Customer Journey Analyses: Requirements and Choices Digital Analytics Day 2014


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20 min Vortrag "Customer Journey Analyses: Requirements and Choices" von Nic Diefenbach und Roland Markowski auf dem Digital Analytics Day 2014 in Hamburg.

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Customer Journey Analyses: Requirements and Choices Digital Analytics Day 2014

  1. 1. © contentmetrics GmbH 2013 1 10.04.2014 Customer Journey Analyses: Requirements and Choices of Implementation 04.04.2014
  2. 2. © contentmetrics GmbH 2013 2 10.04.2014 Agenda Agenda Customer-Journey-Analyses Definition Reasons to run this type of analyses Requirements for Customer-Journey-Analyses Length of contact chains Touchpoints Time Touchpoint measurement Human behaviour Tools/Methods of Customer-Journey-Analyses Web-Analytics-Tools Customer-Journey-Tools Time series analyses Data Warehouse analyses Conclusions
  3. 3. © contentmetrics GmbH 2013 3 10.04.2014 Online customer journey analyses dag 04.04.2014 Analysing the online (and offline) end to end steps/touchpoints a customer goes through in order to either purchase, enquire, utilise or experience what they want from your company or organisation Budget allocation — Customer journeys highlight the media of most impact, providing an informed data point for ROI calculation within an attribution model Channel optimization — By knowing the preceding touchpoint or traffic source, reinforce the connection between the two channels Personalisation strategy per touchpoint — By having the context of a customer‟s buying pattern, customize content to acknowledge past actions
  4. 4. © contentmetrics GmbH 2013 4 10.04.2014dag 04.04.2014  Can‟t we do this within our Digital-Analytics-Tool ? Budget allocation Channel optimization Personalisation strategy per touchpoint Why not using our Digital-Analytics-Tool?
  5. 5. © contentmetrics GmbH 2013 5 10.04.2014 Requirement: length of contact chains dag 04.04.2014 How many touchpoints do we see in our existing Digital-Analytics-Tool(s)?  Quite often it is just 1 (one) …  Keep in mind the impact of customer journey analyses on revenue could be small
  6. 6. © contentmetrics GmbH 2013 6 10.04.2014 Requirement: Touchpoints dag 04.04.2014 “All touchpoints are equal …?” Paid vs. Organic Ads vs. Content marketing Post click vs. Post view Online vs. Offline External vs. Internal Conversions = Touchpoints?
  7. 7. © contentmetrics GmbH 2013 7 10.04.2014 Requirement: Time dag 04.04.2014 How long is a journey? 30 days Catalogues may be sent twice a year Re-targeting: “free shipping” because you just left a shopping site: valid for a few minutes How relevant is a post view touch point on that re-targeting ad after the offer expired? We need a model for “attribution decay” (William Gibson) in customer journey  The rules for building the customer journey and the rules of the attribution model have to match with the complex reality of "how do we communicate with our (potential) customers"
  8. 8. © contentmetrics GmbH 2013 8 10.04.2014 Requirement: Touchpoints measurement dag 04.04.2014 At what kind of granularity are you currently running your online campaign reporting within your Digital-Analytics-Tool?  High level ….. You need first to think about a new concept to get correct results for your customer journey analyses Do you have quite often unreliable campaign reports because of double used and/or missing campaign Ids?  You need to check/improve/automize your campaign ID Management  At the end you must be able to synchronise your Digital-Analytics-Tool and your potentiell Customer-Journey-Tool, CRM, BI, Data Warehouse platform
  9. 9. © contentmetrics GmbH 2013 9 10.04.2014 Requirement: Human behaviour dag 04.04.2014 Is online marketing really willing to shift budgets based on customer journey analyses results?  Discuss consequences first .... some channel owner might not be amused about cutting their budgets
  10. 10. © contentmetrics GmbH 2013 10 10.04.2014 Tools/methods of customer journey analyses dag 04.04.2014 Check your Digital-Analytics-Tool, if it could be enhanced? If not, you might implement in addition Google Analytics … Select and implement a customer journey tool such as AdClear Exactag Intelliad RefinedAds Use statistical methods (time series analyses) Immune to device switches Connect online and offline events Use your Data Warehouse Enables cross media analyses Enables usage of collected customer journey data for personalisation
  11. 11. © contentmetrics GmbH 2013 11 10.04.2014 Conclusions dag 04.04.2014 OK, it makes sense to consider customer journey analyses Budget optimisation Campaign optimisation Personalisation Before choosing a tool you should check Do your clients use (perceive) more than one touch point Is the impact of previous touchpoints big enough to justify the TCO of customer journey analyses Is your data quality good enough to identify the relevant touchpoints (campaign ID management!) Is your organization ready to act on customer journey results If all that„s OK, then select a tool or method to run customer journey analyses matching your requirements
  12. 12. © contentmetrics GmbH 2013 12 10.04.2014 contact details: contentmetrics GmbH, Landwehr 2, 22087 Hamburg contact contentmetrics Roland Markowski Office: 040 1804 336 - 20 Mob: 0162 2414499 Nic Diefenbach Office: 040 1804 336 - 12