Convertigo Mobile Application Development platform for Enterprises


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Convertigo Mobilizer is the most advanced Open Source Mobile Application Development Platform for Enterprises, featuring all the required components needed to develop and to run cross-platform mobile enterprises application connected to enterprise's back-end business applications.

- Large variety of connectors to enterprise apps
- Mashup sequencer to orchestrate and combine data and processes from multiple enterprise apps.
- Cross-platform WebApp and Native app mobile application development tools for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone platforms
- Security managers and Identity managers
- Mobile application updates and administration
- Monitoring and administration tools.

Convertigo can also be used for transactionnal portal integration and for SOA enablement of legacy web or Mainframe applications.

Convertigo Community Edition is AGPL based.

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Convertigo Mobile Application Development platform for Enterprises

  1. 1. Convertigo Mobilizer MEAP/MADPThe Open Source Mobile Application Development platformfor enterprises Integrate any mobile platform with any back end application or data source with up to 90% less time and money
  2. 2. Why Open Source Enterprise software ? = Avoids vendor Lock-in
  3. 3. The ‘Many-to-Many’ Integration ChallengeManaging the complexity of integrating many mobile platforms and manydata sources – it becomes a nightmare really fast. The only way to keep appsrunning and budgets in check is through a dynamic middleware layer. - x
  4. 4. The mobile Middleware, cloud or on premisesConvertigo On Premises installation in the DMZ DMZ Convertigo MEAP SSLConvertigo On the Cloud Convertigo Cloud DMZ Convertigo SSL gateway SSL SSL
  5. 5. Functional ArchitectureManage your ‘many-to-many’ environment with Convertigo in the middle layer. With up to 90% less time and budget.
  6. 6. Convertigo Mobilizer An unique mobile application Enterprise development platform• Seamless connections to all enterprise back ends• Powerful server-based Call WS business logic and process • Step1 • Step2 • Step3 Call SQL Call Web orchestration• Easy cross-platform mobile development• Automatic mobile V2.1 V1 application version upgrades V2.0 V1.1 V1.2
  7. 7. Seamless connections to all enterprise back endsStandard “ready to use” technology Connectors• SQL (Oracle, MySql, Postgres, DB2, Sybase, any JDBC database)• REST Web Services• JSON Web Services• SOAP 1.1 and 1.2 Web Services• RSS Feeds• Atom Feeds• Excel Spread Sheets• Google Docs• CSV Files• XML files
  8. 8. Convertigo’s Unique Non intrusive connectors (EE edition)Mainframe technology connectors• IBM AS/400, iSeries, i5: 5250 connectors• IBM z/OS: 3270 and CICS Connectors• BULL GCOS: 7107 Connectors• UNIX: VTxxx ConnectorsWeb HTML Connector• Read and Writes to any existing web based application• Works by parsing and executing HTML + JavaScript + Ajax• Compatible with any Web Framework (ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, JSF, Struts, JQuery ExtJS, Dojo, YUI, Sencha, any other…
  9. 9. Server based business logic and process orchestrationConvertigo Sequencer • Runs the server side business • Step1 Call WS • Step3 logic • Step2 • No complex coding, works by Call SQL Call Web adding steps objects to an execution tree. • Automatically exposed as SOAP/REST/JSON web services • Handles execution flows, Iterations, data constructions, file I/O… • Mashes several data sources to one unique end point • Features serial or parallel execution flows. • Can use a special “Sequence JS” object able to execute any complex business logic coded in JavaScript
  10. 10. The Development EnvironmentUse the industry standard tools you already know
  11. 11. Mobile front end uses modern HTML5We use and leverage industry-standard technologies- Write HTML, JavaScript instead of complex languages - No Objective C, Java, C++, C#- Based on Eclipse IDE - Most widely used IDE on the market- Convertigo Mobilizer offers completely integrated standard Open Source mobile frameworks - JQuery Mobile - PhoneGap (Generates cross platform native apps) - Convertigo Template Framework
  12. 12. Native application production- PhoneGap - Package as a native app any HTML5/JS development - Gives access to the mobile- specific devices such as Camera, Sensors, GPS, Phone book , calendar, etc. - Phonegap is automatically supported by Convertigo : No Phonegap installation required - Phonegap builds are made + only once, application upgrades are done through “Flash Update”
  13. 13. Convertigo Templating Framework (CTF)Gives to JQuery and JQuery Mobile the MVC dimension :• MVC Model • Model is Convertigo “Sequences / Transactions” • View is JQuery Mobile HTML 5 display renderer • Controller is Convertigo’s Screen flow routing table.• Convertigo Templating engine • No JavaScript needed to fill data in JQuery displays • Calls Convertigo Sequences / transaction automatically • Builds lists by automatically iterating on collections • Totally separates Graphic design work and development work  better team collaboration •  80% savings on code and time
  14. 14. Convertigo Technical details
  15. 15. Convertigo Performances• Based on Usage assumptions in B2B or B2E: • A mobile user interacts with the server every 10s • Ratio of Potential users versus connected users 1/10• A 4 core CPU Convertigo server performs : • 8 Transactions/s for HTML Web Connector • 40 Transactions/s for Mainframe Connectors • 50 Transactions/s for SQL and Web service Connectors• For a mobile end user perspective : • HTML: 8 * 10 * 10 = 800 users • Mainframe = 40 * 10 * 10 = 4 000 users • SQL/Web service = 50* 10* 10 = 5 000 users
  16. 16. Convertigo version managementConvertigo Studio is Eclipse based :• Can use all Eclipse Configuration management plugins • SVN • CVS • GIT • Any other Eclipse compatible source control• Convertigo projects are only plain text files or resources. • XML files • JS Files • Resource files (GIF, JPEG etc..)• Deployment on production can be automated • Ant/Maven to build and deploy .CAR projects • Convertigo .CAR files are only ZIP packages of project’s file
  17. 17. Convertigo Mobile MiddlewareConvertigo Consumes everything and publishes everything Publishes Consumes REST/JSON REST/JSON Web services Web services SOAP Reuse Business logic as much Web services SOAP Web services RSS/ATOM Feeds OData as possible JDBC SQL RSS/ATOM Databases Feeds Convertigo Plain XML or JDBC SQL CSV Databases files Add Business logic Cross if needed Platform HTML/JS Mobile Apps Ajax Web site Portal Widgets/Portlet/ AS/400, CICS, Webpart MVS, GCOS, UNIX mainframes Enterprise Edition Only
  18. 18. Convertigo Security features• Mobile to Server communication Identity Manager are SSL encrypted• Sensible data (Passwords, account numbers) can be set as “Sensible” and not displayed in logs• No data is stored on the Platform, if data is persisted it is always in an external database • Convertigo identity manager (IDM) authenticate users through basic that can be protected user/password but can be also• Server has utility integrated in Enterprises I&AM such as encryption/decryption functions Active Directory or any LDAP provider that can be called by project • Convertigo IDM Holds in a secured developers credential vault any credentials• Convertigo is based on java’s necessary to connect to back end JSSE security framework and can applications be configured to FIPS-140
  19. 19. Mobile Application Updates (Flash Update)Upgrade application on mobile devices withoutredeploying to stores : • Operator deploys a new version on Convertigo Server (Admin Console, or automatically by extracting from SVN) • Any mobile device connecting to Convertigo will check application version • If a new version is detected, only modified resources will be downloaded to device • Mobile application starts with new mobile version • Administrator can configure to let the user choose if he want the new version or not.
  20. 20. Convertigo Off Line data• Convertigo Front end is based on PhoneGap • Programmers have access to SQLite local database • Programmers have access to mobile OS’s file API. Convertigo Server • Mobile Programmer is responsible for storing data in local database Local SQLite database• Automatic Convertigo Mobile framework offline data Synchronization Write/update requests are queued • For Read requests When not online • Transaction responses are automatically inserted in local database. • If online, Mobile asks the server. If offline, Mobile retrieves automatically data from the local database Convertigo • For Write/Update requests Server • If Offline, writes/updates are queued in local Server performs database The business logic • When online, all queued requests are executed on Read requests are automatically the server Stored in local database • Programmer only specifies what requests must be stored and what requests must be queued.
  21. 21. Screen shots