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NAMP Conference - Augmented Reality


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Breaking New Ground: Exploring the Arts with Augmented Reality. NAMP conference, Portland, Nov 2013

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NAMP Conference - Augmented Reality

  1. 1. Before the session starts: •Download the free app "Aurasma" on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone. •Join the “NAMP + Zenka” Channel - Once installed, open the menu and do a search for "NAMP + Zenka” Hit "Follow” and you are ready! •Or you can visit this link
  2. 2. National Arts Marketing Project Breaking New Ground: Exploring the Arts with Augmented Reality Saturday November 9th, 2013.
  3. 3. • Salvador Acevedo, moderator • Jenny Carden • Nettrice Gaskins • Matthew McGraw
  4. 4. What is mobile augmented reality?
  5. 5. Mobile Augmented Reality (AR) is the overlaying of digital information onto the physical environment, viewed through a camera-enabled phone or other mobile devices.
  6. 6. AR Beginnings •1957 Sensorama •1992 – KARMA •2000 ARQuake •2008 Smartphones
  7. 7. AR Now •Cultural heritage artifacts •Translation Software -Word Lens •Interior Design – Ikea Catalog •Astronomy - Star Guide •Virtual Dressing Rooms - Webcam social shopper & Maybeline (Blippar) •GPSBased - (Wikitude) / Stella Artois •AR m-Commerce - AMC Theatres •Google Glass - ready for useful apps •Children’s books - Ice Age •3D object tracking •Gaming - Google’s Ingress •Architecture •Printer Repairs
  8. 8. AR in the Future •Containment v/s information everywhere - Domino’s Pizza •Apple, Google and Microsoft all filed for major AR patents - i Watch Hands free •Facial Recognition Tech •Computer Brain Interfaces •Contact Lenses •Meta Space Glasses (play chess, legos, create an object and then use a 3D printer to print it.) •CastAR glasses – projections •Medical Surgery •CastAR glasses – projections •Personalization - Imagination, Thoughts and Desires •Geographical boundaries
  9. 9. What are the applications in the arts?
  10. 10. Reimagining Public Space Augmented Reality for Open Spaces (AROS) Mural in Albuquerque, New Mexico Re+Public's mobile application digitally resurfaces walls and buildings in urban centers. The Heavy Projects and Jordan Seiler's Public Ad Campaign digitally augmented and animated five murals.
  11. 11. Re+Public App
  12. 12. AR in the Arts - Examples •Gurilla Theater - bubbles on unasumming passerbys •Rouge AR installation Guirilla Art at the MOMA by Manifest.AR •AR Interactive Movies •Street Art – Chalk 3D Leon Keer •Posters come to life – Museum Example •Experimental Art - Oregan Ballet Theater created fonts using dancer movements •Museum Art Exhibits at Eyebeam NYC – AR Tattoos given to visitors come alive. •Heat Map - explore virtual art in a square in Toronto made by Crowd-Optic/Loreal
  13. 13. What are the applications in marketing?
  14. 14. Mobile Augmented Reality Development Pipeline Platforms Software Development Kits (SDKs) Proprietary IDEA Generation Open Training Capabilities Testing Applications Policy Value UI Integration Ubiquity Targeted Engagement Created by Nettrice R. Gaskins USER Experience
  15. 15. Wow Factor •Installation Hurdle •Simple but Clever •Interactivity •Sharing Videos •Installation Tools
  16. 16. AR in Arts Marketing Brainstorming •Allow audience to try on a costume •Teach people about your organization’s staff by doing simple AR image overlays •Show actors in street clothes and then with an AR overlay show the costumes or makeup. •Show a 3D model coming out of a brochure or catalog of a new building project •Create a game where people need to discover clues as a build up to an event. •Connect a AR campaign to a web component (ie you have to enter a word into a webpage to get a discount or other information.
  17. 17. Friday NAMP Portland Zenka Installations
  18. 18. Let’s play!
  19. 19. 415. 404 6982 440-B Ninth Street San Francisco, CA 94103 24 34 © Contemporanea 2013