Successful Website Checklist by Lauren Marx and Jen Roeder


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  • Cover slide – Successful Website Checklist
  • In 2012 Google did a survey from a group of mobile users and found the following:67% of mobile users said they are more likely to buy a product or use a service if the site is mobile-friendly.61% said they were more likely to leave the site if it was not mobile friendly.Additional info:55% stated that even out of their favorite brands, a frustrating mobile device experience hurts their opinion of the brand overall.What are they looking for?74% want directions or hours64% contact info61% product info50% make a purchaseBottom line: Customers contacting you on a mobile device are looking to make immediate contact.
  • In a media-saturated world, your brand is critical. You use it to build recognition and trust with your customers and target market. To keep your brand’s message strong, you need it to be consistent and recognizable across multiple information channels. Let’s take a look at some important things to keep in mind about branding your site.Build Recognition: Building a brand does more than just give you a recognizable graphic for your letterhead. Surprisingly enough, it also says something to your customers about themselves – their tastes, interests, etc. A consistent and recognizable brand gives them a reminder of exactly what they like about what you offer. Convey your Style: Keep your branding – your design style, color and font choices – consistent with the market you’re trying to reach. You want people landing on your site to get an immediate sense of what you do. For example, you might use fun fonts and bright colors if you market to families with small children, or subtle colors and designs if you market to business professionals.Be Consistent Across Channels – Your website marketing is often more than just your website itself. If blogs and Social Media play a big part in how you present yourself to your current and potential customers, make sure your logo, colors, etc remain consistent across all of them. Brand your email address with your domain name so that every email you send reinforces your brand. Customers Expect Customization. When they visit a site, they expect to be “grabbed” – they want to see what makes you different, why you stand out. Personal touches show you care about the packaging of your product. Try using a pleasing and complimentary custom background, or making use of color shifting. Logo design can make a huge difference and if you are using a text header instead of a logo, I would encourage you to consider creating a logo for yourself, or having one created.Logo, Color, Font: If you already have a logo, make sure your website colors match or complement it. Be conscious of your font selections, they should convey the same feel as the logo. Don’t Dilute Your Brand. If you have too many conflicting styles, colors, or font choices your brand ends up looking scattered and confusing. It is important to develop and use your brand in all your communication methods including your website, email marketing, social media, and print collateral materials.
  • Your domain name is one of the most visible parts of your website. People see your domain name before they even see your site. By following some simple guidelines you can ensure your domain name enhances your online presence:Make sure your domain name is:Easy to spellEasy to rememberBe careful with domain names with unexpected visual impacts! Sometimes a domain name that sounds completely professional when you say it ends up looking like something else entirely in your browser window. A good example of this is the website for Choose Spain Ltd, which markets vacation rentals in Spain.
  • On the website, use of capitalization shows you what the domain name is supposed to convey: Choose Spain Dot Com. However, if you look at it in the address bar (or by extension in a search engine results page) you tend to see it as “chooses pain dot com”.
  • A customer looking for a website about what you do is looking for someone to do business with. If a customer can’t get in touch with you, they can’t do business with you. Make your contact information easy to find! Accessible contact information does more than make it easy for your clients to reach you - it tells them you want to talk to them, too. Considerincluding your favored form of contact contact info in the footer of your page. If you prefer to be reached by phone, include your phone number. If you’re out in the field a lot and prefer email, use your email address. Clearly label your contact page link, and place it on the base navigation so it’s easy to see. Build more detailed contact info on your contact page such as:PhoneEmailAddressPhotobiz’ contact page allows you to use a form, however you do have the option of turning this form off. One thing to bear in mind is that some mail providers will filter form-based emails as a spam preventative. You might want to ask a few friends to visit your contact page and generate test mail to you from the form. If you get feedback from customers to indicate you’re not getting emails from them when they use the form, consider turning the form off and using the text content area to build your contact information.
  • Good SEO is all about good content that is easy to find. Clear, descriptive website titles, strong keywords targeting the audience you want to reach, and an informative and concise website description all contribute to your site’s Search Appeal. (Go over list, define what each means in context)There are many good, free tools out there to help you understand how your website appears to search engines. PhotoBiz supports both Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. These are valuable tools that allow you to analyze your site traffic. Not sure where to start? PhotoBiz Passionate Support includes free SEO consultations in which we will coach you how to optimize your site. Want us to optimize your site for you? We offer a paid SEO service as well.
  • An example of an About page from our demo for Bronx HTML5. The quirky image catches your eye, and conveys a sense of the photographer’s style and personality. The background info included is very well tied in with the image and together really supports the brand.
  • The Checklist
  • Final Slide
  • Successful Website Checklist by Lauren Marx and Jen Roeder

    1. 1. Successful Website Checklist Lauren Marx Chief Operation Officer, PhotoBiz Jen Roeder Marketing Manager, PhotoBiz
    2. 2. Who is PhotoBiz? • Managed website solutions • For photographers and small businesses • Powered by phone and email Passionate Support® • Located on corner of West Friendly Ave. and Spring St. in downtown Greensboro
    3. 3. Is Your Site Mobile-Friendly? • 67% of mobile users more likely to buy a product or service if site is mobile-friendly • 61% more likely to leave site if not mobile friendly *2012 Survey of Mobile Users
    4. 4. What is Mobile Friendly? • Fast loading • Mobile friendly navigation • Quick access to contact information
    5. 5. Is Your Logo and Branding Consistent? • Logo, color, font • Build recognition • Be consistent across all channels • Convey your style
    6. 6. Is Your Domain Name Simple And Easy To Remember? • First choice is .com • Make sure your domain name:  Is easy to spell  Is easy to remember  Doesn’t “hit” the eye wrong • Avoid using dashes • Check who is using other extensions such as .net, .biz, .info to avoid confusion • Don’t misuse .org
    7. 7.
    8. 8. ***Be careful of how name can be read in multiple ways.
    9. 9. Do You Have Easy to Find Contact Info? Social media links Contact info in header or footer Easy-to-find contact link
    10. 10. Detailed Contact Page • • • • • Name of contact Phone Hours Address Email form (mask)
    11. 11. Is Your Navigation User-Friendly? • • • • 3 click rule Simple, easy to follow menus Intuitive page names Easy to return to home page
    12. 12. Do You Keep Your Site Up to Date and Relevant? • Keep homepage current • Consider a blog to post about news, specials, events, and projects • Keep people coming back
    13. 13. Are You Displaying Your Best Work? • Time to show off! • Hand pick your best work to showcase • Organize and arrange your content – Logical order – Subject matter • Connect with your target market
    14. 14. Have You Optimized Your Website For Search Engines? • • • • • Quality keywords and description Unique page titles Google Analytics Google Webmaster Tools Relevant content
    15. 15. Do You Have an Engaging About Us Page? Who are you? How long have you been in business? What makes you unique? It’s All About You! What do you offer? What makes you stand out?
    16. 16. Have You Integrated Social Media with Your Site? • Include links to social media • Include a share button • Get people talking about you
    17. 17. Successful Website Checklist 1. Is Your Site Mobile-Friendly? 6. Do You Keep Your Site Up to Date and Relevant? 2. Is Your Logo and Branding Consistent? 7. Are You Displaying Your Best Work? 3. Is Your Domain Name Simple and Easy to Remember? 8. Have You Optimized Your Website For Search Engines? 4. Do You Have Easy to Find Contact Info On Your Site? 9. Do You Have An Engaging About Us Page? 5. Is Your Navigation User-Friendly? 10. Have You Integrated Social Media With Your Site?
    18. 18. How can PhotoBiz help you with your website?
    19. 19. HTML5 Portfolio & Content Sites • Remarkably simple control panel • Interchangeable designs • Unlimited pages and galleries • Customize colors, fonts, & background
    20. 20. Add-Ons • E-Commerce • Sell anything online – products, packages, services • No commission fees • Blog • Tell your story online • Moderate comments • Client Proofing • Review and collaborate images and albums online • Customers tag favorites and leave comments
    21. 21. Pricing and Plans • One time set up fee for products • Monthly membership • As low as $15/month
    22. 22. Q&A
    23. 23. Thank You! Contact Us • • • • • Phone: 866.463.7620 Website: Facebook: Twitter: @PhotoBiz Instagram @ilovephotobiz