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How to Use Google Webmaster Tools to Your Advantage


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Developing an in-depth understanding of Google Webmaster Tools is an essential part of an SEO’s job. This post explains the basics for beginners, but also offers some advanced tips for seasoned SEOs.

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How to Use Google Webmaster Tools to Your Advantage

  1. 1. How to UseTo Your Advantage
  2. 2. SEOs know that Google Webmaster Toolsare essential to a successful SEO campaign.Webmaster Tools can help you to increaseyour understanding of metrics and figureout how to improve your SEO practices.Especially if you monitor the tools regularly(which you should), you can begin toidentify which SEO techniques arebeneficial and which are harmful to yourcampaign.
  3. 3. For beginners, getting started with the programcan be challenging and confusing. Let’s discussthe elements of Webmaster Tools that are mostcritical for beginners to utilize.But don’t worry – We’ll throw in some tips formore advanced SEOs as well!
  4. 4. BasicSet-upGetting set up with WebmasterTools is fairly simple.Once you have verified your site,the first step you want to take is tomodify your settings.Advanced tip: Google recentlyannounced some updates toWebmaster Tools, including theability to view more in-depthinformation about who is verifiedfor your site.
  5. 5. Geographic target: thissetting assists Google inidentifying that yourservices target, which iscrucial for local search!Preferred domain: this tabcontrols how Googleindexes your site,depending on the URL andyour verification.Crawl rate: this settingallows you to limit thecrawl rate of Googlebot forbandwidth purposes.BasicSet-up
  6. 6. Advanced tip: focus on organic link building in order toavoid Google’s spam warnings. Relationship marketingis a great long-term link strategy.There are several useful tools for controlling bothinternal and external links, as well as unnaturallinks that may hurt your rankings.
  7. 7. • Links to your site: this pageallows you to study an overviewof all links to your site, includingdetails about who is linking to youand your internal link structure.• Sitelinks: you can use this toolfor reputation management, sincemore extensive sitelinks will helpto hide bad links.• Unnatural link notifications:also known as spam warnings,these notifications willimmediately alert you to anyproblems with Google.
  8. 8. While there is a specific optimization tab, thereare also other tools that assist in youroptimization efforts.GettingOptimizedAdvanced tip: use thesetools to inform yourcontent optimization, butcontinue to focus onproducing clear, relevantcontent.
  9. 9. • Optimization: this toolmainly brings problems toyour attention that can besuccessfully fixed.• Fetch as Google: Everwanted to see how your siteappears to a typical searcher?Here’s your chance!• Search keywords: use thistab as a part of your keywordresearch strategy to find outwhich keywords are directingvisitors towards your site.
  10. 10. • Pay close attention to the malwaretool, as it helps you spot code incomments that Google sees as spam.• Avoid messing with URL parameters,because tiny mistakes can removeyour webpage from the rankings.• Make sure that none of your pagesare blocked in the blocked URL tab.Advanced tip: a new feature thathas SEOs buzzing is the Author Statstool, which explains your site’sconnections with various authors.OtherImportantTools
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