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[GUIDE] Forming Good Habits


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Are you having trouble hitting your goals? Take a look at these slides to fill out our "Creating Good Habits" worksheet!

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[GUIDE] Forming Good Habits

  1. 1. Forming Good Habits How to fill out your habit worksheet
  2. 2. What we’ll walk you through… • Writing down your professional goals • Routine • Potential Rewards • What triggers the habit • Your plan to put the habit in place • Downloading the worksheet
  3. 3. Goals • What are your top goals for this year? • Write out what you plan to accomplish. • Think about the habits that you will need to form to get to those goals. • Need help developing goals? Download our other guide!
  4. 4. What’s my routine? • What is the behavior you want to change? • What do you want to accomplish, what do you want to start doing, and what do you want to stop doing? • How does that all happen? What are your actions that put this behavior in place?
  5. 5. What are some potential rewards? • When you finish a behavior, how would you like to be rewarded? • Is it coffee while you finish a task? Is it a meal afterwards at your favorite restaurant? • List these potential rewards and see how you feel after you complete the task. You’ll be able to observe the best reward to keep the habit going.
  6. 6. What triggers this habit? • Is there a specific action you take before you complete the habit you want to complete? • Whether it’s a time on your calendar, when you log onto a site, or something else, what are some triggers that will kickstart this good habit?
  7. 7. What’s my plan to put this habit in place? • Now that you’ve figured out the habit loop, how are you going to put this into place? • Take a look at your triggers and see how you can start from there. • Align these habits with your goals to make sure you’re achieving what you want to accomplish.
  8. 8. Download the worksheet here! Ready to get your good habits going?