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Sight word method

  1. 1. What is the sight word method? It is also called the whole word method and functions on the basis that a word has a shape or a configuration, which can be used to recognise it or read it. Steps: • See the word • Say it • Point out the salient features • Highlight the look of the word • Use it • Define it • Write it Continued….. 1
  2. 2. Principles: • The objective is to achieve reading fluency –no fluent reader reads letter by letter. • Words have a shape. Use the child’s photographic memory to register the shape. • Choose words that are meaningful to the children. • They must be words that a child uses in his / her speech or encounters in his / her environment. • The size or the length of the word does not matter as long as the child can ‘identify’ with it. • Start with nouns and simultaneously moving on to verbs and adjectives. Continued….. 2
  3. 3. • Plenty of repetition is needed. • Write all sight words using the same colour marker (or children may identify the word by colour rather than shape) • Preferably write all sight words using only the print or Marion. • Richardson script (majority of reading is done in small lower case letters) • Do not ever spell the word letter by letter (then it is not whole word) • Build a text with some of the sight words. • The whole word method gives fluency and speed. • Children get confidence and feel that reading is easy. 3