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The 2013 Year in Review Mobile Mix report takes a closer look into mobile device, OS, application, and tablet trends on the Millennial Media platform throughout all of 2013.

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Mobile advertising trends 2013 from Millennial Media

  1. 1. #MobileMix
  2. 2. millennial media’s T H E MOBILE D E VI CE February 2014 I NDE X Device & Manufacturer Data Top 15 Manufacturers (all devices) Ranked by Impressions CHART A RANK Top 15 Manufacturers (all devices) 2013 MANUFACTURERS 2013 1 Apple 36.40% 2 Samsung 28.51% 3 BlackBerry 4 Ranked by Impressions CHART B 2012 MANUFACTURERS 2012 1 Apple 31.20% 2 Samsung 22.32% 6.86% 3 BlackBerry 11.50% LG 4.60% 4 HTC 8.03% 5 HTC 3.86% 5 Motorola 6.83% 6 Motorola 3.44% 6 LG 5.08% 7 Amazon 1.93% 7 HUAWEI 1.60% 8 SonyEricsson 1.44% 8 ZTE 1.35% 9 Nokia 1.40% 9 SonyEricsson 1.27% 10 HUAWEI 1.36% 10 Nokia 1.23% 11 ZTE 1.16% 11 Amazon 1.08% 12 Asus 0.96% 12 Kyocera 0.40% 13 Sony 0.90% 13 Pantech 0.33% 14 Kyocera 0.60% 14 Sony 0.33% 15 Acer 0.45% 15 Acer 0.33% Source: Millennial Media, 2013. RANK Source: Millennial Media, 2012. Apple was the largest manufacturer on our platform in 2013, growing over five percentage points year-over-year (Charts A & B). This year, Apple released two new versions of the iPhone (iPhone 5s and 5c), an update to its operating software (iOS 7), and the iPad Air. For the past three years, Apple has made major product announcements at its Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) in September. Samsung remained the second largest manufacturer of mobile devices on our platform in 2013, growing its share of impressions over six percentage points from 2012 (Charts A & B). Both Apple and Samsung continue to grow their share of impressions on our platform, as their mobile devices continue to be the top-selling in all categories. Amazon was the seventh largest manufacturer on our platform, moving up four spots and nearly a full percentage point from 2012 (Charts A & B). Amazon has expanded its offering of mobile devices and mobile services to include e-readers, tablets, an app store, and streaming services. Nokia was the ninth largest manufacturer on our platform in 2013, moving up a spot from 2012 (Charts A & B). In Q3 of 2013, Microsoft acquired Nokia’s devices and services division in order to further develop their smartphone business. REGIONAL SPOTLIGHT: EMEA Apple and Samsung’s stronghold is even greater in the EMEA region, where they total 71% of platform impressions, compared to 65% globally. Top 5 Manufacturers – EMEA Ranked by Impressions RANK MANUFACTURERS 2013 1 Apple 36.95% 2 Samsung 33.55% 3 BlackBerry 8.96% 4 HTC 3.26% 5 SonyEricsson 3.01% Source: Millennial Media, 2013. Visit to sign up 2
  3. 3. millennial media’s T H E MOBILE D E VI CE February 2014 I NDE X Device & Manufacturer Data Top 20 Devices Top 20 Devices Ranked by Impressions CHART C RANK 2013 DEVICES 2013 1 Apple iPhone 21.17% 2 Samsung Galaxy S 10.75% 3 Apple iPad 4 Ranked by Impressions CHART D 2012 DEVICES 2012 1 Apple iPhone 15.59% 2 Apple iPod Touch 8.83% 8.58% 3 BlackBerry Curve 5.85% Apple iPod Touch 6.58% 4 Apple iPad 5.61% 5 BlackBerry Curve 3.77% 5 Samsung Galaxy S 4.26% 6 Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.24% 6 BlackBerry Bold 4.05% 7 Samsung Galaxy Note 2.52% 7 BlackBerry Torch 2.87% 8 Samsung Galaxy 5 2.10% 8 Motorola Droid RAZR 2.01% 9 LG Optimus 2.01% 9 Samsung Galaxy Tab 1.84% 10 Amazon Kindle Fire 1.93% 10 Samsung Galaxy 5 1.79% 11 BlackBerry Bold 1.48% 11 LG Optimus 1.77% 12 Motorola Droid RAZR 1.09% 12 BlackBerry Pearl 1.44% 13 Samsung Galaxy Ace 1.03% 13 HTC Desire 1.37% 14 BlackBerry Torch 0.91% 14 Samsung Galaxy Ace 1.25% 15 Samsung Galaxy Y 0.71% 15 Samsung Droid Charge 1.12% 16 HTC Evo 0.70% 16 Samsung Vibrant Galaxy S 1.08% 17 Samsung Within 0.62% 17 HTC Evo 1.07% 18 Google Nexus 7 0.60% 18 Amazon Kindle Fire 1.03% 19 LG Motion 0.53% 19 HTC Droid Incredible 0.94% 20 HTC Desire 0.48% 20 ZTE Score 0.87% Source: Millennial Media, 2013. The Apple iPhone was the device that saw the largest amount of impressions on our platform in 2013, retaining its position from 2012, while growing six percentage points (Charts C & D). Apple released two new versions of the iPhone in 2013, the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c. The 5c was introduced to be a lower-priced model at the exclusion of certain high-end features, such as the advanced camera, fingerprint recognition, and metal casing the iPhone 5s uses. The Samsung Galaxy S was the device with the second largest amount of impressions on our platform in 2013 (Chart C). All models of the Galaxy S saw big growth from 2012, growing six percentage points and three positions (Chart D). In 2013, Samsung released an updated model of the Galaxy S, the S4, which became one of the fastest-selling smartphones globally. Four tablets made the list of the Top 20 Devices on our platform compared to three the previous year (Charts C & D). These four tablets account for 14% of platform impressions, which grew nearly six percentage points from the previous year. Tablet adoption by mobile consumers continues to climb as this diverse set of devices range in size, functionality, and price. RANK Source: Millennial Media, 2012. REGIONAL SPOTLIGHT: ASIAPACIFIC Compared to our global platform average, impressions from Android devices are twelve percentage points higher in the APAC region, accounting for two-thirds of total impressions in the region. APAC OS Mix Ranked by Impressions 2% 1% 31% 66% Android iOS BlackBerry OS Windows For a deeper look at the new devices released in 2013, see Chart M. Source: Millennial Media, 2013. Visit to sign up 3
  4. 4. millennial media’s T H E MOBILE D E VI CE February 2014 I NDE X Device & OS Mix Device Mix Device Mix Ranked by Impressions CHART E Ranked by Impressions CHART F 4% 2013 5% 2012 20% 24% 72% 75% Smartphones Non-Phone Connected Devices Feature Phones Smartphones Non-Phone Connected Devices Feature Phones Source: Millennial Media, 2013. Smartphones accounted for 72% of platform impressions in 2013, compared to 75% in 2012 (Charts E & F). While considered mature in some markets, smartphone adoption still has not reached a tipping point in other areas of the world, so there is the potential for continued growth for these devices. According to data from eMarketer, 57% of the mobile phone users in the U.S. have a smartphone, while 43% of the mobile phone users in China and 22% in the Middle East & Africa have a smartphone. Impressions from non-phone connected devices grew from 20% of platform impressions in 2012, to 24% in 2013 (Charts E & F). Tablets are the largest group of devices in our category of non-phone connected devices, but it also includes connected devices such as music and video players, smart televisions, and gaming systems. This category is poised to explode in the next few years with the introduction and adoption of connected cars, appliances, wearable technology, and more. Chart G shows the five-year projected growth for these devices as reported by various public sources. Source: Millennial Media, 2012. Forecasted Growth in Connected Devices Projected to 2017 CHART G 947% Wearables Household Appliances Connected/Smart TVs Connected Cars (Embedded) 469% 370% 307% Source: Business Insider Estimates, GSMA public report, Pike Research press release, 2013. Visit to sign up 4
  5. 5. millennial media’s T H E MOBILE D E VI CE February 2014 I NDE X Device & OS Mix OS Mix Ranked by Impressions CHART H OS Mix Ranked by Impressions CHART I 1% 3% 1% 7% 2013 2012 16% 38% 48% 54% 32% Android iOS BlackBerry OS Windows Symbian Android iOS BlackBerry OS Windows Symbian Source: Millennial Media, 2013. Source: Millennial Media, 2012. Devices running an Android operating system accounted for 54% of platform impressions in 2013, up from 48% in 2012 (Charts H & I). Android devices are diverse in manufacturers, features, and price points, so are adopted by a wide variety of mobile users. Tablet OS Mix Impressions from devices running an iOS operating system accounted for 38% of platform impressions in 2013, an increase from 32% in 2012 (Charts H & I). Both the Android and iOS operating systems are global leaders, and have gained market share at the expense of other systems. For example, during the year Nokia announced they would be discontinuing their Symbian operating system. 50% Of the tablets on our platform, 51% ran an iOS operating system in 2013, which was a decrease from 58% in 2012 (Chart J). This included all models of the iPad, including the iPad Mini. In the past year, impressions from Android tablets have grown from 41% of platform tablet impressions, to 48% (Chart J). 10% Ranked by Impressions CHART J 58% 60% 51% 2013 2012 48% 41% 40% 30% 20% 1% 1% 1% 0% BlackBerry Windows 0% iOS Android Source: Millennial Media, 2012 & 2013. Visit to sign up 5
  6. 6. millennial media’s T H E MOBILE D E VI CE February 2014 I NDE X Mobile Developer Trends Books & Reference Category Mix Top 10 Application Categories Ranked by Impressions CHART L Ranked by Impressions CHART K 2013 2% 2012 CATEGORIES 1 Games 2 Music & Entertainment 2 3 Communications 4 4 Productivity & Tools 5 5 Mobile Social Media 3 6 Books & Reference 9 7 News 8 8 Dating NR 9 Weather 10 10 Sports 8% 1 7 Source: Millennial Media, 2012 & 2013. Games was the top application category on our platform in 2013, as it was in 2012 (Chart K). Games applications are diverse, with a number of sub-categories that include adventure, arcade, card, puzzle, and logic games. There is a game category for every type of mobile user. Communications applications have grown in popularity in the last year, and that adoption is reflected on our platform. Communications apps were the third largest on our platform in 2013, moving up one spot from 2012 (Chart K). Text messaging apps, such as those that allow users to send SMS and MMS messages outside of network carrier options, are the largest sub-category of Communications applications. Books & Reference applications were the sixth largest on our platform in 2013, up from the ninth position in 2012 (Chart K). A breakout of the sub-categories for Books & Reference apps is shown in Chart L. e-Book applications were the most popular, including those that allow a mobile user to read or listen to a book on their device. e-Books Translation apps Reference Guides 90% Source: Millennial Media, 2013. OUR 2014 STATE OF THE APPS REPORT IS NOW AVAILABLE This report takes a closer look at the app economy. Through a survey of app developers and publishers, this report features insights into monetization trends, as well as developers’ goals and priorities for last year and this coming year. The report also captures what developers are designing for and the platforms on which they see their impressions. To download the report, visit: Visit to sign up 6
  7. 7. millennial media’s T H E MOBILE D E VI CE February 2014 I NDE X Mobile Developer Trends 2013 Device Introductions CHART M HTC One MARCH 2013 LG Optimus G Pro MAY 2013 Samsung Galaxy S4 APRIL 2013 Nokia Lumia 1020 JULY 2013 Nokia Lumia 925 JUNE 2013 Sony Xperia Z Ultra JULY 2013 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SEPTEMBER 2013 Microsoft Windows Surface Pro 2 OCTOBER 2013 iPhone 5s & 5c SEPTEMBER 2013 Kindle Fire HDX OCTOBER 2013 Apple iPad Air NOVEMBER 2013 HTC One Max OCTOBER 2013 Source: Public news outlets, 2013. Whether upgrades to a familiar model or totally new in concept, dozens of new devices entered the mobile market in 2013. Chart M highlights a few of the key new devices that were introduced to consumers last year. In September 2013, Apple introduced its largest upgrade to date, both in design and function, to its iOS operating software, iOS 7. Apple also announced the introduction of the iPhone 5s and 5c. Within the first week after its release, we saw impressions from iOS 7 devices on our platform grow at an average of 185% each day. Later in the year, Apple also released a new version of the market-leading iPad, the iPad Air. LOOKING FOR MORE GREAT INSIGHTS FROM MILLENNIAL MEDIA? Keep up-to-date with our blog for the latest in mobile trends. Visit As expected, more “phablets” (devices with screens over 5 inches but under 7) were introduced to the device market in 2013. The Samsung Galaxy Note released an upgrade, the Galaxy Note 3, while LG and HTC each released a large-screen smartphone as well. Visit to sign up 7
  8. 8. millennial media’s T H E MOBILE D E VI C E I NDE X February 2014 About Millennial Media’s Mobile Mix™ Millennial Media’s Mobile Mix™ reports key advertising trends with a focus on mobile manufacturers, devices, operating systems, connected devices and more. Millennial Media’s Mobile Mix™ is in complement to the Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting (S.M.A.R.T.)™ report, which delivers monthly insights on advertising performance and engagement. Both reports are based on actual campaign and platform data from Millennial Media. As the leading independent audience platform in digital advertising, we are capable of reporting and analyzing data collected over tens of billions of monthly ad requests. Elevating and driving the whole mobile ecosystem forward is central to our company mission. About Millennial Media Millennial Media is the leading independent mobile advertising platform. The Company’s unique data asset and full technology stack enable its demand and supply-side clients to garner meaningful results to drive their business. Based on its mobile-first approach to data, technology, and audience targeting, Millennial Media is leading the market by connecting consumers with relevant messages across screens. For advertisers looking to reach and engage with consumers in powerful ways, Millennial Media offers a broad array of solutions, delivered through brand, performance, and programmatic approaches. For developers and publishers, the Company offers a comprehensive set of managed and automated services to maximize revenue. For questions about the data in this report, or for recommendations for future reports, please contact us at ©2014 Millennial Media, Inc. All rights reserved. All product names and images are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Visit to sign up 8