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Event registration: how to put the html on your website and connect to your continue to give


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Learn where to go to get your HTML for Google forms so people can start registering right on your website! In addition have individuals pay for registration through your Continue to Give account!

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Event registration: how to put the html on your website and connect to your continue to give

  1. 1. Adding Free Event Registration toYour Website That Connects toYour Continue to Give online giving account!
  2. 2. Inthispresentationwewillteachyouhowtoputyourevent managementonyourwebsite.Ifyouwanttolearnabout EventManagement,whatitis,andhowtocreateafree accountpleaseread: Google-Forms.html
  3. 3. Now thatyouhave createdanaccountand finalized yourevent registration howdoyou gettheHTML code for yourwebsite? FirstClick “Send” in the upperright handcorner. Then choose “<>” tab. Copythe HTML code andthen pastethisinto the backendofyour website.
  4. 4. Now,let’sgoaheadand connectyourContinueto Givepaymentbuttonto youreventregistration. Gotoyourwebsitebadges onContinuetoGive.Choose “linktonewpage”then copyeitherlink.(Continue toNextSlide) Needmorehelp:Tutorial ClickHere
  5. 5. Nowwewilledittheevent registrationconfirmation message. Gotothesettingsintheupper lefthandcorner. Thenchoose“Presentation”. Edittheconfirmationmessage. Example,“Thankyoufor registering!Youmustpayfor yourregistrationhere…(paste yourContinuetoGivelink).
  6. 6. Thank you forWatching This presentation was by Continue to Give