An Overview of New Facebook Insights


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There is a lot more to Social Media than just making status updates. In this presentation, Nishi shah from the social media team at SMG Convonix takes you through the new features from Facebook insights and tells you exactly what you need to report.

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An Overview of New Facebook Insights

  1. 1. An Overview of New Facebook Insights Nishi Shah, Social Media @ SMG Convonix
  2. 2. Key Metrics The new Insights are broken down into the following tabbed sections: Overview Page Posts People
  3. 3. What Metrics to Report When you create a Facebook Campaign report, make sure you report the following data. There is a lot more to Social Media than just making status updates. 1. Page Likes - Its important to let your client know where the likes are coming from, how many likes has the page received etc. The new insight tool lets you grab that data seamlessly
  4. 4. What Metrics to Report This graph will help you understand the trending growth of your page and where your growth is coming from.. This will help you plan your Page promotions and Ad campaigns This graph tells you your post reach on a daily basis
  5. 5. What Metrics to Report This graph tells you which posts have received the maximum likes, shares and comments on a daily basis
  6. 6. What Metrics to Report 2. Page Visits - This is where you can quickly evaluate how users interact with content other than posts on your Facebook page. This Graph tells you the number of views your various applications have received. This Graph tells you the external traffic sources through which the user came to your Facebook Page
  7. 7. Post Tab The Posts Tab on Facebook is broken down into 3 Segments :  All Posts  When Your Fans Are Online  Best Post Types 1) All Posts – This feature is similar to the previous one, but with some new graphics, some color scheme refreshing and new filtering options. It gives a little additional information like the ability to select different Reach and Engagement metrics.
  8. 8. 1. All Posts Tab        The all posts tab lets you filter Reach by Total Reach, Organic vs. Paid and Fans vs. Non-Fans. The all posts tab allows you to adjust which Engagement metrics you view. The options include: Post Clicks / Likes, Comments & Shares Likes / Comments / Shares Post Hides, Hides of All Posts, Reports of Spam, Unlike Engagement Rate
  9. 9. 2. When Your Fans Are Online This is a completely new data set here and is not something that was previously made available even if you exported the data in excel. Note this isn’t related to your content, but any content. This is important because it isn’t influenced by when you post, the quality of your post, affinity or anything else.
  10. 10. 3. Best Post Types You can quickly determine which of your post types generate the highest Reach and Average Engagement (split up between Post Clicks and Likes, Comments & Shares).
  11. 11. Best Post Types This section has actually gone largely unchanged from the old version, but there are some nice little enhancements. The People tab is broken apart into three different sections:  Your Fans  People Reached  People Engaged 1) Your Fans This is where you can quickly get insight into who your fans are. This data shows me that 90% of my client’s fan base is male
  12. 12. 2) People Reached The setup of this view is exactly like the Your Fans view. It’s broken down by gender, age, geography and language. Nothing associated with geography and language has changed significantly.
  13. 13. 3) People Engaged These are the people who not only make up my fan base, but are reached and engaged! If you regularly use the Boost Post button to expand the reach of your posts, you should also expect this representation will be different
  14. 14. A Question For You Do you have any interesting data sets that affected your marketing strategy? I would love to know!