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Huruma brochure short


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Huruma brochure short

  1. 1. Millenium TimeMap Application Overviewdesign The Millenium TimeMap Application is a platform that combines an interactive timeline with the power of Google Maps to provide a visual framework that shows when and where stories and events take place. Combined with a countdown to deadlines and the ability for organizations and individuals to contribute and share stories, photos, videos and documents, it is a flexible platform to bring any subject into global context. Material can be posted from anywhere and automatically appears on the timeline and map. The following pages show the application being used for The Road to Huruma, a project tracking global progress to the deadline for the Millenium Development Goals. The Application is easily customized to your organization’s subject matter and specific audience. © email:
  2. 2. Sample Project The Road to Huruma is a Website thatdesign showcases progress made toward the Millenium Development Goals, specifically those related to children One of the clearest lessons of the past five years of striving to achieve the goals for children is the importance of partnerships. Neither governments nor local communities nor international organizations nor NGOs can fulfill the rights of children by working in isolation. They need to collaborate, even while assuming different responsibilities. With cooperation, their efforts will reinforce and amplify each other. The Road to Huruma provides the platform these organizations need to share information — giving them a forum to contribute their stories, give them context, and — most importantly, act on what is being presented © email:
  3. 3. Primary Audiences Small organizations and individualsdesign The site provides a way for small operations to tell their stories and use available media in their own endeavors (from downloading a PDF to being able to embed a story on their own website) Large NGOs The site provides a way for large NGOs to showcase their successful MDG-based efforts, so that they can demonstrate their value to key stakeholders It also provides a way for large organizations to leverage lessons at a global level – so that they can avoid wheel- reinvention and piggy-back on successful programs to accelerate progress For both audiences The site provides a way to show local solutions to a global problem – demonstrating that progress toward massive goals is being achieved in big ways and small ways, by large entities and committed individuals © email:
  4. 4. design TimeMap When & Where At the heart of the site is the TimeMap. showing MDG-related news and stories on a synchronized map and timeline Set against a digital countdown to the MDG deadline of 2015, the TimeMap shows users where and when progress is being made against the MDGs and their deadline As you scroll through the timeline to explore events, the map animates to display where they took place - an interactive time machine showing the history of progress and events to come. Users can sort stories and information by date or location or goal or subject © email:
  5. 5. design TimeMap Investigating the Stories Clicking on a label either in the Timeline or Map displays a short overview of that story, zooming in to the location where it took place. © email:
  6. 6. design TimeMap Clicking on the story overview on the map takes the user to the full story, which they can read, share, comment on and distribute © email:
  7. 7. design Contributing & Participating As well as displaying core content created by site owners, the Road to Huruma is built to allow contributions from other organizations and individuals. Simple, clear instructions are provided to allow for full participation and multiple perspectives. All the user has to do is enter their content, assign it a date, geographical location and subject and it automatically appears within the timeline and map. © email:
  8. 8. Sharing All content on the site is structured to allow for sharing using a variety of tools, so as well as being able to contribute content, users can take content and post on theirdesign own sites or distribute via PDF, widgets and desktop applications © email:
  9. 9. design Document & Media Library All material presented and contributed to the site, is automatically added to a Library which allows browsing by subject matter, fullscreen viewing and direct download and distribution. © email:
  10. 10. Customizable by Subject The site is created as a template, allowing for customization to an organizationsdesign subject matter, goals and audience. The Countdown Places content into context, shows deadlines and allows for viewing progress and developments. The TimeMap Places content into when & where Contribute Allows for easy contribution of content by audience and stakeholders Distribute The various methods of distribution allow for moving the material to invested stakeholders and giving them the tools to implement and further plans and goals. © email: