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#nuntastic: transcribing Nano Nagle’s letters using collaborative transcription services - Audrey Drohan (University College Dublin)


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Presented at CONUL conference, May 2018, Galway, Ireland

Published in: Education
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#nuntastic: transcribing Nano Nagle’s letters using collaborative transcription services - Audrey Drohan (University College Dublin)

  1. 1. #nuntastic: Transcribing Nano Nagle’s letters using collaborative transcription services #lightningtalk 2018 Audrey Drohan UCD Digital Library
  2. 2. Today’s Hymns Nano’s Letters The Techie Bits Transcribing Nano Evaluation
  3. 3. Nano’s Letters  Honora (Nano) Nagle (1718-1784)  Foundress of the Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (PBVM)  17 original and copy manuscript letters composed by Nano Nagle over a period of fourteen years.  Nano writing to Miss Mulally (x9)  Nano writing to Fitzsimons (x8)  Letters archived in Dublin, Cork, San Francisco and New York Part of a much wider Convent Collections research project, lead by Professor Deirdre Raftery, UCD School of Education
  4. 4. Presentation Sisters Congregational Archive, Nano Nagle Place, Douglas Street, Cork, Ireland Presentation Convent, New Windsor, New York, USA Presentation Convent, George's Hill, Dublin 7, Ireland Nano’s Letters
  5. 5. Nano’s Letters
  6. 6. Nano’s Letters
  7. 7. Nano’s Letters Dear Miss I had the pleasure of receiving y’ kind favor, and hope my last letter, has convinc’d you that it was now neglect on my part, not answer ing you soon’r, as nothing can give me more real plea…
  8. 8. The Techie Bits
  9. 9. Benefits 1. Collaborative 2. Wiki-style editing 3. Version Control 4. Wikilinks 5. Presentation 6. Automatic markup 7. Integrations 8. Translation 9. OCR Correction 10. Security The Techie Bits
  10. 10. Transcribing Nano Ingest the collection
  11. 11. Transcribing Nano Not yet connected…
  12. 12. Transcribing Nano Upload to FromThePage
  13. 13. Transcribing Nano Mirador Image Viewer and FromThePage - connected!
  14. 14. Transcribing Nano Edit View
  15. 15. Transcribing Nano Review
  16. 16. Transcribing Nano Transcribed
  17. 17. Transcribing Nano
  18. 18. Transcribing Nano
  19. 19. The Techie Bits Available on each letter’s descriptive record #LoveAPIs
  20. 20. Nano Transcribed Mirador Image Viewer
  21. 21. Pros Cons Full text indexing of handwritten material, previously not accessible. Editorial guidelines needed, which can be ignored by users TEI export – can be reused for further research. Users need to be comfortable with some mark-up Large collections can be transcribed, even with limited resources Large collections can take a long time to transcribe using volunteers Comfortable wiki-style transcribing environment Limited GUI controls Building communities of new experts and deep engagement Requires a large amount of moderation Projects often draw in experts in a variety of fields Not yet really suitable for structured data, like ledgers Usage statistics Global accessibility Interoperability with IIIF (and more!) Public and private projects Translation support Version control OCR correction Evaluation
  22. 22. • Crowdsourced transcription platforms are amazing • People really enjoy transcription work (including operational staff) but only do the content they’re interested in, and at their own pace! • We learned so much (editorial work takes aaaages!) • We need to learn more (TEI refresher) • We had to do a bit of infrastructure building (but IIIF is phenomenal) • We know that more technical development is needed • And Nano’s letters can now be used by researchers, enabling digital scholarship Conclusion
  23. 23. Thanks Launching on June 8th, 2018 Digital Library managers Dr John B. Howard, Julia Barrett Digital collections team Dani Montes, Peter Clarke Audrey Drohan, Órna Roche web: email: twitter: @UCDDigital