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#MobileMixQ1 2013Device & Manufacturer DataDevice & OS MixMobile DeveloperTrendsAndroid Spotlight
Device & Manufacturer Datamillennial media’sT H E M O B I L E D E V I C E I N D E XQ1 2013123456789101112131415AppleSamsun...
Device & OS Mixmillennial media’sT H E M O B I L E D E V I C E I N D E XQ1 20133Visit
The 2012Year in Review edition ofS.M.A.R.T. features a year-over-year lookat key global mobile advertiser trends,with a fo...
1234567891012435679810CATEGORIESGamesMusic & EntertainmentCommunicationsMobile Social MediaProductivity &ToolsNewsBooks & ...
46%Android surpassediOS in December 2010to become the largestOS on our platform,growing toof total platformimpressions tha...
millennial media’sT H E M O B I L E D E V I C E I N D E XQ1 2013Visit
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Millennialmedia MobileMix Q1 2013


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Millennialmedia MobileMix Q1 2013

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Millennialmedia MobileMix Q1 2013

  1. 1. #MobileMixQ1 2013Device & Manufacturer DataDevice & OS MixMobile DeveloperTrendsAndroid Spotlight
  2. 2. Device & Manufacturer Datamillennial media’sT H E M O B I L E D E V I C E I N D E XQ1 2013123456789101112131415AppleSamsungBlackBerryHTCLGMotorolaAmazonSonyEricssonNokiaHUAWEIZTEAsusKyoceraSonyPantech36.87%26.96%6.47%4.82%4.52%4.36%2.19%1.64%1.39%1.39%1.07%0.85%0.60%0.53%0.51%RANK MANUFACTURERS Q1 20132DEVICES Q1 2013RANK TYPE OS1234567891011121314151617181920Apple iPhoneSamsung Galaxy SBlackBerry CurveSamsung Galaxy 5LG OptimusSamsung Galaxy NoteMotorola Droid RAZRSamsung Galaxy AceBlackBerry BoldHTC EvoBlackBerryTorchSamsung GalaxyYSamsungWithinHTC DesireSamsungVibrant Galaxy SBlackBerry BoldTouchSamsung Galaxy NexusMotorola Droid XHTC One XLG Motion20.41%8.71%3.26%2.30%1.89%1.72%1.31%1.30%1.15%1.00%0.88%0.78%0.69%0.66%0.64%0.61%0.57%0.51%0.48%0.46%SmartphoneSmartphoneSmartphoneSmartphoneSmartphoneSmartphoneSmartphoneSmartphoneSmartphoneSmartphoneSmartphoneSmartphoneSmartphoneSmartphoneSmartphoneSmartphoneSmartphoneSmartphoneSmartphoneSmartphoneiOSAndroidBlackBerry OSAndroidAndroidAndroidAndroidAndroidBlackBerry OSAndroidBlackBerry OSAndroidAndroidAndroidAndroidBlackBerry OSAndroidAndroidAndroidAndroidSource: Millennial Media, Q1 2013.Source: Millennial Media, Q1 2013.Top 15 Manufacturers (all devices)Ranked by ImpressionsCHART ATop 20 Mobile PhonesRanked by ImpressionsCHART BVisit to sign upSource: Millennial Media, Q1 2013.Top 5Tablets on the Millennial Media PlatformBy ImpressionsCHART CApple iPad*1Samsung GalaxyTab*2Amazon Kindle Fire*3AsusTransformer Pad5Google NexusTablet4* Ranked in the top 20 among all mobile devicesThe Google Nexus 7TabletGREW126%from the previous quarterto enter ourTop 5Tablets.Apple Remains DominantApple was the top manufacturer on our platform in Q1 (Chart A).The Apple iPhone also continued to be the number one mobilephone on our platform in Q1 2013 (Chart B). Impressions from allmodels of the iPhone grew 28% from the previous quarter.Samsung RisingSamsung remained the second largest manufacturer on ourplatform in Q1 2013 (Chart A), with impressions up 19% from theprevious quarter.The Samsung Galaxy Note is the first“phablet”(asmartphone with a screen size generally 5 to 8 inches in diagonal)to enter ourTop 20 Mobile Phones.The Galaxy Note grew 67%through the quarter to become the sixth largest mobile phone onour platform (Chart B).Amazon HitsTopTenAmazon rose to the number seven spot of the top manufacturerson our platform (Chart A), whose impressions grew 125% from theprevious quarter.The growth of impressions from non-phoneconnected devices, such as tablets and e-readers, overall helpedpropel Amazon into the top ten.Tablets are Key to GrowthThe Apple iPad was the tablet from which we saw the largestnumber of impressions on our platform in Q1 2013, followed bythe Samsung GalaxyTab, and the Amazon Kindle Fire (Chart C).Manufacturers with the leading tablets on our platform have alsoseen larger growth in overall impressions than those without aleading tablet device (Charts A & C).
  3. 3. Device & OS Mixmillennial media’sT H E M O B I L E D E V I C E I N D E XQ1 20133Visit to sign upChanging Device MixSmartphones accounted for 70% of total platform impressionsin Q1 2013 (Chart D).While their percentage of overall platformimpressions has decreased from the same quarter a year ago(Chart E), the volume of total smartphone impressions on ourplatform has increased.The mix of device impressions on ourplatform is changing to reflect the growth in tablet andnon-phone connected devices.Tablet GrowthImpressions from non-phone connected devices grew fivepercentage points from the same quarter a year ago toaccount for 25% of total platform impressions in Q1 2013(Charts D & E).The increased adoption of these devices hasgrown globally as more consumers add a second or thirdmobile device to their lives.OS Mix SteadyAndroid was the largest operating system on our platform,growing four percentage points from the previous year toaccount for 52% of the total impressions on our platform(Charts F & G). iOS, which grew six percentage points from thesame quarter a year ago (Chart G), was the second largestoperating system on our platform (Chart F).The growth inimpressions from both Android and iOS devices is growingmarket share at the expense of other operating systems.The continued adoption of mobiledevices is changing how consumersengage with consumer goods content,whether in-store, on-the-go, or at home.In Millennial Media’s recently-releasedMobile Intel Series: Consumer Goodsguide, findings show that consumersare using their devices to:• Research items for reviews and prices• Find store locations• Engage with their favorite brandsMobile Intel Series: Consumer Goods provides insight into this mobileaudience, how they are using mobile to access content, and bestpractices for how consumer goods brands can succeed in mobileadvertising.To download the free guide INTEL SERIES:CONSUMER GOODSNOW AVAILABLEDevice MixRanked by ImpressionsCHART D CHART E70%25%5%75%5%20%Source: Millennial Media, Q1 2013 / Q1 2012.SmartphonesNon-Phone Connected DevicesFeature PhonesQ12013 Q12012OS MixRanked by ImpressionsCHART F CHART G52%1% 1% 1%3%7%39%49%14%33%Source: Millennial Media, Q1 2013 / Q1 2012.AndroidiOSBlackBerry OSWindowsSymbianQ12013 Q12012
  4. 4. The 2012Year in Review edition ofS.M.A.R.T. features a year-over-year lookat key global mobile advertiser trends,with a focus on the top verticals,campaign goals, and the mostfrequently targeted audiences.To download the free report media’sT H E M O B I L E D E V I C E I N D E XQ1 2013Visit to sign upDevice & OS MixTablet OS Mix by DeviceRanked by ImpressionsCHART HSource: Millennial Media, Q1 2013.45%54%AndroidiOSBlackBerry OSSamsung GalaxyTabAmazon Kindle FireGoogle Nexus 7AsusTransformer PadAll Others1%35%28%7%4%26%4A LOOK BACK...Source: Millennial Media, Q1 2013 & Q1 2010.Millennial Media haspublished over 75 MobileIntelligence reports since2009.The mix of operatingsystems has drasticallyshifted from our first MobileMix report in Q1 2010.70%14%6%52%7%39%Q1 2010 Q1 2013iOSBlackBerry OSAndroidiOSTablets Remain in the LeadImpressions from tablet devices on our platform grewyear-over-year as global adoption of these devicescontinued. 54% of the tablet impressions on our platformin Q1 came from the two iOS tablet devices (Chart H), theApple iPad and the iPad mini. Over three-quarters ofthese tablets are running iOS 6.0 or higher.Android Close, with Greater DiversityOf the total tablet impressions on our platform, 45% werefrom a diverse mix of Android tablets (Chart H), includingdozens of manufacturers and devices. Android tabletimpressions on our platform have grown 96% from thesame quarter a year ago. Of the Android tabletimpressions on our platform, Samsung was the leadingmanufacturer and the Samsung GalaxyTab was thelargest device (35%), of which the 7-inch version saw themost impressions.Asus: New EntrantAs shown in Chart C, the AsusTransformer Pad saw thefifth largest amount of impressions on our total platform,and was the fourth largest Android tablet (Chart H).TheAsusTransformer Pad, released in Q3 of 2012, is sold as alarger, 10-inch touch screen tablet with an attachablekeyboard for typing.
  5. 5. 1234567891012435679810CATEGORIESGamesMusic & EntertainmentCommunicationsMobile Social MediaProductivity &ToolsNewsBooks & ReferenceDatingSportsWeatherTop 10 Application CategoriesRanked by ImpressionsCHART IQ42012Q12013Source: Millennial Media, Q1 2013 & Q4 2012.Music & Entertainment Category MixRanked by ImpressionsCHART JSource: Millennial Media, Q1 2013.51%38%7%Music & RadioHumorPhoto &VideoPersonalization4%millennial media’sT H E M O B I L E D E V I C E I N D E XQ1 2013Visit to sign upMobile DeveloperTrendsIntroducing SDK 5.0 for iOS & Android. Millennial Media’s latestSDK for iOS and Android makes it easier than ever to putpremium ads in your apps and earn revenue.With SDK 5.0 you can:To download SDK 5.0 visit: MoneyIntegrate Quickly & EasilyTake Advantage of iOS 6 CapabilitiesGames Still Going StrongGames was the largest application category from which we sawimpressions on our platform (Chart I), maintaining its position fromthe previous quarter.The mobile audience who plays mobile gameapplications is a large, diverse group that often belongs to multiplebehavioral audiences, since gamers tend to be heavily engagedwith their mobile device.Music & Entertainment On the GoMusic & Entertainment maintained its number two position of thetop application categories on our platform (Chart I). As shown inthe breakout of Music & Entertainment applications on ourplatform (Chart J), the largest sub-categories, Music & Radio andHumor applications, have experienced growth with the increasedpopularity of streaming radio applications, and“just-for-fun”humorapps.Sports Aiming HighSports applications were the ninth largest app category fromwhich we saw impressions on our platform in Q1 (Chart I). InEurope, Sports channel impressions surged on days PremierLeague and UEFA Champions League games were played. Dailyvolumes in Sports applications were three times higher thanaverage on these days.Seasonal Storms Draw Mobile UsersNews andWeather were the number six and ten positions of thetop application categories on our platform (Chart I). During thewinter months of Q1, consumers used mobile to stay informedwith real-time news and weather updates when snow stormsthreatened their area. During snow storm“Nemo”in New England,impressions fromWeather applications grew 40% throughout theweek. In March, when the UK experienced its worst snowfall in 30years, News impressions soared 80% as mobile kept usersup-to-date with breaking news on the storm and its impact.
  6. 6. 46%Android surpassediOS in December 2010to become the largestOS on our platform,growing toof total platformimpressions that year.Source: Millennial Media, Q1 2013.2Xyear-over-year.Impressionsfrom Amazondevices on ourplatform grewSource: Millennial Media, Q1 2012 & Q1 2013.26%of Android tabletimpressions arefrom the AmazonKindle Fire.Source: Millennial Media, Q1 2013.96%year-over-year.Impressions from Androidtablet devices grewSource: Millennial Media, Q1 2012 & Q1 2013.Source: comScore MobiLens, March 2013,3-month average.46%of Android smartphoneusers have a 4G device.56%year-over-year.Impressions fromSamsung devices onour platform grewSource: Millennial Media, Q1 2012 & Q1 2013.>1.5MAndroid devices are beingactivated every day.Source: Google, April 2013.millennial media’sT H E M O B I L E D E V I C E I N D E XQ1 2013Visit to sign upAndroid Spotlight660%of Android users havea HHI over $50k / year.Source: comScore MobiLens,March 2013, 3-month average.56%of Android users areover the age of 35.Source: comScore MobiLens,March 2013, 3-month average.700KThere are approximatelyapps in the Google Play store.Source: Google, October 2012.Source: comScore MobiLens,March 2013, 3-month average.25%of iPad owners alsoown an Androidsmartphone.
  7. 7. millennial media’sT H E M O B I L E D E V I C E I N D E XQ1 2013Visit to sign up 7About Millennial MediaMillennial Media is the leading independent mobile advertising and data platform. Our technology, tools andservices help app developers and mobile website publishers maximize their advertising revenue, acquire users andgain audience insights. Our platform also enables us to offer advertisers powerful Mobile Audience Solutions (MAS)that utilize our significant scale, sophisticated targeting and uniquely engaging creative capabilities to delivermeaningful results.About Millennial Media’s Mobile Mix™Millennial Media’s Mobile Mix™ reports key advertising trends with a focus on mobile manufacturers, devices,operating systems, connected devices and more. Millennial Media’s Mobile Mix™ is in complement to theScorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting (S.M.A.R.T.)™ report, which delivers monthly insights onadvertising performance and engagement. Both reports are based on actual campaign and platform data fromMillennial Media. As the leading independent mobile advertising and data platform, we are capable of reportingand analyzing data collected over tens of billions of monthly ad requests. Elevating and driving the whole mobileecosystem forward is central to our company mission.For questions about the data in this report, or for recommendations for future reports,please contact us at©2013 Millennial Media, Inc. All rights reserved. All product names and images are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.