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Your Blog Is More Than Your Storefront: 7 Approaches to Blog Writing


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Seven approaches to business blog writing that will help you improve your website and the quality of your blog.

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Your Blog Is More Than Your Storefront: 7 Approaches to Blog Writing

  1. 1. A blog is not a more in-depth “about us” page.A blog is not a rehash of the company statement. Stuck in a rut with your business’ blog? Get out of it with one of these writer’s block- kicking blog approaches.
  2. 2. If you’re a photographer, post samples often, whether theyhave anything to do with your photography business ornot.You can use your blog as a place to brag about yourself,your authority in the industry, and your clients. Clientswill almost always share posts written about them, whichis a good way to get your blog out and about.
  3. 3. Got a staff? We at Content Equals Money have severalwriters participating on the company blog in addition tothe company owners; this gives the blog uniqueperspectives and styles.Not to mention, it saves the owners from having to blogall day every day. Allowing staff members to show theirexpertise gives everybody maximum exposure forminimum effort and time!
  4. 4. Consider creating a series of blog posts that are designedto work cohesively together. For example, Jeff Goins doesa great job with his blog series, “15 Habits of GreatWriters.” ( a serial regarding an in-depth look at a singlesubject allows you to turn your blog into a white paper/eBook. Serial writing can be popular – take it fromCharles Dickens, he wrote most of his novels by way ofnewspaper serials!
  5. 5. The best blogs don’t just offer piercing industry insight;they also tell stories. Make sure to wind narrative intoyour writing – you’re a human writing the blog, not arobot!Don’t be afraid to relate concepts to things that might begoing on in your life.You don’t want your company blogto turn into a place where you emote, but making yourblog unique by putting your life into it makes for a betterread.
  6. 6. When you do well, you want others to know. Whensomebody else does well, you want to know how they didit. Share successes – and the path you took to get there.Additionally, also share personal successes. Do you have anemployee who’s leaving on an adventure? Is somebodystarting their own business? Share! Sharing successesmeans that you have successes and that your business is onthe right track.
  7. 7. You’re a small business. Things change. Make sure to letyour readership know when you switch to a new CRM orif you’re experimenting with different billing practices oryou’re revamping your product.Of course, you want to highlight this in a positive way;you’re a small business and one of your strengths is yourincredible adaptability. By highlighting change, you makeyour blog transparent, dynamic, and informative.
  8. 8. Becoming a news source is invaluable. The best part is thatyou don’t have to work overmuch to do it – as a businessowner, you’ve likely got your fingers on the pulse ofwhat’s up and coming. However, your readers might notbe reading the same news you are; who better to share itthan you?Another benefit with news posts is that you’re likely to geta lot of hits, since others will be researching news-relatedkeyterms.
  9. 9. Writing a business blog can be enjoyable and rewarding,or a dull dreary activity wrought with frustration. Makesure to keep these tips in mind so that you can create aliving blog that not only draws traffic, but ensures that youenjoy your work!
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