Your Customers Own Your Brand Why you should be using Social Customer Service in your Marketing strategy


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  • GoDaddy have a presence on Facebook and Twitter. They see questions/comments coming in the Twitter Stream or as wall postsThey respond to both and either answer the question out right or divert customers to other resources.They have recently become a Conversocial customer
  • Tesco are along standing Conversocial Customer with a large Social Customer Service teamThe actively seek to use Facebook and Twitter as service platformsThey have a dedicated Twitter customer care handle and proactively draw attention on their Facebook page on how to get help.They have focused on bringing down their response times, independent research recently measured that they took 37 minutes to respond on TwitterSee
  • Talking Points:Importance of integrating customer service on social media due to its publicityCustomer Service is often handled on the back end, however, with social media being an open forum for customers to publicly complain (with the potential of it going viral) it’s important to address
  • Priority of social CS for your business/industry? Depends on volume & usage behavior.
  • Your Customers Own Your Brand Why you should be using Social Customer Service in your Marketing strategy

    1. 1. Your Customers Own Your BrandWhy you should be using Social Customer Service in your Marketing strategy Jeremiah Owyang AndreyGrigoryev Joshua March Industry Analyst Social Media & Mobile Marketing CEO & Co-Founder Altimeter Group Hertz Conversocial
    2. 2. Today’s Webinar JeremiahOwyang – The Altimeter Group Developing a Social Support Strategy AndreyGrigoryev- Hertz Customer Service On Social Media Josh March – ConversocialFrom Reactive To Proactive Customer Service Panel DiscussionPlease submit questions during the webinar #weownyourbrand
    3. 3. 3 Developing a Social Support StrategyFor ConversocialFebruary 7, 2013Jeremiah OwyangIndustry Analyst
    4. 4. 4© 2013 Altimeter Group
    5. 5. Tweets per day get outdated so quickly, Twitter doesn’t 5 even publish updated updated graphs anymore.400M Sept 2012© 2013 Altimeter Group
    6. 6. Companies average an overwhelming number of corporate-owned accounts© 2013 Altimeter Group
    7. 7. In 2011, we found 30% of large companies had deployed formalized social support© 2013 Altimeter Group
    8. 8. 8 Today, 40% of large companies have people dedicated to social in their customer support department In which of the following departments are there dedicated people executing social? (Multiple selection allowed) Marketing 73%Corporate Communications/PR 66% Customer Support 40% Digital 37% Social Media 35% HR 29% Product development/R&D 16% Advertising 16% Customer/User experience 15% IT 14% Executive 11% Legal 9% Market Research 8% 0.0% 10.0% 20.0% 30.0% 40.0% 50.0% 60.0% 70.0% 80.0% Source: Altimeter Group Social Business Strategies survey, Q4 2012 Base: 128 social media practitioners at companies with over 1,000 employees© 2013 Altimeter Group
    9. 9. 9 42% of consumers complaining in social media expect a response from brands in 60 minutes or less Source: Edison Research, 2012© 2013 Altimeter Group
    10. 10. 10 88% of customers less likely to buy from a brand that ignores questions or complaints in social media If I went on a company’s Facebook page, and saw a bunch of unanswered questions or complaints from customers… Source: LielLeibovitz, NYU. “The Consequences of Ignoring Your Customers, A Survey of Consumer Expectations for Customer Service on Social Media Platforms.” Commissioned by Conversocial© 2013 Altimeter Group
    11. 11. 11 A chronology of brands that got “Punk’d”© 2013 Altimeter Group
    12. 12. 12 Most social media crises are preventable Crises Cases Inevitable 24% Preventable 76%© 2013 Altimeter Group
    13. 13. 13 Preventable crises occurred at companies which were not prepared 50 Companies who suffered a social media crisis lacked the following: 20 13 11 11 6 5 4 Internal Education Professional Staff Triage Plan Employee Policy Influencer Moderation Community Identification Guidelines© 2013 Altimeter Group
    14. 14. Image by icebirdyused with Attribution as directed by Creative Commons Social Support Strategy© 2013 Altimeter Group 2011
    15. 15. 15 How Service has Changed 1. Public Interactions: Customer woes are now seen and amplified in public. 2. Outbound: Being proactive and reaching to customers where they are. 3. Real Time: Brands have minute to hours to respond, before the context decays. 4. Human(er): Brands must showcase their human employees, as the expectations for social are set.© 2013 Altimeter Group
    16. 16. 16 Nike offers direct support on Facebook via an App© 2013 Altimeter Group
    17. 17. 17 GoDaddy Responds to Service Requests Directly on Facebook and Twitter© 2013 Altimeter Group
    18. 18. 18 Tesco Supermarket – Actively Encourage Service Through Twitter and Facebook© 2013 Altimeter Group
    19. 19. 19 Key Takeaways 1. Social is only increasing in adoption, it’s important brands have a strategy to connect with customers and avoid crises 2. Consolidate and Unify as you will your customer experience, use processes, tools, resources, and software 3. Passive customer service need not apply: shift to reaching out in an outbound manner, real time interactions, and showing thoughtful human engagements 4. The benefits go beyond just a positive customer experience. Public interactions yield customer advocacy, impacting brand image and marketing.© 2013 Altimeter Group
    20. 20. 20 THANK YOU Jeremiah Owyang Twitter: jowyang Disclaimer: Although the information and data used in this report have been produced and processed from sources believed to be reliable, no warranty expressed or implied is made regarding the completeness, accuracy, adequacy or use of the information. The authors and contributors of the information and data shall have no liability for errors or omissions contained herein or for interpretations thereof. Reference herein to any specific product or vendor by trade name, trademark or otherwise does not constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation or favoring by the authors or contributors and shall not be used for advertising or product endorsement purposes. The opinions expressed herein are subject to change without notice.© 2013 Altimeter Group
    21. 21. 21 ABOUT US Altimeter Group provides research and advisory for companies challenged by business disruptions, enabling them to pursue new opportunities and business models. Visit us at or contact© 2013 Altimeter Group
    22. 22. Customer Service on Social MediaAndreyGrigoryevSocial Media & MobileMarketingHertz
    23. 23. AGENDA • Where we were • Where we are • Where we’re going23 |
    24. 24. WHERE WE WERE… 50%+ of social interactions with Hertz are actionable CS Issues Hertz Facebook: • First response within 24 hours • Resolution time within 4-7 days • Inefficient process: Hertz SMUser posts issue Community SM Manager SM Manager User messages CS Replies with on the Hertz Manager relays issue to notifies user of add’l info ResolutionFacebook page replies, requests CS resolution add’l info Hertz Twitter: • Account description indicates that Twitter is not a customer service channel for Hertz 24 |
    25. 25. WHERE WE WANTED TO BE… MISSION: Enable customers to communicate directly with Customer Service via social media & establish social media as an official customer service communication channel for Hertz • Quickly & efficiently provide in-channel resolution to each actionable complaint, issue, or question direct at Hertz via social media • Convert dissatisfaction into brand advocacy25 |
    26. 26. WHERE WE ARE• Execute Customer Service team trained on social media &Conversocial• 9AM – 5PM EST US & local business hours in int’l markets• Channels: Twitter & Facebook NO COVERAGE COVERAGE NO COVERAGE 26 |
    27. 27. WHERE WE ARE• Social media sentiment surrounding the Hertz brand has improved since program launch• Real-time access to customer service on social media turns dissatisfaction into P2P brand advocacy27 |
    28. 28. WHERE WE’RE GOING… Phase I Twitter Only Phase II Twitter & Facebook Phase III Reactively respond to high priority activity Reactively respond Proactive outreach Business Operating Hours to medium/low 24/7 Service (9-5 EST US) priority activity US & Select International Expanded hours & Locations additional locations28 |
    29. 29. Thanks29 |
    30. 30. Powering Social Customer Service Joshua March CEO & Co-Founder Conversocial
    31. 31. Social serviceFrom reactive to proactive customer service
    32. 32. Social marketing team Help from customer serviceDedicated social service team Proactive customer service
    33. 33. Dedicated social service teams
    34. 34. Social customer service volumes growing rapidly
    35. 35. Facebook private messages - the new email?
    36. 36. The role of the social agent is changing Transactional issues (need a refund) General engagement (marketing and brand) Reputation related issues (company policy, PR)
    37. 37. A day of tweets: Costco, Walgreens, Kroger & Safeway
    38. 38. For every @mention, another problem is tweeted outReal social ROI for pro-active service:- Help them before they phone (cost to serve)- Prevent losing a customer (revenue)- Delight vocal customers publicly, prevent negative issues snowballing (brand).
    39. 39. Proactive outreach is even more sensitive than reactive - Inviting yourself into a conversation - Care and tact essential - Agent training and process of utmost importance
    40. 40. How to find the business critical 3%?Our latest release:- Full Twitter firehose- Complex boolean searches- Advanced filters (including language, location, follower count)- Prioritization of real customer issues Use our expertise to help you filter customer messages in the best way
    41. 41. Your customers own your brand- Customer service is now public with @mentions and Facebook posts- Your brand is encompassed in a huge volume of public conversations taking place every day- Social customer service gives you an opportunity to positively impact these conversations (reactively and proactively) with real ROI
    42. 42. Q&A - all speakersJeremiah Owyang AndreyGrigoryev Joshua March Industry Analyst Social Media & Mobile Marketing CEO & Co-Founder Altimeter Group Hertz Conversocial
    43. 43. Thanks for attending Find out more