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Introduction to Content Raven


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Published in: Technology
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Introduction to Content Raven

  1. 1. Content vigilance for forward thinkers<br />Content Raven - Introduction<br />
  2. 2. Who We Are <br />We help companies who want to share their digital content: Responsibly, Securely, Effectively<br />Content Raven: Secure Content Distribution<br />Cloud based<br />Secures Mobile<br />Analytics<br />
  3. 3. Why We Do It<br />Companies are losing digital content and Intellectual Property <br />Concerned with digital piracy?Losing video? Losing documents?<br />Attach a PDF to an email and hit send?<br />Mass General Hospital<br />New York Yankees<br />Research Companies<br />High Tech Software <br />WikiLeaks posts internal executive memos<br />Losing millions per year in training revenue and IP<br />Training videos and materials end up on YouTube, blogs, etc.<br />Lost Excel spreadsheet of season ticket holders with credit card information<br />Paid $1M fine for an employee leaving printed patient materials on the subway<br />Customers forward pdf reports at will that are pure revenue<br />Spends $40M in PR, technology, legal bills, and 3rd party security<br />Losing millions in revenue<br />
  4. 4. How We Do It<br />Print?<br />Forward?<br />Watermark?<br />Online<br />Offline<br />Mobile<br />Secure Platform<br />Customers<br />Trainees<br />Employees<br />Publishers<br />Users<br />Analytics<br />
  5. 5. Why We Are Different<br />Focus<br />Encryption<br />Mobile Security<br />Easy Install<br />Analytics<br /><ul><li>Protecting digital content is all we do. We are the best in the world at protecting our customers digital assets and intellectual property
  6. 6. We work between the application and the OS, not within the application like Microsoft DRM or Oracle IRM
  7. 7. More secure, more scalable
  8. 8. Video, Audio, pdf, flash, html, Microsoft Suite, and more
  9. 9. iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry
  10. 10. Cloud based
  11. 11. Eliminates problem of users needing admin rights to install an app
  12. 12. Desktop app for offline access and collaboration
  13. 13. Visibility and actionable analytics that lead to increased sales!</li></li></ul><li>Customer Results<br />Reduced Risk<br />Reduced Cost<br />Prevent piracy, theft, and unsecured sharing of all content<br />Lower print, raw materials, and distribution costs<br />Green tax incentives realized<br />Increased Sales<br />Net new revenue from training, research reporting, and visibility from analytics<br />
  14. 14. EMC VILT Security Return<br />2008: unrealized value# VILT shipped = 3948, averagelistprice = $1,099<br />2009: unrealized value# VILT shipped = 4419 average list price = $970 <br />75% share title once<br />$3,254,139.00<br />$3,214,822.50<br />$1,607,411.25<br />$1,627,069.50<br />50% share title twice<br />$803,705.63<br />$813,534.75<br />25% sharetitlethree times<br />25% of those sharing nowpurchaseowncopy – NEW SALES<br />$1,406,484.84<br />$1,423,685.81<br />EMC Education Services recovered lost revenue opportunity by implementing Content Raven<br />* Assume that 75% of VILT recipients share the product with at least one other person, 50% share with two, and 25% share with three or more others<br />