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7 Ways That Content Writers Are a Lot Like Ninjas


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Content writers do a lot, and many things ninja style!

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7 Ways That Content Writers Are a Lot Like Ninjas

  1. 1. Intro It’s  true.    Though  we  don’t  wear  the  black  garb,  or  slink  around   your  office,  poised  between  the  refrigerator  and  vending  machine,   ready  to  strike,  we  do  have  quite  a  bit  in  common  with  the   legendary  assassins.    Content  writers  are  a  breed  of  their  own.     A@er  all,  good  content  writers  aren’t  just  good  writers.    They’re  also   marketers,  strong  communicators,  great  researchers,  and  they  can   do  some  sly  impersonaBons.   What  does  this  have  to  do  with  ninjas?   Read  on!  
  2. 2. #1 We’re  not  very  glamorous.    But  we  do  some   pre7y  cool  stuff.   As  cool  as  you  think  ninjas  are  today,  they  weren’t  regarded   nearly  as  well  back  in  their  heyday.    Ninjas  were  recruited  from   the  lower  classes,  so  they  didn’t  receive  too  much  aHenBon.     AristocraBc  samurais  were  all  the  rage.    You  know  how  it  goes.     Similarly,  content  writers  don’t  have  the  most  glamorous  jobs.     A@er  all,  we’re  the  background  people  who  write  your  press   releases,  generate  excitement  about  your  products  online,  and   engage  your  customers  (while  pretending  to  be  you).    Though   we  don’t  get  the  aHenBon,  we’re  doing  important  stuff  to   drive  conversions  for  your  business.  
  3. 3. #2 We  infiltrate  your  blog.   It  all  starts  with  infiltraBon.    We  slip  into  your  blog  just  like   ninjas  infiltrated  castles…  though  we  do  it  with  your   permission,  of  course!    InfiltraBng  your  blog  means  we  read   everything  on  your  site.    We  soak  up  who  you  are,  what  you   sound  like,  what  your  goals  are.   When  I  start  wriBng  for  a  new  client,  I’m  going  to  read  just   about  everything  on  your  website  (unless  you’ve  been   blogging  daily  for  a  year)  before  I  start  wriBng  for  you.    A@er   all,  this  geRng-­‐to-­‐know-­‐you  stage  is  criBcal  for  us  to  be  a   successful  wriBng  service.  
  4. 4. #3 We  spy  on  your  compe==on.   All  right,  so  we’ve  infiltrated  your  blog,  and  we’re  learning  a  lot   about  you.    But,  remember,  you’re  not  the  enemy,  your   compeBBon  is.    So,  naturally,  I’m  going  to  be  spying  on  your   compeBBon,  too.    If  you’re  selling  to  a  niche  market,  then  I’m   going  to  be  even  more  diligent  about  my  espionage.  How?     Think  researching  the  compeBBons  content  markeBng   scheme,  as  well  as  their  products  and  pitches.    The  more  we   know,  the  beHer  we  do  our  job.   Just  like  ninjas,  good  content  writers  are  constantly  observing   what’s  going  on  in  the  “enemy’s  camp”  before  they  strike!  
  5. 5. #4 We  assassinate  your  enemies.   And,  yes,  we  do  assassinaBons.    While  this  wriBng  service  isn’t   going  out  and  aHacking  your  compeBBon’s  blog,  we  do  go   a@er  your  compeBBon!    We  do  this  by  delivering  you  beHer   content  than  anyone  else  in  your  industry  is  providing.   We  don’t  have  to  bring  down  the  compeBBon,  rather,  we  make   sure  you  have  the  very  best  content  on  your  website,  so  you’ll   naturally  aHract  the  audience  you’re  looking  for.    Also,  we’ve   got  some  great  people  on  the  SEO  side  of  things  to  make  sure   your  content  is  web-­‐opBmized.    Furthermore,  we  insure  that   your  web-­‐opBmized  content  is  duplicate-­‐free.   So,  all  that  to  say…  like  the  ninja,  our  content  writers  will   take  out  your  enemies.  
  6. 6. #5 We  train.  A  LOT.   I’ve  already  talked  about  research  some,  but  there’s  more.     Before  I  start  wriBng  for  you  I  read  up  on  your  voice  document,   I  look  at  all  your  site’s  pre-­‐exisBng  content,  and  I  even  look  into   what  your  compeBBon  is  doing.    But,  that’s  just  geRng   started…   I  begin  every  morning  with  a  cup  of  coffee,  reading,  tweeBng,   and  commenBng  on  a  variety  of  arBcles  and  blog  posts  on   wriBng  and  content  markeBng.  Some  of  the  industry  standards   that  any  wriBng  service  will  know  about  include  the  Content   MarkeBng  InsBtute  and  Copyblogger.       Without  con=nuous  training  and  discipline  (which  includes   lots  of  reading  and  prac=ce),  your  wri=ng  service  isn’t  going   to  be  up  to  the  task  of  providing  great  content.    
  7. 7. #6 We’re  really  good  mind  readers.   If  you  don’t  believe  in  mind  reading,  fair  enough.    But,  ninjas   allowed  themselves  to  be  guided  by  an  incredibly  powerful   sense  of  intuiBon.    And,  I  personally  don’t  know  any  stories  of   a  ninja’s  sense  of  intuiBon  leading  him  astray.       Much  like  the  ninja,  we  like  to  think  we  have  a  preHy  good   sense  of  intuiBon.  A  lot  of  online  markeBng  companies   outsource  their  wriBng  to  us.    Because  we  don’t  have  direct   contact  with  the  client  that  ulBmately  receives  the  material  we   write,  we  don’t  always  have  as  much  informaBon  as  we  desire.     But  we  can  sBll  make  it  work!   So,  there’s  some=mes  guesswork  involved.    And,  if  we  do  say   so  ourselves,  we’re  pre7y  good  at  it.  
  8. 8. #7 Some=mes  you  forget  we  exist.   Let’s  face  it.    You  probably  woke  up  one  morning,  clicked  over   to  your  company’s  blog,  and  said  to  yourself,  “Damn,  that’s   good.”  But,  of  course,  you  didn’t  write  the  piece.    You  didn’t   even  provide  a  topic.    One  of  our  content  writers  spent  an   hour  creaBng,  wriBng,  and  ediBng  it  last  night.    However,  it’s   yours.    You  own  it.       If  you  forget  we  exist,  it’s  fine.    In  fact,  you  shouldn’t  have  to   think  about  us  too  much.   Let  us  be  the  ninja  in  your  life,  silently  infiltra=ng  your  blog,   and  providing  stellar  content  that  drives  conversions  your   way.    Even  while  you’re  sleeping.  
  9. 9. About Ben  Richardson   Ben  Richardson  is  a  writer  living  in  Nashville,  TN.  He  earned  his   BA  studying  philosophy  at  Belmont  University.  He  is  also  a   published  poet,  and  is  authoring  his  first  childrens  book.   Outside  of  wriBng,  he  enjoys  exploring  the  many  waterfalls   and  trails  of  middle  and  east  Tennessee  with  his  lovely  fiancée.   Content  Equals  Money   Content  Equals  Money  is  a  content  wriBng  service  that  serves   a  wide  variety  of  clients  with  top-­‐shelf,  sharable  content.  Our   goal  is  to  work  with  small  companies  in  order  to  help  them   reap  the  same  results  from  content  markeBng  as  the  Fortune   500  companies.  Content  markeBng  is  truly  scalable  and  can   work  for  all  businesses  and  business  sizes!