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Top Conversion In 4 Questions

Before rebuilding your whole website … Here are 4 key questions that will help you fix 80% of your conversion issues !

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Top Conversion In 4 Questions

  2. 2. Here are 4 key questions that will help you fix 80% of your conversion issues Before rebuilding your whole website …
  3. 3. WHERE AM I ? #1
  4. 4. AN IMMEDIATE LANDMARK The name and the logo of your brand have to be easy to identify Give
  5. 5. TRIGGER A SENSE OF FAMILIARITY The “mere exposure effect” brings a positive reaction
  6. 6. WHY AM I HERE ? #2
  7. 7. 8 SECONDS TO CONVINCE It's the time you have to remind your customers why they are on your page and convince them to stay
  8. 8. The average attention span of users online is less than the one of a goldfish… So
  9. 9. KEEP IT SIMPLE !
  10. 10. • Expose your advantages in 3 points • No more !!!
  11. 11. BEWARE OF "THE CURSE OF KNOWLEDGE" The more you know, the harder it is to think like someone that doesn't know what you're talking about
  12. 12. Use verbs that inspire actions
  13. 13. WHAT SHOULD I DO ? #3
  14. 14. Reduce the time users spend thinking BE DIRECT ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT YOUR CUSTOMERS TO DO
  15. 15. WHY SHOULD I DO IT ? #4
  16. 16. Next day delivery, Free trial, Extras, "This offer expires today”… OFFER AN INCENTIVE TO GET THAT CONVERSION !
  17. 17. The fear to see the item you want sold out is a real stimulate TRIGGER THE LOSS AVERSION BIAS
  18. 18. STAND OUT FROM YOUR COMPETITORS ! Travellers, for example, are visiting an average of 38 different websites before booking
  19. 19. SUM UP 3- Tell immediately your visitor what to do 1- Don’t forget to give a familiar landmark 2- Expose simple arguments to convince in few seconds 4- Be persuasive
  20. 20. A BETTER CONVERSION ! Using these 4 easy tips you will obtain quickly
  21. 21. I am here ! To go further… If you want to know more about behavioural psychology studies, Google Scholar is very useful and if you need help…