Content Marketing - The Superhero Of 2013


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Content marketing is a marketing technique of creation and distribution of relevant and valuable content pieces to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

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  • <a href="" title="Read Up Content Marketing Posts on the Convonix Blog">Content Marketing</a>is a marketing technique of creation and distribution of relevant and valuable content pieces to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.
  • As far as <a href="" title="Read To Know More about SEO">SEO</a> is concerned, blogs are excellent means of adding fresh content to any website.
  • <a href="" title="Read To Know More about Video SEO">Video optimization</a> can quite easily establish brand identity and create brand awareness for any business, be it small or big.
  • Content Marketing - The Superhero Of 2013

    1. 1. Prepared By - Priyam Srivastava
    2. 2. What is Content Marketing?Content marketing is a marketing technique of creation and distribution ofrelevant and valuable content pieces to attract, acquire, and engage a clearlydefined and understood target audience – with the objective of drivingprofitable customer action.It refers to almost all online marketing activities centered around creating andsharing content to engage consumers.Information related to any brand can be presented in a variety of media likearticles, blogs, videos, images, infographics, white papers, e-books, case studiesetc.
    3. 3. How is it a SUPERHERO?With the change in trends of link building, many of the previously effectiveactivities are now obsolete and are no longer considered best SEO practice.As top search engines like Google give clear preferenceto quality content, companies and clients are nowseeking for long term content marketing strategies tosave their respective online campaign.Content Marketing is the future ofonline marketing and it’s HERE TO STAY!
    4. 4. Statistics86% of B2C (business toconsumer) companiesare planning to keep orincrease their currentcontent marketingspending this yearCourtesy:
    5. 5. Statistics54% of B2B (business tobusiness) companies areplanning to increasetheir content marketingspending in 2013Courtesy:
    7. 7. InfographicsOne of the latest methods of content marketing – Infographics are essentiallyimages which summarize a concept or statistics into a detailed and visuallyappealing graphic. Just textual content is at times disengaging and boring to gothrough. But if supported by a creative Infographic which gives all the information atone glance, it is bound to go viral.Infographics can be optimized for search engines just like images. The infographicURL, title, and alt tag should be matched to the infographic and page theme. Theviral nature of Infographics make them an excellent tool for gaining inbound linkstoo.There are various websites like, and etc. whichcan be used for creation of Infographics. Click here to get a list of infographicsyndication websites.
    8. 8. Case Study – was the first company to create infographics to attract customers ona mass scale – that resulted in 2 million customers within 3 years.By focusing on blog posts, slideshows, videos and infographics, grewto 100,000 accounts in 2007, 600,000 in 2008 and almost 2 million in 2009,becoming the largest player in the personal financial aggregation market.Courtesy:
    9. 9. Infographic OptimizationThe very first step as always is selection of the most relevant keywords associated withthe infographic. Here are a few other important pointers –• Title Tag of the webpage must contain the title of your infographic• Page Meta Description should be keyword rich as well as compelling for the users• Heading should be well written from both user as well as search engine’sperspective
    10. 10. Infographic Optimization• Search engine friendly content along with the infographic should be present. Thiscan be a detailed blog related to the information given by the infograhic or a shortdescription of the content piece• Allow users to embed your infographic on their websites as it helps in generatingbacklinks• Image file name and alt tag should be optimized
    11. 11. BlogsInformative and EngagingBlogs are loved by both Readers andSearch Engines!A blog is a great way for brands to solve the pain points of their customers.As far as SEO is concerned, blogs are excellent means of adding freshcontent to any website. Be it a personal experience or sharing an expertopinion on a topic, blogging is the trend of the day.As long as your blog is unique, informative and most importantly engaging,it can be the best way of content marketing.It is highly recommended for any kind of website to have a dedicated blogsection and update it on a regular basis.
    12. 12. ResearchTechnorati’s 2013 DigitalInfluence Report showsthat consumers are turningto blogs when looking tomake a purchase.The report found that blogs arenow the third most influentialdigital resource (31%) whenmaking overall purchases, behindretail sites (56%) and brand sites(34%).Courtesy:
    13. 13. Case Study – Nerd FitnessCourtesy: Fitness is a superb example of an extremely creative and niche blogwebsite. This blog was started about 5 years ago to accommodate “deskjockeys, nerds, and average Joes that needed to level up their lives.” The bloghas become very successful and has over 58,000subscribers thus far.
    14. 14. SEO Tips on Blogs• Optimize the URL, Title, Metas and Headers of the blog page according tothe keywords you wish to target. Synonyms, long term variations ofkeywords should be used in the blog posts. However make sure that thecontent is not keyword stuffed• More Content and Less ads - Need not worry about the length of yourpost as long as its interesting and offers fair amount of relevantinformation. A relatively long yet engaging blog is bound to have repeatedvisitors• Navigation to the right pages of your website using appropriate anchortext. If you have a main blog page that lists all your previous blogs, a linkto it at the end is recommended
    15. 15. SEO Tips on Blogs• Images, Infographics and Videos can add great value to blogs. Forinstance, a blog quoting statistical data can be paired up with anawesome Infographic so that the reader gets a brief about the blog atone glance• Authorship Markup should be used. Click here to know more• Offer Social Media, RSS & Feed Subscription Buttons
    16. 16. PresentationsMicrosoft estimates that over 30 million PowerPoint presentations aregiven daily around the globe. Modern day presentations are far more visual andprovide quality information in the best way possible. Syndication websites likeIssuu, Calameo, Scribd and Slideshare are extensively used.Slideshare is the most popular social website which allows presentationsyndication. Its growth can be clearly seen in its Alexa stats –(Courtesy:
    17. 17. Case Study – HubSpotHubSpot has published 478 presentations and has 8,885 followers on SlideShare.This clearly indicates that people today do find presentations as an appropriatemedium to gain more knowledge about their concerned brand.
    18. 18. Presentation Tips• First and foremost, the title slide of your presentation should grab theeyeballs of the viewer and develop enough interest in his mind to go throughthe slides• Presentation Title, Description, Tags must contain the keywords you wish totarget• It is recommended that you embed the Slideshare presentation on yourwebsite with a supporting post. The post may be a brief about thepresentation or a detailed explanation with instances of keywords in either cases• can be used to customize the URL of your Slideshare. The URL should beshort and precise so that the viewer can easily identify the topic of yourpresentation
    19. 19. ImagesEye catching imagesleave a lasting impressionon the consumer’s mind!Images and photographs adversely affect the decision making process of any andevery consumer. From a business as big as real estate to a small website sellingbaby toys, image syndication can play a major role in brand building and onlinevisibility.Image sharing on websites like Flickr, 500px, Tumblr, Photobucket etc. is one ofthe most widely used medium of content marketing.
    20. 20. Image Optimization• Image File name should describe the image in plain simple English rather thana good for nothing name like Image1.jpg or DSC001.jpg• Alt tags also add SEO value to an image. Adding keywords in the alt tags(without spamming ofcourse) help in achieving better rankings• Google uses page load time as a factor in their ranking algorithm and large sizeimages result in increased loading time. Image size should be reduced as muchas possible without ruining its quality• Make sure that decorative images like a background image of your page,borders, buttons etc. that are used only to enhance the aesthetic appeal arecompressed to reduce page loading time. If possible use CSS instead
    21. 21. Image Optimization• Image Sitemaps can help Google discover images.Click here to know more• Image Syndication on Social Media platforms andvarious other free and paid websites• Image Markup should be used to increase visibilityof images. Click Here to know more
    22. 22. VideosVideos undoubtedly have the potential to boost a brand’s overall marketing campaign.Video marketing can quite easily establish brand identity and create brand awarenessfor any business, be it small or big. It is imperative that the video content is relevant tothe business and does not contradict the brand’s positioning.With free video sharing websites like Vimeo, Dailymotion, Veoh and the king of all –Youtube, more and more businesses are now concentrating on generating engagingvideos.
    23. 23. Dollar Shave Club spent $4,500 on a video that got them 10,214,692views, 25,000+ followers on Twitter, 84,784 Facebook fans and 12,000new customers in 2 days. They went on to raise $10.8 million in financing.Case Study – Dollar Shave ClubCourtesy:
    24. 24. Video Optimization• Videos should be informative, engaging but at the same time not too long• Title of the video should be catchy and must ideally include the importantkeywords which are most searched• Tags must be decided based on an extensive keyword research• Descriptions are read by people before viewing the video. They mustessentially give a brief about the video with instances of appropriatekeywords• Optimization of Transcripts can help your video to rank well on search engines
    25. 25. Video Optimization• Video Sitemaps is another way for search enginesto find your video content. Click here to know more• Video Microdata can increase the visibility of avideo on the SERP. Click Here to know how• Embedding Options - Allow others to embed yourvideo on their blog or website
    26. 26. Combining traditional SEO practices with a deadlycontent marketing strategy is the best thing to do in2013. Social media platforms also play a huge role incontent syndication.In order to withstand the rising competition in theonline market, brands have realized the need ofcontent marketing which is evident from the amountthey are planning to spend in the coming months.2013 is the year ofCONTENT MARKETINGConclusion
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