appear as spam • 1 Inmail=$10 Messages • Can send to people that you’re connected to as well as people in the same group • Appears in a persons LinkedIn inbox (better than conventional email) • Free service
  18. 18. Participate in Group Discussions • Taking part in discussions on LinkedIn Groups is a very effective way to network on LinkedIn • Your comments/discussions can be viewed by all the members of the Group • This establishes you and your organization as a thought leader and industry expert
  19. 19. Participate in Group Discussions • Initiate discussions
  20. 20. Participate in Group Discussions • Participate in discussions initiated by others
  21. 21. Searching for People you want to do business with • You can use the filters discussed earlier in the “Making New Connections” section of the presentation • Another effective way in by using LinkedIn Groups
  22. 22. Searching for people you want to do business with • Go to a LinkedIn Group who’s members might be of interest • Go to the members tab of the group • This provides you with all the members of the group • Use search filter to find people that you are looking for • You can invite people to connect or send them a message
  23. 23. Searching for people you want to do business with Search Field Send Message or invite to connect
  24. 24. Searching for people you want to do business with • You can also view the people also viewed tab and view similar people to find key decision makers of the organization
  25. 25. How to use LinkedIn before making a Cold Call • Making a cold call is one of the most challenging aspect of being a sales person • LinkedIn can make this task a little easier • Go through the LinkedIn profile of a prospective customer • View Summary, Experience, Skills and Expertise, Education, Interests, Personal Details on the LinkedIn Profile of the person you are trying to reach out to
  26. 26. Advantages of a Premium LinkedIn Account • See the full list of who's viewed your profile • Send direct messages to anyone on LinkedIn. Response guaranteed • Get introduced to inside sources at companies through your LinkedIn connections • Let anyone on LinkedIn message you for free • Get a list of people in your network who can provide a reference for someone you are interested in • Save searches and get notified when new profiles fit your criteria • Get up to 8 advanced search filters