7 Quotes from Steve Jobs on Building Your Brand


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7 quotes from Steve Jobs about building your brand. Great branding tips from the mastermind behind Apple, one of the most innovative companies of all time.

7 Quotes from Steve Jobs on Building Your Brand

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  2. 2. Steve Jobs was a natural. You might even say Jobs built oneof the worlds strongest brands without ever setting out to"brand" his company. Instead, he focused on making greatconsumer products. His brand developed around him. Checkout 7 top branding tips from Jobs...
  3. 3. “Be a yardstickof quality.Some peoplearen’t used toan environmentwhereexcellence isexpected.”
  4. 4. “Sometimes when you innovate,you make mistakes. It is best toadmit them quickly, and get onwith improving your otherinnovations.”
  5. 5. “Creativity is justconnecting things.When you ask creativepeople how they didsomething, they feel alittle guilty becausethey didn’t really doit, they just sawsomething. It seemedobvious to them aftera while. That’sbecause they wereable to connectexperiences they’vehad and synthesizenew things.”
  6. 6. “Design is not just what itlooks like and feels like.Design is how it works.”
  7. 7. “And it comes fromsaying no to 1,000things to make sure wedon’t get on the wrongtrack or try to do toomuch. We’re alwaysthinkSing about newmarkets we couldenter, but it’s only bysaying no that you canconcentrate on thethings that are reallyimportant.”
  8. 8. “It’s hard to tell withthese Internet startups ifthey’re really interestedin building companies orif they’re just interestedin the money. I can tellyou, though: If theydon’t really want tobuild a company, theywon’t luck into it. That’sbecause it’s so hard thatif you don’t have apassion, you’ll give up.”
  9. 9. “It took us three yearsto build the nextcomputer. If we’d givencustomers what theysaid they wanted, we’dhave built a computerthey’d have been happywith a year after wespoke to them – notsomething they’d wantnow.”
  10. 10. In order for a brand to betruly successful, it has toknow how to anticipate need.Has any company ever beenas successful as Apple in thisarena?
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