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Online survey company Toluna launches a revolutionary new survey tool called QuickSurveys to enable customers to gather consumer opinions from the world’s largest online research community at the touch of button (or two).

Here's how we took it to market.

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Toluna Media Partnership Social PR Case Study

  1. 1. Toluna QuickSurveys LaunchMedia Partner Programme CampaignJanuary
  2. 2. The Program
  3. 3. BackgroundOverviewOnline survey company Toluna launches a revolutionary new survey tool calledQuickSurveys to enable customers to gather consumer opinions from the world’slargest online research community at the touch of button (or two).The ProductA flexible payment structure is ideal for brand marketing and PR managers and theircreative services agencies (to evaluate campaign ideas, generate editorial and contentfeatures, etc). It also opens the doors of online research to smaller clients, like smallbusinesses and students. Sophisticated features, such as advanced targeting tospecific demographic groups, extends the online survey proposition to largerprofessional market research firms. An engaged Toluna online community of 4 millionconsumers in 34 countries means users have answers in hours rather than days andcan track results in real time.The BriefTo launch ‘QuickSurveys’ to target audience through brand awareness and onlinecoverage. 3
  4. 4. Campaign GoalsObjective• To generate high value coverage from authoritative media sites to boost the brands brand awareness and search engine visibility amongst key audiences - brand marketing and PR managers and creative services agenciesCampaign Goals• Overcome challenge of reaching the right audiences - key brands, agencies, associations in marketing research and communications, as well as a broader audience of respected publishes in other areas• Create web coverage that delivers key messages and demonstrates value of the new tool• Design and implement a new content driven PR model for TolunaWhat we proposed (in brief)• Design a content-based Partnership Programme as a new Social PR vehicle to secure coverage on authoritative third party media sites for Toluna QuickSurveys• Raise the profile of the new tool through association with respected brands• Demonstrate the value of the tool through coverage - survey results, news stories, blog posts - utilising the tool on third party websites• Facilitate long-term plan for Partnership Programme to be run internally by Toluna 4
  5. 5. The Strategy• We decided that a standard ‘pitch the product’ approach would not work - too little value to publishers / perceived as advertising• So we developed a mutually beneficial ‘Content Partnership’ proposition: we provided them with short term, free use of the survey tool as part of their core editorial processes - in return for featuring Toluna mentions, (optimised) links, graphs, etc in the body of their content• We identified key targets by qualitative research (relevancy to the brand and authority among audience) and quantitative factors (the organisation’s online influence)• We approached and attracted partners to introduce partnership and demonstrate tool• We negotiated and secured partnerships with key media targets 5
  6. 6. Collateral and ProcessPartnership PackWe created an 11-page Pack in the form of a slide presentation to effectively pitch the programme toprospective partners. After initial phone calls to key targets, the pack was send in a PDF format to clearlyoutline the programme and highlight the main benefits to online publishers. The following elements wereincluded:• Introductory page demonstrating how QuickSurveys will help publishers achieve a more progressive editorial and web content strategy. Emphasised how large scale national and international consumer opinions at the touch of a button can bolster editorial voice, fuel SEO strategy, enrich social media content and more• Details of what the tool does, how it works and why it is different to other online survey tools• Outline of exact partnership proposition• Case study of partners currently using the tool, with positive customer feedback• Description of the next steps. We offered to run a pilot survey, arrange a one-to-one demonstration of the product and gave details of the web contract that would need to be signed to complete the agreementTarget Influencer DatabaseWe used a number of methods to find and evaluate online influencers to target as possible partners. Afterusing different channels to find key targets we applied influence and reach metrics to their platforms inorder to gauge their online footprint, a factor that was included in deciding which sites to target. 6
  7. 7. Identifying and Evaluating TargetsFinding InfluencersWe used the following kinds of tools to look for key media brands across different sectors, with audiences thatmatched our goals and objectives.Key Tools:• Brandwatch• Google tools (Keywords, Insights for Search, blog search)Evaluating TargetsAs well as qualitative and PR indicators, we utilised linking metrics to identify whether it would be worthwhileobtaining a link from any given domain, as an added SEO benefit of any coverage. We used the followingmetrics to give an overall score to each possible partner:• Backlinks• MozRank• MozTrust• Domain Authority• Page Authority• Social Followings (we also looked at Facebook and Twitter followings to help give an impression of the influencer’s online authority)Key Tools:• SEOmoz 7
  8. 8. Campaign Results• Partnerships forged with key target publishers across a wide array of sectors, from marketing and media firms to charities• Partnerships enabled us to reach the target audience through valuable content on relevant and high profile sites• Toluna benefitted from a double dose of coverage generated by topical articles, citing QuickSurveys, produced by Partnering organisations• Enabled the running of the programme as a longterm fixture by Toluna• Facilitated the transition of the programme to Toluna’s newly appointed Partnership Manager 8
  9. 9. Coverage Highlights o 9
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  14. 14. About C&M*
  15. 15. We Help brands Creatively Engage With People via the Social Web • Awareness, Acquisition, Engagement • Independently owned. Formed Jan 2009 • 15 staff, and growing • 20 active clients • OTE of £1m this year • (All revenue is Social PR and majority is retained) • Focus: SOCIAL PR ENGAGEMENT PROGRAMS 15
  16. 16. Social PR Engagement: How We Do It We’re built to conceive and run creative Social PR engagement programs day in, day out. Delivery - of creative, game changing Social PR engagement programs Execution - hyper-focused brand engagement activity: real time research and results driven Fluid - communications and creative content assets: conversational, sharable, scalable Innovation - behavioural impetus via Social Media technology and consumer interactions Collaboration - inter-disciplinary teams: seamless, discursive, light Structured - process-driven: continuous campaign and engagement delivery model Agile - data-driven actions and insights drive engagement programs forward Persistent - creative assets designed to evolve throughout program life cycles Crystal balls, incantations, X-ray specs - not included 16
  17. 17. Programs Execute Programs* e u ar yo ere? h Engaged Teams* Readiness? • Set the execution capabilities • Set the Social PR goals • Activate Social PR skill sets • Know the marketplace (data) • Know the audience (data) Experiment* • Know the influencers (data) • Develop creative and assets • Execute programs (run time) • Measure, rinse and repeat 17
  18. 18. Founding Partner of The Box Network • Instant international scale and coverage • Pure play social media specialist • Extensive social media experience • Expert execution: cultural and local insight • Central campaign management model 18
  19. 19. References and Further Information 19
  20. 20. Client Testimonial "We have worked with C&M for almost a year, most of which has been building up to our biggest ever campaign: Break Free. C&M has helped us in every aspect of campaign planning - from rationalising our online infrastructure to training all of our European PR managers in social media best practice. The agencys work on the Break Free campaign itself has contributed massively to the successful distribution of our message, via social media engagement, multimedia content seeding and online coverage, so that we are well on the way to meeting an ambitious set of KPIs. The video assets, which were the driving force of the campaign, have already exceeded the 1m views KPI, with over 5m views to date. We are obviously very pleased at the outcome and the impact this is having on brand awareness, and recognise the significance of C&Ms work towards driving such impressive results." Caroline Fisher VP Communications, TomTom Consumer Business Unit 20
  21. 21. References Cath Daly Online Marketing Manager Hackett For further information: T: +44 (0)207 939 6864 Roger Warner, MD C&M* @RogerWarner Rosie Tickner +44 (0)7921 777 933 Social Media and PR Manager TomTom Tel: +44 (0) 7917 758 949 21