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  1. 1. 23/7/2012 Group members:  Chicas Germán, Ángel Iván  Guevara Rodríguez, Kennette Guevara  Luna Granadeño, Ricardo José  Maida Recinos, Héctor Arturo  Mejía Huezo, Diego Armando  Müller Mancía, Gustavo AlejandroSANTACECILIASALESIAN CONTROL SYSTEM FOR ENTRY AND EXITSCHOOL Teachers: Félix Masin Miguel Salguero For Santa Cecilia Salesian School | Computing Systems & English
  2. 2. CONTROL SYSTEM FOR ENTRY AND EXIT | CSEEOBJECTIVES  General Objective To program a control system for entry and exit, to give a solution to the problem of the Santa Cecilia School’s students of the learning time lost, from January to July of 2012.  Specific Objectives  To collect the basic information, like personal information, of the high school students and employees of the Salesian school.  To program a barcode reader to read the codes of every ID Card that are going to be used to know if the person entered or get out of the school.  To facilitate the attendance control through a program that will contain the basic info of the students and employees of the school.  To evaluate if the TCP (PTC) helps to solve the problem of the loss of learning time of the Santa Cecilia School. 2
  3. 3. CONTROL SYSTEM FOR ENTRY AND EXIT | CSEEJUSTIFICATIONT he present memory introduces the work in the project Control System for Entry and Exit, this project has a lot of importance, because in the case of being approved it will be useful to speed up the classes, optimize thelearning time and also it will serve to the students to get better grades, because ifthere’s more learning time, the teacher will teach a better class.The benefits of this project are multiple and have different beneficiaries, from thestudent to the coordinator of level and also the director.The student will be beneficiated by having better grades, coming to have betteraverage. The teacher will impart a better class, because if he or she is no verylimited of time, he or she will teach better, answer doubts clearer, and others. Andfor last, it’ll serve to the level’s coordinator to have a better control of student’s inclasses. 3
  4. 4. CONTROL SYSTEM FOR ENTRY AND EXIT | CSEEPROJECT’S WORK ESTRUCTUREProject’s DescriptionI n Santa Cecilia School, attendance is passed every day to students, with this project each teacher will have to register what time did he or she entered and what time he or she left the school.Then the barcode has to be read in the Barcode Reader to know that he alreadyentered the institution if he don´t mark, the institution take it as the teacher did notattended to school, in another case if the teacher comes after the predefined timethe school takes it as a late arrival.Each student has an ID card and the teachers and employees too. The code that iscontained in the card has to pass in the bar code reader to identify the student,teacher or employee and if he or she came to the institution. 4
  5. 5. CONTROL SYSTEM FOR ENTRY AND EXIT | CSEETrouble’s Resolution Requirements definition Computing resolution Arquitechture Análysis development Design Test Documentation Mantainment A. Requirements definitionThe particular problems should be clearly defined to be solved, this will let to knowwhat is pretended to solve and will provide useful information for the solutionplanning. B. AnalysisThe selected data must be fixed up in an ordered form in order to produceinformation. This output could a printer or a monitor. C. Computing Resolution developmentHera are defined the processing tasks that have to be developed for making theentry data convert to exit data.A database with the next tables is going to be created: 5
  6. 6. CONTROL SYSTEM FOR ENTRY AND EXIT | CSEE  Student´s table Tabla Alumnos Primer Segundo Primer Segundo ID- ID- ID- ID- Apellido Apellido Nombre Nombre Alumno Grado Seccion EspecialidadGómez Márquez Fernando Javier 012005 1 2 4Trejo Peraza Eduardo Antonio 012027 1 4 4Cerritos Gonzales Walter Mauricio 012037 1 3 4Maida Recinos Héctor Arturo 012056 1 5 4Müller Mancía Gustavo Alejandro 012060 1 2 4Posada Menjivar José Ricardo 012063 1 5 4Sagastume Orellana Diego Arturo 012067 1 4 4Gómez López Jorge Alberto 012089 1 2 4Rosales Coreas Mario Ernesto 021679 1 5 4Chicas Germán Ángel Iván 031825 1 5 4Rivera León Manuel Humberto 031831 1 5 4Zayas González Christian Humberto 031838 1 2 4Castillo Ayala Gabriel Edgardo 061547 1 3 4Guzman Puquirre Emerson Mauricio 061552 1 5 4Mejía Huezo Diego Armando 061554 1 3 4Gonzáles Lievano Mario Rafael 071594 1 2 4Divas Hernández José Vladimir 081629 1 2 4Meza Rivera José Augusto 091508 1 4 4Oliva Rebollo German Eduardo 091510 1 2 4Reyes Bryan Mauricio 091511 1 4 4Galdámez Interiano Juan Carlos 101584 1 2 4Castellanos Torres Carlos Ricardo 101590 1 1 4Granados Morales Oscar Salvador 101592 1 5 4Medrano Argueta Christian José 101595 1 1 4Moisa Calero Eduardo Miguel 101597 1 1 4Luna Granadeño Ricardo José 101715 1 3 4Quintana Martinez Oscar Alberto 20110078 1 5 4Vásquez Alfaro Erick Rickelmy 20110199 1 5 4Mejía Madríz Luis Alberto 20110202 1 2 4Alfaro Calderon Reynaldo José 20110295 1 5 4Pérez Sibrian Luis Enrique 20120108 1 2 4Linares Ayala Gabriel Fernando 20120110 1 1 4Guerra Magaña Raúl 20120112 1 4 4Guevara Rodríguez Kennette Fernando 20120114 1 1 4Flores Santamaría Fernando José 20120120 1 2 4Roque Mayén José Antonio 20120187 1 4 4Alfaro Pineda Alfredo José 20120200 1 1 4 6
  7. 7. CONTROL SYSTEM FOR ENTRY AND EXIT | CSEE  Section table SecciónID-Sección ID-Grado Descripcion1 1 1A2 1 1B3 1 1C4 1 1D5 1 1E  Mayor Table EspecialidadID-Especialidad Descripción de especialidad1 General2 Electronica3 Diseño Grafico4 Sistemas Informaticos5 Electromecanica  Student’s State Table Estado AlumnoID-Materia Grado Sección Día Hora Inicio ID-Alumno Fecha Acción Hora  Student’s Register Table Registro AlumnoIDRegistro IDAlumno Acción Hora01 061554 E 19/07/2012 06:51:47 a.m.02 031825 E 19/07/2012 07:10:45 a.m.03 20120114 E 19/07/2012 07:11:29 a.m.04 101715 E 19/07/2012 07:13:14 a.m.05 012060 E 19/07/2012 08:10:14 a.m.06 012056 E 19/07/2012 08:10:21 a.m.07 061554 S 19/07/2012 06:51:47 p.m.08 031825 S 19/07/2012 07:10:45 p.m.09 20120114 S 19/07/2012 07:11:29 p.m.10 101715 S 19/07/2012 07:13:14 p.m.11 012060 S 19/07/2012 08:10:14 p.m.12 012056 S 19/07/2012 08:10:21 p.m. 7
  8. 8. CONTROL SYSTEM FOR ENTRY AND EXIT | CSEE  User’s Table UsuariosUsuario ID-Alumno ContraseñaGmuller 012060 ******** 8
  9. 9. CONTROL SYSTEM FOR ENTRY AND EXIT | CSEEINVESTIGATION METHODOLOGY1. Antecedents1.1 Of the placeT he place in where this Project will be applied is the Santa Cecilia Salesian School, located in Don Bosco street and Manuel Gallardo avenue, N°1-1, in Santa Tecla, La Libertad, El Salvador. It was founded by Salesianmissioners in 1900; this was the first big Salesian work of Central America. It is aSalesian institution especially dedicated to the academic formation of the youngones, always under the fundaments and values that direct the salesian family. Theschool is known as a prestige institution, for its education, it has the levels ofnursery school, elementary school, junior high school and high school, also thehigh school has five majors: Computing Systems and English, Graphic Design,Electronic, Electro mechanic and General & the number of students approximatelyof 1500 students.1.2 Of the people to helpThe students of the Santa Cecilia Salesian School are included between the agesof 4 to 18 years old, approximately there is a number of 35 students per section,along with the students there are also the employees that has the position ofteacher, secretary, ordinance, coordinator and administrator.1.3 Of the problem 1.3.1 Since when? The problem has been happening since the current attendance system was implemented for the students in the Santa Cecilia Salesian School. 1.3.2 How it has been happening? At the beginning of a class attendance is passed, this reduces the learning time in the class. It has been happening because at the moment of passing attendance, the student has to be called orally and for that reason a lot of learning time in class is lost. 1.3.3 What consequences did it brought? Lost of learning time when passing attendance every time that a class was began and it increased the flunk students rating by the lost of time in the classes. 9
  10. 10. CONTROL SYSTEM FOR ENTRY AND EXIT | CSEE2. Intervention2.1 TCP (PTC) Presentation 2.1.1 Origins. During a time the Santa Cecilia Salesian School used a similar system to our TCP, but only for teachers and employees of the school. Actually, for registering the attendance to every employee a fingerprint reader is used. 2.1.2 Operation By using a barcode reader the students and employees, passing the ID in front of the reader, that will read the barcode registering the entry of the person and equally the exit of every class. 2.1.3 Structure The Project will be created in the BASIC programming language, it’ll have an administrator of information which will be the employees’ & students’ information, this information will be contained in the database created in Microsoft Office Access 2010, that will be linked in the program created Visual Basic 2010. 2.1.4 Materials  A server with Windows 7 (2GB of RAM)  The program Visual Basic 2010 installed in the server.  ID card of the students and/or employees.  Barcode reader.  Microsoft Office Access (2007-2010)2.2 How would it help to solve the situation?Using the current system, attendance is passed every time that the class is started,for that the teacher lose 5 to 10 minutes in doing the process of the attendance.With this project it will be necessary to pass the ID card in front of the barcodereader at the moment the student enters the class 10
  11. 11. CONTROL SYSTEM FOR ENTRY AND EXIT | CSEE3. RESOURCES3.1 HUMAN RESOURCES Methodological Assessor:  Alvin Silva. Technical Assessors:  Félix Masín  Miguel Salguero External Assessors  Héctor Maida  Roque Mocan. Working Group:  Chicas Germán, Ángel Iván  Guevara Rodríguez, Kennette Fernando  Luna Granadeño, Ricardo José  Maida Recinos, Héctor Arturo  Mejía Huezo, Diego Armando  Müller Mancía, Gustavo Alejandro3.2 MATERIALS  Barcode Reader  Student’s ID Card  A computer with Windows® 7  Visual Basic® 2010  Microsoft® Office Access 2007/20103.3 FINANCIALAMOUNT MATERIAL UNIT PRICE TOTAL PRICE1 Assessor $7.00 per hour $98.00 (updated 21/07/2012)1 Barcode Reader $53.00 per $106.00 weekSubtotal $204.00 00Unexpected $44. $44.00Total $248.00 11
  12. 12. CONTROL SYSTEM FOR ENTRY AND EXIT | CSEE3.4 TIME  6 Months  24 Weeks  48 Days  144 Hours 12
  13. 13. CONTROL SYSTEM FOR ENTRY AND EXIT | CSEEPOSITIVE AND NEGATIVE ASPECTS IN THE PROJECT’SCONSTRUCTIONPOSITIVE EFFECTS  Thanks to this program more time is going to be saved, and therefore there will be more learning time.  It will help to control the Entry and Exit time of the employees.NEGATIVE EFFECTS  It will be easier for the educative community to evade their responsibilities, to avoid this situation, visual supervision can be used. 13
  14. 14. CONTROL SYSTEM FOR ENTRY AND EXIT | CSEELIMITATIONS  At the first, the working group didn’t have assessor.  The working group didn´t have a barcode reader.  The working group at the first just appointed to sing.  At the first the working group appointed to throw balls on every group member.  The working group had not involved their parents.  The working group had to start again, because the assessor proposed to work in Visual Basic 2010 and not in Visual Basic 6.0.  No members of the working group didn´t know how to work in Visual Basic 2010 or any other program of .NET Framework. 14
  15. 15. CONTROL SYSTEM FOR ENTRY AND EXIT | CSEEBENEFICIARIEST he beneficiaries are going to be the students, because they are going to have more learning time, and due to this, they are going to have better grades.Other beneficiaries are going to be the family parents, because they are not goingto waste money on their children, because the students are going to increase theirgrades.And at last, the teachers are going to have more time to teach the classes to thestudents. 15
  16. 16. CONTROL SYSTEM FOR ENTRY AND EXIT | CSEEBIBLIOGRAPHYAuthor:  Michael HalvorsonBook’s Title:  Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Step By Step# of Pages:  576Editorial:  Microsoft PressCountry:  United States Of AmericaPublication Year:  2010 16
  17. 17. CONTROL SYSTEM FOR ENTRY AND EXIT | CSEECONCLUSIONS  With the current system a lot of learning time is lost.  With this Project the classes are going to be faster, the learning will be optimized and the grades are going to improve.  Using this system the coordinator or administrator will have a better control.  The learning time will be longer and due to this, the grades will be better. 17
  19. 19. CONTROL SYSTEM FOR ENTRY AND EXIT | CSEEGLOSSARYASP.NETASP.NET is a set of Web development tools offered by Microsoft. Programs likeVisual Studio .NET and Visual Web Developer allow Web developers to createdynamic websites using a visual interface. Of course, programmers can write theirown code and scripts and incorporate it into ASP.NET websites as well.BASICStands for "Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code." BASIC is acomputer programming language that was developed in the mid-1960s to provide away for students to write simple computer programs. Since then, the language hasevolved into a more robust and powerful language and can be used to createadvanced programs for todays computer systems.DatabaseA database is a data structure that stores organized information. Most databasescontain multiple tables, which may each include several different fields.Microsoft AccessMicrosoft Access, often abbreviated "MS Access," is a popular databaseapplication for Windows. Access allows users to create custom databases thatstore information in an organized structure. The program also provides a visualinterface for creating custom forms, tables, and SQL queries. Data can be enteredinto an Access database using either visual forms or a basic spreadsheet interface.The information stored within an Access database can be browsed, searched, andaccessed from other programs, including Web services.Programming LanguageA programming language is a set of commands, instructions, and other syntax useto create a software program. Languages that programmers use to write code arecalled "high-level languages." This code can be compiled into a "low-levellanguage," which is recognized directly by the computer hardware. 19
  20. 20. CONTROL SYSTEM FOR ENTRY AND EXIT | CSEETableA table is a data structure that organizes information into rows and columns. It canbe used to both store and display data in a structured format. For example,databases store data in tables so that information can be quickly accessed fromspecific rows.Visual BasicVisual Basic is a programming language and development environment created byMicrosoft. It is an extension of the BASIC programming language that combinesBASIC functions and commands with visual controls. Visual Basic provides agraphical user interface GUI that allows the developer to drag and drop objects intothe program as well as manually write program code.Windows 7Windows 7 is an operating system released by Microsoft on October 22, 2009. Itfollows the previous (sixth) version of Windows, called Windows Vista. 20