Keyword Match Ratio: What is it & How to Use it to Dominate Your Competition


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This article will start by referencing the recent Blind Five Year Old post about the “keyword match ratio” and SEOmoz’s article on “keyword level demographics,” and then expand out into a discussion of better keyword use.

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Keyword Match Ratio: What is it & How to Use it to Dominate Your Competition

  1. 1. Keyword Match Ratio: What it Is & How to Use It to Dominate Your Competition
  2. 2. Keyword Match Ratio: What it Is• There are ever-changing components constantly moving inside of the world of SEO and internet work in general.• But, sometimes, there are things hiding inside of the internet that we didn’t know were important, staring us right in the face.
  3. 3. Keyword Match Ratio: What it Is• A recent discovery by programmer and blogger AJ Kohn of online marketing firm Blind Five Year Old introducing the world of “keyword match ratios” is one such shift in SEO.
  4. 4. Keyword Match Ratio: What it Is• Kohn has provided a relatively easy definition, which states that “The keyword match ratio is the broad match volume of a keyword divided by the exact match volume of a keyword.” Broad Match Exact Match Volume of Keyword ÷ Volume of Keyword
  5. 5. Keyword Match Ratio: What it Is• One of the big revelations in the ratio system is that you can use data to determine the intent of searches and the people using search engines.• By determining how uniform the syntax of a ratio search result is, you can see how fractured the intent of the initial search was.
  6. 6. Keyword Match Ratio: How to Use It • Through understanding ratios and intent, you can begin to program for content opportunities made available by ratio data.
  7. 7. Keyword Match Ratio: How to Use It• Kohn uses the example of “hardwood floors”• By comparing the ratio of that term to other suggested terms related to it, Kohn was able to build a list of other keywords like “flooring installation,” “cleaning,” “cheap,” and more that can act as a guide to building new content around hardwood floors that people are not only interested in, but that they are already searching for.
  8. 8. Keyword Match Ratio: How to Use It• As Kohn sums it up in his article, “The keyword match ratio measures the ratio of broad match volume and exact match volume. This metric is not foolproof. You need to use your brain when looking at it. But if you’ve got a good head on your shoulders, the keyword match ratio can help you determine intent and sniff out content opportunities.” AJ Kohn• Knowing and understanding the ratio data are two different, but equally important parts of the process of using it.
  9. 9. Keyword Match Ratio: How to Use It• There is also the interesting idea of keyword- level demographics proposed by SEOmoz blogger “iPullRank,” described as: “If you can pull a user’s data from Facebook and couple it with Referrers from Search the result is demographics at a keyword level.”
  10. 10. Keyword Match Ratio: How to Use It• With keywords more important than ever, it’s time to rework your keyword strategy. Building a master list, staying comprehensive, and keeping a clear definition of the boundaries of your keyword work can help you stay ahead of the game when it comes to the war of keywords.
  11. 11. Keyword Match Ratio: How to Use ItBusiness2Community offered five simple tips when it comes to building better keywords:• Look at potential keywords as if you were a customer. What grabs your attention?• See what keywords competitors are using.• Understand how long tail keywords work as they often perform well on search engines.• Use the Google Keyword tool to research potential keywords.• Work on improving your SERP rank if necessary.
  12. 12. Keyword Match Ratio: How to Use It • Organization is a massively important part of revised keyword strategy. • Know what words you need, what words are optional, and what words you can expand into should the need arise.
  13. 13. Keyword Match Ratio: How to Use It • With properties and potentials like the keyword match ratio and keyword demographics at your side, now has never been a better time to be in the keyword field of SEO.
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