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Apple Unveils iOS 7 and Challenges its Competitors


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Apple's recent release of iOS 7 shows that it has learned from its competitors and added lots of features it was missing. It also appears that Apple is shifting its strategy into one similar to Google where it provides a breadth of services like online radio and cloud service.

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Apple Unveils iOS 7 and Challenges its Competitors

  1. 1. AppleUnveilsiOS7And Challenges its Competitors
  2. 2. AppleUnveilsiOS7 And Challenges its Competitors•iOS 7 has aclean, futuristicdesign.•It is super-intuitive andeasier than everto navigate!
  3. 3. AppleUnveilsiOS7 And Challenges its CompetitorsApples iOS 7 includes high quality Apple design.iOS 7 includes features from competitos that used usedto be missing from iOS devices.
  4. 4. AppleUnveilsiOS7 And Challenges its CompetitorsIn iOS 7, Apple includes AirDrop which workslike NFC communication on competitor phoneslike Samsungs S3 and S4 Galaxy.
  5. 5. AppleUnveilsiOS7Apple has teamed upwith Microsofts Bingin an interestingalliance to make itSiris default searchengine.And Challenges its Competitors
  6. 6. AppleUnveilsiOS7 And Challenges its CompetitorsApple announced iTunes radio which willcompete directly with Pandora and Spotifyand displays music that is trending on Twitter.
  7. 7. AppleUnveilsiOS7 And Challenges its CompetitorsiWork and iCloud also receive a big upgrade with iOS 7They’re both now accessible from any device and areslowly catching up to Google Drives offerings.Vs.
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