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E Cinteractive More Success


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E Cinteractive More Success

  1. 1. PresentsMore Success With ECinteractive The Premier E-commerce Solution for Your Business Click each slide to continue, or use buttons below » ©2010 eCommerce Industries, Inc.
  2. 2. MoreSuccessOnlineHow would you like to sell twice as much as you do now? Top 10 Dealers Average $1.3+ million/month Dozens More Win $250,000+/month ECinteractive® 2 ©2012 ECi Software Solutions
  3. 3. ECinteractive Sites Sell More Every Month $200,622How would you like tosell twice as muchonline as you do now?*The average dealer won$200,000 a month in $119,408ECinteractive/D-Force2Web Sales in 2011.That’s just an average… *Your results may vary. Legacy Site ECinteractive Site Ave/Mo Ave/Mo ECinteractive® 3 ©2012 ECi Software Solutions
  4. 4. Top 10 Dealers on ECinteractive, is.D-Force 2 ECinteractive® 4 ©2012 ECi Software Solutions
  5. 5. ECinteractive Quarter Million Month ClubDozens More Dealers Win $250,000+/mo. in Web Sales!J. Thayer / Supplyrush Jones & Cook StationersAdmiral Express Office Supply Stinson’s StationersSouthwest School Premier Office SupplyAAA Business Supplies & Interiors Office Products PlusIntegrity Business Solutions Suburban StationersSun Office Products LonesourceFriends Business Source Lighthouse for the BlindPremier Stationers Columbia OmniCorpPreferred Office Products Newtown Office & Computer SupplyVillage Office Supply Sandia Office SupplyGOS Elliot RussellArtlite Office Supply Co. Yuletide OfficeSierra Office Supplies & Printing Harris StationersOffice Central Todays Business ProductsOffice Products Northwest American Office ProductsUniversal Business Supply The Office Connection, IncKennedy Office Supply Burketts Office SupplyEakes Office Plus Blaisdells Office SupplyHummels Office Plus Union Office Supply Company Bruce Office Supply ECinteractive® 5 ©2012 ECi Software Solutions
  6. 6. 5+ ReasonsShoppers LoveECinteractive Guest Checkout via Credit Card, Self-Registration Options, Item-Specific Search Filters, Comparison Shopping, Favorites like Amazon’s Lists, Online Bill-Pay via Credit Card, More and Coming Soon ECinteractive® 6 ©2012 ECi Software Solutions
  7. 7. Complete Office’s We started seven years Shopper Experience ago, selling online from the start. About 65% of our sales is on the Web. Dave Patterson It’s not a question of President Complete Office whether customers will Seattle, San Diego, and More shop online. They $1,500,000 Web Sales/Month demand it, as well as 1,800 Web accountssustainable initiatives for 700 Approval Groups 1,300 Assigned Favoritesgoing green. It’s the way Hundreds of custom items they do business. 4 Admin Users Planet Press ECinteractive® 7 ©2012 ECi Software Solutions
  8. 8. #1 Reason Why Shoppers Love ECinteractiveFast Search Filters & Comparison Shoppingwith Sparco Enhanced & United Smart Search! ECinteractive® 8 ©2012 ECi Software Solutions
  9. 9. #2 Reason Why Shoppers Love ECinteractiveGuest Checkoutvia Credit Card&Self-Registration Options ECinteractive® 9 ©2012 ECi Software Solutions
  10. 10. #3 Reason Why Shoppers Love ECinteractiveShare Sitewide Favesand User Faves— like Amazon “Lists” ECinteractive® 10 ©2012 ECi Software Solutions
  11. 11. #4 Reason Why Shoppers Love ECinteractive Shoppers may pay balances online via credit card ECinteractive® 11 ©2012 ECi Software Solutions
  12. 12. #5 Reason Why Shoppers Love ECinteractive Customer Account Admins set up their own user privileges! ECinteractive® 12 ©2012 ECi Software Solutions
  13. 13. More Features Shoppers Love• 128-bit VeriSign encryption security• Automatic password reset• GoVideo gallery offers shopping tips• Sort search results by price and relevance• Real-Time Quantity On Hand in Product Search Results and Item Detail• Microsites customize orders for ink, toner, calendars, planners, binders, stamp s, labels, signs, furniture, and more ECinteractive® 13 ©2012 ECi Software Solutions
  14. 14. Even More Features Shoppers Love• Checkout prompts on approval/budget limits• Professional confirmation emails• Track orders via email link, approvals, history• Schedule approval forwarding• eProcurement integration: ARIBA/cXML/SAP/OCI• Powerful usage analytics via CXintelligence from Acsellerate• Item-level cost center reporting online ECinteractive® 14 ©2012 ECi Software Solutions
  15. 15. Why Shoppers Love ItLooks more like big box Paying invoicessites. Overall easier for online has been a customers to utilize. huge success. The search filters Really like make product Favorites Lists & search results Machine Matching. more specific. In our survey, dealers commented most about the attractiveness and searchability of their sites. ECinteractive® 15 ©2012 ECi Software Solutions
  16. 16. Coming Soon Just for Shoppers• More user-friendly account information• More streamlined catalog browse menu• Easy rebate, shipping & return options• New recommended items scroller• Social sharing via Twitter, Facebook, Email• Machine meter readings online• Machine service desk ticket handling online ECinteractive® 16 ©2012 ECi Software Solutions
  17. 17. 5+ ReasonsDealers LoveECinteractive Guest Checkout via Credit Card, Self-Registration Options, Item-Specific Search Filters, Comparison Shopping, Dealers Love ECinteractive’s Breadth of Admin Features, More and Coming Soon ECinteractive® 17 ©2012 ECi Software Solutions
  18. 18. Sun Office’s Admin Experience I feel fantastic about it. The redesigned Customer Admin page has made business easier. From start to finish, it leads you through. That’s especially helpfulRobert MarchettiDirector of Information Systems since our salespeople set upAurora, Colorado all our customers.$500,000 Web Sales/Month The ability to customize10,000 Web accounts nationwide content on our own has500 Approval Groups saved us a lot of time, with a20 Admin Users quicker turnaround to addAccelerate Business Intelligence new business partnersPremier Account Management outside our wholesalers. ECinteractive® 18 ©2012 ECi Software Solutions
  19. 19. #1 Reason Why You’ll Love ECinteractive Friendly Admin Wizards & Dashboards ECinteractive® 19 ©2012 ECi Software Solutions
  20. 20. #2 Reason Why You’ll Love ECinteractive JumpTech Barcode Scanners, Microsites from MeadWestVaco, HON, Trodat, Xstamper, HP Printers & Supplies ECinteractive® 20 ©2012 ECi Software Solutions
  21. 21. #3 Reason Why You’ll Love ECinteractiveCustom CatalogeContentImport, IntegratedCoupons & eMarketingEmail Campaigns! ECinteractive® 21 ©2012 ECi Software Solutions
  22. 22. #4 Reason Why You’ll Love ECinteractive Lock/Restrict Shoppers to Contracts and Laundry Lists ECinteractive® 22 ©2012 ECi Software Solutions
  23. 23. #5 Reason Why You’ll Love ECinteractive Easy Multi-Level Approval Group Setup WizardDrill-Down, PrintableApproval Chains ECinteractive® 23 ©2012 ECi Software Solutions
  24. 24. More Features Dealers Love• Integration with ECi ERP business systems• Admin news on control panel home page• eContent import of custom catalogs• Item ranking within search results• WYSIWYG site text editor• Shopper point rewards program• ERP-integrated volume discount incentives ECinteractive® 24 ©2012 ECi Software Solutions
  25. 25. Even More Features Dealers Love• Live chat, co-browsing via ProvideSupport• URL Masking promotes your brand’s domain• Manage user favorites lists and items• Guest checkout collects useful contact Info• Integrate with Acsellerate business analytics• eProcurement integration wins big contracts• Free GoVideo gallery helps educate shoppers• Custom GoVideo gallery enhances your brand ECinteractive® 25 ©2012 ECi Software Solutions
  26. 26. Why ECinteractive Drives More Success Once customer Integrated email settings groups flyers keep end were all set users informed of up, adding new new features — users was very and my Web sales quick discounts. and easy.I use free gifts & first order items EVERY DAY. In our survey, dealers commented most about the ease in setup and promotion of their sites. ECinteractive® 26 ©2012 ECi Software Solutions
  27. 27. Coming Soon Just for Dealers• ECinsight shopper analytics for sales & usage• Powerful template customization• Choose from 3 templates, multiple colors• Easy return authorization• Many more dealer merchandizing options• Collect machine meter readings online• Provide service desk ticket handling online ECinteractive® 27 ©2012 ECi Software Solutions
  28. 28. Get Started:Schedule YourFree Demo —Sign Up Now! ECinteractive® 28 ©2012 ECi Software Solutions