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5 Reasons GE's Content Goes Viral on Reddit—and Everywhere Else


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Too many brands produce content that doesn't deliver the stories that audiences crave. But GE isn't one of those brands.

GE Reports, GE's award-winning news hub, reaches a huge, devoted audience and regularly goes viral on Reddit and tech blogs. Here, you'll learn:
—Why most brand content is failing
—The secrets to creating great original content that people actually want to watch and read
—How top brands like Marriott, GE, and Coca-Cola create a culture of content within their organizations
—How GE became a content marketing powerhouse, and how it's planning for the future

Published in: Marketing
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5 Reasons GE's Content Goes Viral on Reddit—and Everywhere Else

  1. 1. Beyond the Blog “Sometimes you scrape your knee and a platform goes away, but I’d say it’s a greater risk to not be there trying it.” LINDA BOFF, CMO, GE #ContentlyGE
  2. 2. A Culture of Content GE REPORTS #ContentlyGE
  3. 3. A Culture of Content GE REPORTS: STREAMING AT 2,500 FEET #ContentlyGE
  4. 4. A Culture of Content GE REPORTS: PERISCOPE AND SNAPCHAT #ContentlyGE
  5. 5. A Culture of Content GE: FACEBOOK VIDEO AND FACEBOOK LIVE #ContentlyGE
  6. 6. A Culture of Content “It’s basically just old-fashioned shoe-leather reporting. You have to go to the factories. You have to develop sources.” TOMAS KELLNER, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, GE REPORTS #ContentlyGE
  7. 7. A Culture of Content GE REPORTS: WRITING WORKSHOPS Workshops with employees across the world lead to powerful stories. #ContentlyGE
  8. 8. Q&A #ContentlyGE
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