Content Marketing: the customer-centric Copernican revolution


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At the occasion of the #fusionmex Content Marketing Conference Europe 2014, keynote speaker Lee Odden created this eBook with quotes of speakers and panelists. The Copernicans in the eBook know that it’s our job as marketers to adapt to customer preferences and experiences and not the other way around. Their weapons: empathy, content, connecting, truly listening and acting. Content marketing, the Copernican way. With contributions from Jay Baer, Xaviera Ringeling, Doug Kessler, Lee Odden, AJ Huisman, Kelly Hungerford, Tristan Lavender, Joakim Ditlev, Ingrid Archer, Gianfranco Cuzziol, Danny Devriendt, Guido Everaert, Mike Corak, Eric Ingrand, Tom De Baere, Jo Caudron and J-P De Clerck.

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Content Marketing: the customer-centric Copernican revolution

  1. 1. Content Marketing & the Copernican Revolution Image:  Shu+erstock   #fusionmex   Insights from 17 experts on how putting the customer in the centre creates business value. Content Marketing Conference Europe 2014
  2. 2. magine this: For over 1500 years, people believed Earth was at the center of the universe. Then along came a fellow named Copernicus whose ideas about the Sun at the centre changed everything. Fast forward to the centre of today's business universe where many companies are still structured based on the idea that the world turns around them. It’s no wonder brand numbness is on the rise. Content marketing offers a unique opportunity to reverse that egocentric business view by using content across channels, tactics and divisions – revolving around human experiences. Great content “happens” when it becomes useful information, a story, an answer, a smile, a meaning. Such content connects customers and brands. It connects people. It even unites different tactics and divisions. Successful content requires strategy. Vision. Commitment. Integration. Innovation. Consistency. Guts. Fun. And relevance. Your customers at the very least deserve that much. The Content Marketing experts in this e-book know that it's our job as marketers to adapt content to customer experiences and not the other way around. Their weapons: empathy, content, listening and teaching. I invite you to connect with them online and in Antwerp, Belgium at the Content Marketing Conference - where the customer is at the centre of the experience – your universe. J-P De Clerck - @conversionation Content Marketing Conference Europe – 2014 Content the Copernican Way Fusion Marketing Experience #fusionmex
  3. 3. Content Marketing Conference Europe Antwerp,  Belgium   10  June  2014   powered  by  Fusion  Marke>ng  Experience   Get  More  Informa;on  &  Register  at:   h+p://fusionmex.i-­‐   “Crea;ng  business  value  through  customer  value  using  content  marke;ng”   Interna;onal  Speakers:  Netherlands,  US,  UK,  France,  Switzerland,  Denmark,  Belgium  
  4. 4. #fusionmex   eBook  Created  by:   Transcend the Transaction Jay  Baer       @jaybaer   President,  Convince  and  Convert     See  Jay’s  Keynote:   You>lity:  Why  Smart  Marke>ng   Is  About  Help  Not  Hype   Some  of  the  best  and  most   successful  content  marke>ng   transcends  the  transac>on.     To  do  this  kind  of  marke>ng,  you   have  to  do  one  extremely   important  and  difficult  thing:       Give  yourself  permission  to   make  the  story  BIGGER.     JAY  BAER  
  5. 5. #fusionmex   eBook  Created  by:   Inspire Audience Content Xaviera  Ringeling   @Contentgirl   Owner,  ContentChefs  &  Content   Collec>ve     See  Xaviera  Present:   Masterclass  content  marke>ng   strategy:  let’s  have  a  plan     The  holy  grail  of  marke>ng  is  that   your  audiences  do  the  marke>ng   for  you.       They  do  it  when  you  are  relevant,   interes>ng,  helpful,  entertaining   and  ideally  a  combina>on  of  all   of  the  above.     XAVIERA  RINGELING  
  6. 6. #fusionmex   eBook  Created  by:   Content Creates Trust Doug  Kessler   @dougkessler   Crea>ve  Director,  Velocity   Partners     See  Doug’s  Keynote:   Taking  a  Stand:  Content   Marke>ng  as  Evangelism     Buyers  actually  come  to  you  for   what  you  know  more  than  for   what  you  sell.       Content  creates  value  by   increasing  people's  trust  in  you   and  be+er  outcomes  come  from   a  trust  rela>onship.     DOUG  KESSLER  
  7. 7. #fusionmex   eBook  Created  by:   Create Content Experiences Lee  Odden   @leeodden   CEO,  TopRank  Online  Marke>ng   toprankmarke>     See  Lee’s  Keynote:   A+ract,  Engage,  Convert  –  How   to  Be  the  Best  Answer  Wherever   Customers  Are  Looking     To  create  real  value,  Content   Marke>ng  should  inform  as  well   as  engage  and  even  entertain  to   create  valuable  experiences   between  customers  and  brand   informa>on.       The  content  may  be  forgo+en,   but  they’ll  remember  how  you   made  them  feel.       LEE  ODDEN   Inspired  by  Maya  Angelou  
  8. 8. #fusionmex   eBook  Created  by:   Content Creates Value J-­‐P  De  Clerck   @conversiona>on   Founder,  i-­‐SCOOP   i-­‐     J-­‐P  is  the  Content   Marke;ng  Conference   Organizer     Ask  yourself:  what  do  my   customers  want?  Like?  Dream?   Then  provide  and  amplify  it  in   ways  that  make  sense  and   enchant.       When  content  marke>ng  creates   value  -­‐  any  kind  -­‐  for  customers,   it  also  creates  value  for  your   business.  That's  the  first  step.   J-­‐P  DE  CLERCK  
  9. 9. #fusionmex   eBook  Created  by:   Just Say No to “Nontent” AJ  Huisman   @AJHuisman   Director  Marke>ng  &  Business   Development,    Kennedy  Van  der   Laan   contentmarke>     See  AJ  Present:   Content  Marke>ng?  It’s  the  Law!   If  content  is  not  adding  value   then  we  call  it  “Nontent”  instead   of  Content.  Create  content  that   delivers  solu>ons,  insights  and   inspira>on.       Content  should  trigger  the  target   audience  and  make  them  aware   of  where  they  got  those   intelligent  insights.     AJ  HUISMAN  
  10. 10. #fusionmex   eBook  Created  by:   Make it Easy Kelly  Hungerford   @KDHungerford   Head  of  Customer  Experience,   Paper  Li     See  Kelly’s  Panel:   Content  Marke>ng  in  Europe       Wri+en  or  spoken,  the  easier   your  content  is  to  understand,   the  more  helpful,  appreciated   and  well  received  it  is  going  to  be   by  your  audience.   KELLY  HUNGERFORD  
  11. 11. #fusionmex   eBook  Created  by:   Cure Customer Concerns Tristan  Lavender   @TristanLavender   Corporate  Content  Manager,   Deloi+e  Netherlands     See  Tristan  Present:   How  to  create  a  content-­‐ driven  and  customer-­‐centric   company  culture   Get  a  be+er  understanding  of  what   keeps  your  customers  up  at  night.     Then  help  your  salespeople  create   and  share  content  that  addresses   those  ques>ons  and  concerns.     This  is  what  makes  your   salespeople  trusted  advisors  who   are  ul>mately  rewarded  with  more   business.   TRISTAN  LAVENDER  
  12. 12. #fusionmex   eBook  Created  by:   See the Customer’s Point of View Joakim  Ditlev   @jditlev   Consultant,   ContentMarke>     See  Joakim’s  Panel:   Content  Marke>ng  in  Europe     Way  too  many  companies  are   looking  at  their  own  bellybu+ons   and  too  many  marketers  can   spend  en>re  work  weeks  without   talking  to  a  single  customer.       Interview  real  people  and  listen   to  real  problems  and  start  seeing   the  world  from  your  customer’s   point  of  view.     JOAKIM  DITLEV  
  13. 13. #fusionmex   eBook  Created  by:   The Race for Content Quality Ingrid  Archer   @ingridarcher   Managing  Partner,  spotONvision     See  Ingrid’s  Panel:     Content  Marke>ng  in  Europe   The  biggest  success  of  content   marke>ng  is  where  quality  wins   over  quan>ty.     Be+er  to  create  one  good  piece   of  content  than  10  superficial   me-­‐too-­‐blogs.     INGRID  ARCHER  
  14. 14. #fusionmex   eBook  Created  by:   Right Content, Right Time Gianfranco  Cuzziol   @iamgfc   Founder,  everywhereCRM     See  Gianfranco  Present:   Content  marke>ng:  closing  the   loop       What  provides  real  value  to  the   customer  is  not  just  the  content   to  help  make  decisions,  but  the   ability  to  access  that  content  at   the  right  >me  based  on  individual   customer  needs.   GIANFRANCO  CUZZIOL  
  15. 15. #fusionmex   eBook  Created  by:   Stories Are Social Danny  Devriendt   @dannydevriendt   Managing  Director,  UM     See  Danny’s  Keynote:   The  Horse’s  Ass:  how  social   becomes  a  currency   Good  content  brings  stories  to   the  consumer,  with  informa>on   he  can  use,  discuss,  share,  and   comment.       Stories  are  social  at  the  core,  and   we  are  all  constantly  looking  for   those  stories  that  bring  answers   to  the  ques>ons  of  our  everyday   lives.   DANNY  DEVRIENDT  
  16. 16. #fusionmex   eBook  Created  by:   Content Creates Transparency Guido  Everaert   @guidooohh   Managing  Director,  Just   Guidooohh     See  Guido  Present:   Storytelling  as  a  cornerstone  for   your  content  strategy       Content  marke>ng  helps   customers  thoroughly   understand  the  brand.       Transparency  is  a  key  outcome  to   what  a  company  really  stands  for   and  could  represent  for  the   customer.   GUIDO  EVERAERT  
  17. 17. #fusionmex   eBook  Created  by:   Create Useful Content Mike  Corak   @MikeCorak   EVP  of  Strategy,   Ethology   digitalmarke>     See  Mike’s  Keynote:   Topics,  not  Keywords:  How  to   Make  Content  Work  for  Brands     Content  developed  around  a   theme  that  a  brand  is   authen>cally  authorita>ve  on  — coming  from  a  true  point  of   understanding  user  intent  —  is   content  that  is  usable  for  both   businesses  and  users.   MIKE  CORAK  
  18. 18. #fusionmex   eBook  Created  by:   Content Creates Loyalty Eric  Ingrand   @ericEVGeurope   VP  Content  Marke>ng  EMEA,   EnVeritas  Group     See  Eric’s  Panel:     Content  Marke>ng  in  Europe       Crea>ng  quality  text,  video,   images  or  games  content  will   give  your  customers  a  good   reason  to  be  loyal  to  your  brand   now  and  tomorrow.     ERIC  INGRAND  
  19. 19. #fusionmex   eBook  Created  by:   Shift Into Success Tom  De  Baere   @tomdebaere   Founder,     Inbound  Fisher   b2bmarke>     See  Tom  Present:   Content  marke>ng:  closing  the   loop         Those  that  fail  to  make  the  shil,   from  outbound  to  inbound,  from   egocentric  to  meaningful,  from   classic  to  digital,  and  from  art  to   science,  will  not  a+ract   customers  of  the  future.   TOM  DE  BAERE  
  20. 20. #fusionmex   eBook  Created  by:   Content Needs A Strategy Jo  Caudron   @jocaudron   Founding  Partner,  DearMedia     See  Jo:   Semng  the  Scene  &  Master  of   Ceremonies   Most  content  marke>ng  is  crap   because  content  marke>ng  is   mainly  hype.  What  problem  are   we  actually  solving  here?     The  solu>on  is  all  about  strategy   and  claiming  a  content  area  that   makes  the  difference,  that  can   build  a  real  and  loyal  audience.     JOE  CAUDRON  
  21. 21. Ready to Start Your Content Revolution? Content  Marke;ng  Conference   Antwerp,  Belgium  -­‐  10  June  2014   Register Today! Interna;onal  Content  Marke;ng  Experts:  Netherlands,  US,  UK,  France,  Switzerland,  Denmark,  Belgium   Click  to  Register  
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