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Improve Your SEO Practices by Repurposing Content


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If you repurpose content, you can increase its value and still gain SEO benefits without writing anything new.

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Improve Your SEO Practices by Repurposing Content

  1. 1. Improve You SEO Practices By Repurposing Content
  2. 2. • Content is king. We certainly believe that here at CEM! But we understand that it’s impossible to come up with brilliant new ideas for original content every day. • The problem for many companies is that you need that constant stream of inspiring content in order to continually entice and interact with your customers!
  3. 3. Sowhatdoyoudo? • Repurpose all of that great content! Repurposing your content allows you to continue putting your exciting content into the hands of potential customers without the effort of writing new content. • As mobile and social media continue to gain dominance in the field of SEO, it’s becoming more and more crucial to maintain a steady stream of valuable content.
  4. 4. AttractAttentionWithDifferentMediums • Transforming your best content to fit into a variety of mediums allows you to show off your best content! Even better, different mediums will connect you to different audiences. • Some people may only be interested in slideshows, or they might only want to digest information in video format. Whatever their bias, make sure you have your bases covered!
  5. 5. • As you modify your content to the mold of each medium, you will quickly find that repurposed content offers your audience a deeper understanding of your argument because you can approach your content from many different angles.
  6. 6. IncreaseYourContent’sValue • Most SEOs are working on a tight budget, so repurposed content gains value simply by reducing the cost required to publish awesome content. • Make sure that your repurposed content adds something new and valuable to the table so that its value is greater than the time it takes you to repurpose said content.
  7. 7. CreationTips • In order to produce great repurposed content, keep the concept of repurposing in mind as you create original content. • Salma Jafri wrote a great article that suggests that you identify a core idea with 5-10 topic areas that can be worked together as you develop a series of repurposed posts.
  8. 8. • Evergreen content is great for repurposing. If you incorporate SEO best practices into that original content, you’re going to reap SEO rewards for years to come! • Even better, repurposed content increases retention thanks to that deepened understanding of the content, so your audience is going to remember your content and keep coming back for more.
  9. 9. What are your best tips for repurposing content?
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