Enhance Your Professional Presence


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This presentation by Murtaza Vahanvaty will assist you in enhancing your professional presence online. Learn how to make your online profile more searchable and effective with the help of this presentation.

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Enhance Your Professional Presence

  1. 1. Enhance Your Professional Presence
  2. 2.  LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional platform with over 259,000,000+ registered members  Over 84 million+ of these members are from the United States  LinkedIn members did over 5.7 billion professionally-oriented searches on the platform in 2012  More than 3 million companies have LinkedIn Company Pages  LinkedIn members are sharing insights and knowledge in more than 2.1 million LinkedIn Groups Why should you bother with LinkedIn?
  3. 3.  A large portion of target audience is present on LinkedIn  People are looking for business opportunities on the platform  It is easy to identify prospects and communicate with them  B2B buyers are 57% through their purchase process before coming in contact with suppliers  70% of the content B2B buyers read or study before making a purchase, they find on their own Thus, it is vital to influence the purchase decision of a potential buyer by reaching out to him on LinkedIn Why should you bother with LinkedIn?
  4. 4. LinkedIn Profile 1. Profile Picture 2. Headline 3. Edit Profile 4. Vanity URL
  5. 5. Your LinkedIn profile image should accurately reflect who you are as a professional. When users are searching for you or land on your profile, your picture is one of the first things that they see. 1. Profile Picture
  6. 6. Adding keywords to your headline that you want to be associated with can improve your “searchability” within LinkedIn. Here are two best practices for updating your headline for maximum impact: 1 – Multiple Titles: Create a headline that displays the different titles someone is likely to search for related to what you do. 2 – Descriptive: Write a descriptive headline that illustrates what you do with keywords filtered in. 2. Headline
  7. 7. Click on the Edit button to complete various aspects of the LinkedIn profile like Summary, Experience, Skills, Educations, Publications and Personal Details, Contact details etc. 3. Complete Profile
  8. 8. Update Relevant Experience Share a little bit about your company, as well as share a list of your responsibilities and accomplishments in current and previous positions. Consider it a timeline of your growth and evolution as a professional. Beef Up the Summary Section The LinkedIn Profile Summary can be used to provide additional descriptions about your experience, expertise, awards, etc. The Summary is also the section of your profile which has the highest character count. This is where you can give people a glimpse into who you are, what your background is, what you’re looking to accomplish, and additional places they can find you online or contact you. Make sure you include a strong, SEO friendly summary of your career. Your ‘searchability’ depends on LinkedIn’s search engine linking your name to certain keywords. LinkedIn Summary also presents an opportunity to include links to content that you’ve created (or participated in creating) and displays them. 3. Complete Profile
  9. 9. Creating your own Vanity URL is simple and it instantly makes your profile more professional: Hover over Profile on the main nav-bar, then click Edit Profile Underneath your Profile Picture should be a short URL. Click Edit You’ll then be taken to your Public Profile page. This is the page that appears when someone finds your profile and is not signed in to LinkedIn. On the right- hand side, click on Customize your public profile URL and type in something that’s unique to you, easy to remember, and easy to share. 4. Vanity URL
  10. 10. When someone endorses you for a particular skill or area of expertise it shows up below your work experience on your LinkedIn profile. Make sure the skills listed on your profile accurately represent your capabilities A good recommendation is going to take a little more effort than simply clicking to endorse; recommend your connections and ask that they do the same for you. LinkedIn allows you to send a recommendation request to 200 people at a time, however a customized message could go a long way 5. Skills/Expertise & Recommendations