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Convertigo Composite Application Platform


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Convertigo Composite application platform for Enterprise mashups and mobile enablement description.

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Convertigo Composite Application Platform

  1. 1. Convertigo Enterprise Mashups Create Composite Apps by Reusing your Information System Assets Olivier Picciotto CEO, Convertigo
  2. 2. Convertigo Convertigo is the fastest growing Enterprise Mashup vendor in the world. Convertigo runs operations in the US, France and Benelux. Convertigo technology is mature and rock-solid, it is used since 15 years by more than 300 customers. We help accelerate agility and reactivity of companies Information System. We do this in 4 ways:  By reusing your existing applications instead of rewriting them  By delivering software solutions faster through light integration  By involving business users and IT into collaborative processes  By quickly implementing new business requirements
  4. 4. Enterprise Mashups? What’s that?
  5. 5. Top COMEX concernsKeep your company synchronized with the acceleration of EconomyDifficulty to get a transversal Information System• Business requires 360° view of operation information• Business reactivity requires cross-units/branches communication and actionsIT inertia on new projects full delivery• <5% of existing apps have been designed for integration• Lack of IT resources• Difficulty to create iterative apps specifications between business users and IT• Preference to rebuild apps from scratch (costs a lot of time)• Users resist to change in apps adoption
  6. 6. Enterprise MashupsWhat is it? User Efficiency •Integrated apps •Everywhere, every time access •User customization Web 2.0 Enterprise Mashups Rich applications composed by business users and connected to legacy enterprise assets in accordance with IT governance IT SOA IT Assets IT Efficiency •Governance •Agile IT •Legacy •Align IT with business
  7. 7. Web 2.0 is user-centricInversion of control Traditional IS IT overload Too much fragmented data and apps  Errors, inefficiency, stress Web 2.0 Contributing business users Aggregate relevant data Adapt processes
  8. 8. MashupWhat is it?Portal = Set of Portlets Portlet = Visual Component displaying dataMashup = Network of connected mashables Mashable = Service or Visual Component  Data, behavior and Presentation (option)  + Links to other mashablesEnterprise Mashup Enterprise Widget: widget connected to enterprise resources Mashup with at least one Enterprise Widget
  9. 9. Why Are Organizations Turning to Composites and Mashups?Gartner Analysis Serve business quickly Composite apps are User-centric “IT organizations must innovate to serve “Composite applications are typically user- more-demanding business requirements and centric, and they service heterogeneous users than ever. Leaner IT groups are being back-end systems with a custom front end. asked to provide capabilities quickly and Although some new services may be cost-effectively for their businesses and developed specifically to create a composite citizens. Business users, becoming application, as in service-oriented accustomed to innovation on the consumer development of applications (SODA), most Web, are screaming for innovation from their composite applications leverage established employers. Users are more likely than ever to and independently developed applications or circumvent organizational IT when they dont services.” get the services and applications they want.” Publication Date: 12 May 2010 ID Number: G00200202
  10. 10. Benefits of Convertigo Enterprise Mashups
  11. 11. How we do itConvertigo creates composite applications in a unique wayConvertigo aggregates, filters, transforms and orchestrates existingbusiness data, processes and user interfaces• Even when there is no API (95% of cases)Convertigo reuses and leverage existing apps• Save time and money (OPEX vs. CAPEX)• Convertigo combines internal and external resourcesConvertigo delivers everywhere, in real-time• Enterprise mashups, Composite apps, Web 2.0 apps, portals, dashboards, smartphones, SOA applicationsConvertigo delivers user-centric apps• Rich Internet Apps• New integrated desktop• Per user on-demand widgets assemblies
  12. 12. Integration challenge<5% of existing apps have been designed to be integrated Subsidiary Apps Holding Apps Convertigo can integrate all existing applications, not only the few ones exposing services and APIs. Once created by Convertigo, new widgets and services can Acquired be consumed in composite Company apps, mashups and any other Apps SOA compliant applications like BPM. External Apps
  13. 13. Connect widgets to enterpriseExpose existing assets and compose them into mashupsEnterprise Mashups combine processes & data• From structured data: tables, services and apps• From unstructured apps: API-less mainframe and Web applications (even with no Web service)Mashables• Widgets or services created from existing apps that can be combined into composite RIA REST / SOAP RSS WIDGETS• Applications are accessed in real-time• Read and write operations to backend systems SOA User Applications mashups• Convertigo dynamically generates output formats at runtime: Ajax, Flex, SOAP or REST Web service, RSS, portlet, Adobe Mosaic tile, SharePoint Webpart, IBM iWidget, Google OpenSocial, etc.
  14. 14. From mashables to mashups1 studio for widget creation + 1 studio for mashup compositionMashable (widget) creation  Access existing resources (Web or Mainframe applications)  Requires IT skills: programming, project management...  Must respect governance policies: security, performance, QoS Strategic  Eclipse Studio Mashable TacticalMashup composition • Simple activity, just requires business skills  Web Composer • Mashups are changing frequently Mashup • Any composition tool and portals can be used, including the Convertigo Mashup Composer IT Business  Automated deployment & administration in the Convertigo Cloud
  15. 15. Reuse instead of rewriteConvertigo reuses, combines & exposes Web, legacy and packaged applications (SAP, Siebel…)
  16. 16. Mashups at all levelsHow it works? DatabaseBusiness Logic (stored Is spread between all layers procedures) Working at the external level, C-EMS preserves all existing business logic Application C-EMS calls the application in real-time, (business like users would do services)Impact on Performance Parsing overhead is typically in the range User Interface of 50-200 ms / page (surface controls) It is usually not significant when compared to overall response time Solutions: Caching, pooling, Parallel steps, server-side mashups BusinessIsolation from changes Logic Relative positioning isolates from minor updates in UI
  17. 17. Kinds of MashupA full range of enterprise mashups Presentation Mashup • Clip Web pages and Mainframe screens • Optionally captures / adapt UI (L&F, CSS styles) Process Mashup • Reuse existing business logic • Orchestrate sequences, at both client and server sides Data Mashup • Access, capture, filter, transform and expose data • Aggregate with XML, Web services and tables
  18. 18. Quick deploymentC-EMS is integrated with existing portals and infra-structure CONVERTIGO WebSphere LiveCycle Mosaic SharePoint JSR-168 Portlet AJAX widgets iWidgets Flex tiles - RIA Webparts Google gadget etc. Portals Web sites & apps SmartPhones Home B Coll My u abo Site si rati n on es & s Too U ls ni ts
  19. 19. Convertigo CloudFaster and easier deployment The reference in the Service monitoring & Cloud security Built upon Amazon EC2 AMI control  Scalability: Unlimited Amazon Machine  Automatic restart of down instances Instances (AMI) / customer  Memory usage monitoring  Redundancy: data centers in both the USA & EU Automated backups Based on Amazon’s SLA  Library of widgets  High performance « new I/O throughput »  Screen and transaction definitions  Multiples instances, parallel processing, load  Convertigo Web services definition balancing  8 Core CPUs AMIs Billing system  Integrated / transaction billing system
  20. 20. Convertigo Enterprise Mashup ServerThe most comprehensive Enterprise Mashup platform on the market Mashup enablement Data capture Process reuse Presentation clipping Mainframe apps Standard Web apps XML, RDBMS, Web services Business & IT tools Eclipse IT Studio Web 2.0 Mashup Composer Compliant with Portals Mashup platforms Mobile devices, smartphones Administration Security, SSO Cache, pooling Cloud deployment
  21. 21. Convertigo benefitsSupport new business requirements in weeks, not monthsShorter Time-to-Market for your products or services• Generate additional revenue in the meantime• Take over strategic positions before competitorsBetter business decisions• Deliver transversal systems displaying aggregated, usable and relevant information• User centric apps for better change management/adoptionAddress more customers, more often• Multi-support delivery : Web, smartphones…Quick IS integrations after M&A• Integrate existing systems without redevelopingBusiness user and IT collaboration• “Pick & Mix” approach instead of rewriting from scratch
  22. 22. From « classical » project to Convertigo projectJust do it! (Don’t redo) Without Convertigo With Convertigo
  23. 23. Enterprise Mashups Use Cases
  24. 24. Federation use caseFederation of multiple insurance applications into employee’s desktop Insurance applications Car Multi-channel integration layer between new desktop and existing business services Home Health  Functional consistency Hide information silos at  User interface consistency the desktop level  End-user efficiency Savings
  25. 25. m-Commerce use caseCarrefour: Turning an existing e-Commerce Web site into a new mobile application No development of new services. Reuses, recombines and redistributes parts of existing applications… Even look and feel can be captured and reused after being adapted
  26. 26. Leverage of existing IT assets use case Sennheiser: publication of an Extranet for distributors from an existing legacy ERP x API Extranet for 3000 distributors • Publish product information AS/400 • Publish adapted price lists • Real-time stock information • Order statusWeb site
  27. 27. Aggregation of multiple external Web sites use caseHealthcare: check for health coverage of patients • Check patient coverage in order to optimize reimbursement process • Check patient‘s rights, history, doctors • Display additional information from health insurance companies and pharma labs
  28. 28. B-to-C data federation use caseCamp price comparator: find best places and pricesCampings
  29. 29. Enterprise mashup example (1)Integration of, mainframe CICS app, US Dir, Click-to-Call and Google Maps
  30. 30. Enterprise mashup example (2)One click on a SalesForce lead activates the US Directory and mainframe widgets
  31. 31. Enterprise mashup example (3)One click on a US Directory address locates it on the Google Maps widget
  32. 32. Enterprise mashup example (4)One click on a US Directory address updates the SalesForce widgets
  33. 33. Enterprise mashup example (5)One click on a phone number calls the customer through the Click-to-Call widget
  34. 34. Convertigo Enterprise Mashup Server Captures, filters, transforms & exposes existing business data, process and presentation Combines relevant business data and connect business processes into enterprise mashups Publishes enterprise mashups in both the Cloud and in on-premises servers Reduces backlog and pressure on IT teams Enforces IT governance Increases user efficiency Generates new business opportunities
  35. 35. In conclusionConvertigo delivers business value through:A seasoned team at your service… Products and Solutions User-centric transversal apps Service and instead of redevelopment Apps reuse Assistance Partners and Training Leveraged existing apps Quick delivery of new business functionalities Better decisions based on efficient business data