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8 Tools to Energize Social Media Conversions


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To make the most of social media, you’re going to need tools that give you full control of your message, help you make better social moves and get the most out of your shares. Here are a few useful tools that help you do exactly that!

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8 Tools to Energize Social Media Conversions

  1. 1. The Social Media World Can Be Scary.After all, you’re right up on center stage, with everyone’s eyesright on you. Everything you post can be scrutinized to no end,and shared infinitely. For many business owners that just can’twrap their heads around it, social media may be seen as a liability,not a benefit.However, once you fall into the groove of social media, you’lllikely find that it gets less frightening – and if you have the righttools to get you there, you might even find it fun!Here are some toolsthat can help you makethe most of your socialmedia messages.
  2. 2. #1: ArgyleSocialArgyleSocial wraps Facebook and Twitter management together around a veryimportant service that often gets looked over – link shortening. If you use Twitter,you are likely aware that characters are at a premium. Link shortening helps youmake the most of those 114 characters. However, link shortening using mostservices impedes your ability to track link activity.ArgyleSocial solves this problem since it also tracks the the activity that goesthrough these shortened links, so you can see exactly where your click traffic iscoming from.Want to learn more?
  3. 3. #2: CrowdboosterThis service is another social metrics tool, but it measures raw engagement ratherthan click-through rates. Crowdbooster will let you see how many times yourFacebook and Twitter content gets shared, reTweeted, liked, and so on. It willalso show you which followers are the most engaged with your content.Crowdbooster can even help you figure out what time of day is best for you topost. Since social media moves so quickly, Crowdbooster is a great way to getanother pair of eyes watching how your content performs.Want to learn more?
  4. 4. Top Twitter Tools
  5. 5. #3: TweetReachThis is a great way to measure the potency of your Twitter campaign easily.TweetReach can help you see how much mileage your Tweets get. It can beuseful to know which of your Tweets get the most attention.Having the information that TweetReach provides will let you know what yourbest Tweets look like, how successful your Tweets are at generating traffic toyour site, and how well your Twitter efforts are contributing to your bottom line.Want to learn more?
  6. 6. #4: HootSuite for iPad Of course, this one only applies to those Tweeters who have iPads at their disposal, but if you happen to be on the tablet track, this is a must-have app. It combines the already indispensible features of HootSuite with the highly robust mobile features of the iPad. Don’t save your ideas for later – Tweet them now with this app! Want to learn more?
  7. 7. Easier Ways to KeepUp With Appearances
  8. 8. #5: Bo.ltAny blogger knows that collecting content is key to having excellent blogs. Thetrouble is that even if you copy and paste your favorite links, there’s always achance of a domain expiring or something else happening to get between youand your painstakingly bookmarked content.Not with On first glance this looks like Pinterest, but goes the extrastep to actually save your website in the cloud. That way, no matter whathappens to the actual site itself, you’ll always be able to access the content.Want to learn more?
  9. 9. #6: Google AlertsAny business owner wants to keep abreast about what is being said regardingtheir business across the internet. Of course, the internet is a vast place and itcan be difficult to monitor all of it all of the time. This is where Google Alerts isyour best friend.Google Alerts provides a service that will monitor Google for you and send you adigest of where your company’s name (or your industry, or whatever you’d like)was mentioned so you can keep abreast of the buzz.Want to learn more? Alerts
  10. 10. Do More in Less Time With Email
  11. 11. #7: PosterousPosterous is a blogging platform unlike any other – it allows you to write blogsdirectly from your email client. The way it works is that you write your content inthe body of an email and send it to your Posterous address. Within momentsyour blog will be online and readable.This is a great way to keep from switching between email client and browserwindows while working. If you can write an email, you can start a blog – and youdon’t even need to leave your email to do it.Want to learn more?
  12. 12. #8: NutshellMailIf you have multiple social media accounts, you’ll love working with NutshellMail.Basically, NutshellMail will track the performance of all your social media avenuesand send you one condensed email at the end of the day which will track yourlikes, shares, reTweets and so on so that you can keep on top of your social mediaperformance with less effort.Want to learn more?
  13. 13. Social media doesn’t have to be scary. With the right tools in hand, you’ll find that managing even multiple social media accounts can be easy - and dare we even say it – fun. We hope that you’ve found this quick primer on social media apps helpful – but this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to these programs.What are your favorite social mediaapps, and why?
  14. 14. Content Equals MoneyContent Equals Money is a content writingservice that serves a wide variety ofclients with top-shelf, sharable content.Our goal is to work with small companiesin order to help them reap the sameresults from content marketing as theFortune 500 companies. Contentmarketing is truly scalable and can workfor all businesses and business sizes!