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Five things to avoid when marketing websites for contractor


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We provide contractor marketing services for roofing, painting & general contractors that generate sales using our proven strategies. Our contractor marketing services help more customers find your business.

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Five things to avoid when marketing websites for contractor

  1. 1. Five Things To Avoid When Marketing Websites For Contractor @ | All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Increase The Chances Of Success With The Right Marketing Services Constructing a website for contractors is a skill just like remodeling a kitchen. You have to study the correct procedures, or you will make a huge mess. Though some contractors think that they're on the right track, they tend to make some mistakes or ignore some important internet marketing strategies. Before they know that they have messed up, they're frustrated due to the wasted money. There is a right way to do things, and in this aspect, the "right way" keeps changing because Google and other search engines keep updating on a regular basis. @ | All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. As a business owner, you sometimes have to put countless hours and dollars in the Internet, and still not get anything in return. Therefore in order to increase the chances of success of your website, these are a few mistakes which need to be addressed properly: 1. Junk websites: Contractors need to understand one thing that it's the website that has been termed as the golden gateway for customers. They can't see you, or hear your voice, so it's totally up to your website to sell your business. Your website is the most valuable player in the game of sales. 2. Opt for the paid domain hosting service and not the free one: You can try out different portals, their domain and hosting service is just great, and so is their customer service. Many web designers, programmers, and SEO executives across the world are familiar with different options. @ | All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. 3. Most construction websites lack good content: Website visitors are always in a hunt for useful, informative and easy to understand content. Good, original, latest and relevant content in the form of articles, is also a good "bot food". Search engine spiders are always in search for good keyword rich text. The spiders use this text to properly index your site. Remember that a good content is very important to any web page. 4. URLs should be search engine optimized: Have you ever come across an address that's just a jumble of words and you don't really understand what's it about? Google will not know what to do with this kind of an address. An optimized address with the right string of words and characters are ideal for the search engines to scan and crawl. 5. Not properly tagging the website image: This is again a serious problem, Google is looking for keywords, and this is also true with the photos that you load to your site. If you wish to get the best Contractor Marketing Services from the experts, then log on to @ | All Rights Reserved.