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We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Screenshots (August 2014)


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  1. 1. Main Dashboard 1 Account Activity Feed Latest Leads & Calls Visitor Stats
  2. 2. Forms: Form Builder – Field Selector 2
  3. 3. Forms: Form Builder > CSS Editor (Visual Editor) 3 Visual Editor for design customization to non‐CSS developers.
  4. 4. Forms: Form Builder > CSS Editor (Code Editor) 4 Code Editor for web developers.
  5. 5. Forms: Supported Integrations 5 Example of  Integration Set‐Up List of Available Integrations
  6. 6. Forms: Google Analytics Integration 6 Google Analytics Code for  Form View Google Analytics Code for  Form Submission
  7. 7. Forms: Proactive Form Triggers 7 Also has Exit Intent triggers for paid users to open forms or messaging  automatically when an exit intend is detected Enables paid users to apply rules used in proactively showing the lead‐ capture experience on the website.
  8. 8. Calendar: Appointment Scheduling Form 8
  9. 9. Calendar: Edit Appointment Rules 9
  10. 10. Calendar: Google Calendar Sync 10
  11. 11. Chat: Chat Agent Interface 11 Lead Management Fields
  12. 12. Contacts: Lead List View 12 Lead Source Disposition  Status
  13. 13. Contacts: Lead Detail – Activity Feed 13 Activity Feed  Lead Summary Panel
  14. 14. Contacts: Lead Detail – Notes Module 14 Manually‐Added User Notes
  15. 15. Contacts: Lead Detail – 2-Way Email 15 Review Older Messages Compose a New Message
  16. 16. Contacts: Lead Detail – Data Fields 16
  17. 17. Contacts: Lead Detail – Tracking History 17 Provides individual‐level data allowing salespeople to see the on‐site click behavior  over the lifetime of a lead. Onsite Browsing History Session Details
  18. 18. Contacts: Manage Custom Disposition Statuses 18 Lead Statuses are used to sort, prioritize and track your leads. You can  use the default statuses in our system, or add and edit the disposition  lead statuses for leads and contacts in your account.
  19. 19. Calls: Phone Campaign List View 19 This interface is used to create tracking campaigns and assign phone numbers to  them. 
  20. 20. Calls: Phone # Ordering & Assignment 20 This interface is used to order new phone numbers for Phone Campaigns.