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Dear Friends,
Whether you are a Director in Business Development, President, CEO, Head in Relationship, Vice President, Senior Sales Executive, Director in Marketing, Senior Manager, Professor, PhD, Country Head, Finance Manager, National Channel Head, Chief Technology Office, IT Head, International Officer, HR Admin or whom-so-ever YOU ARE, with due respect to everybody,
Think about these points:
1) What is your personal Financial Goal in Life? (not for company)
2) Are you getting money worthy of your life ?
3) Are you giving enough TIME to your FAMILY ?
4) Will you get money after your RETIREMENT, when you don’t work for company ?
5) Will your family get money continuous for next Generation, after you ?
5) Do you trade your TIME with Linear Growth or Exponential Growth ?
6) Are you Looking for the strong company on which you can trust, more than you ?

If you are looking, all these option in ONE business model, kindly go through this business proposal:

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Qnet business presentation 91 9925033297 bhavin shah

  1. 1. WHY YOU SHOULD LOOK AT THIS PROJECT ?• What is your personal Financial Goal in Life?(not for company)• Are you getting money worthy of your life ?• Are you giving enough TIME to your FAMILY ?• Will you get money after your RETIREMENT, when you don’twork for company ?• Will your family get money continuous for next Generation,after you ?• Do you trade your TIME with Linear Growth or ExponentialGrowth ?• Are you Looking for the strong company on which you cantrust, more than you ?
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  3. 3. Now lets understand any big successful businessmodel like McDonald / CCD / WallMart /Microsoft / Reliance / TATA / MARUTI / HONDAetc….. How they are working ?RIGHT side of all are working onEXPONENTIAL GROWTH, either SYSTEMworking / MONEY workingThey Trade their time with MONEY,If they work 8 Hours, they will get moneyfor 8 Hours only, not more than that.LEFT side of people, are working onLINEAR GROWTH, If they want to EARNmore, they have to WORK more TIME.
  5. 5. The Company Today ….• Completed 14 years• Turnover of more than 1.4 Billion USD• More than 30 offices across the Globe• More than 9 Million Customers• Presence in more than 180 Countries.• One of the Fastest Growing E-commercecompanies in Asia.QI GroupStarted in 1998 / HQ is in HKTo build a PIPELINE of MONEY, you shouldhave river of MONEY, which is…….
  6. 6. Headquarters55th Floor, Bankof China Tower,1 Garden RoadCentral,Hong Kong
  7. 7. The MISSION of the company is : RYTHMRaise Yourself To Help MankindAfter going through the rigorous process companyhas came our with amazing BUSINESS ENTERPRISEand they put limit per week is : 3,40,000 Rs.So your yearly total projected income is340000 * 52 Week = 17500000 Rs. (1.75 Crore)NET PROFIT (CAN BE INCREASED LATER ON STAGE)But the question is “HOW ITS POSSIBLE ?”
  8. 8. We have to built the Customer base for the company withamazing products and/or services.World class products/services Like Education, Luxury watches,jewelry, IN-VOICE, Nutrition, BIO-ENERGY, Vacation etc…
  9. 9. World class VACATION / HOLIDAY servicesWORLD WIDE…For more information about product Visit :WWW.QVICLUB.COMWWW.XCHANGEWORLD.COM
  10. 10. CanadaUSABahamasCaymanIslandsJamaicaFranceGreeceSpainTurkeyDubaiEgyptKenyaMauritiusCap TownAustraliaFijiNewZealandChinaIndonesiaMalaysiaPhilippinesThailandAnd many more……
  11. 11. So, Whatever Product You purchase from Qualifying E-store from company, you will get an opportunity forBUSINESS also.Now Let’s TALK about BUSINESS / PIPELINE OF MONEYwhich is a system or structure which can give youGOOD MONEY like 1.75 Cr / Year Net Profits.HOW ?
  12. 12. Before we proceed further, there some basic clarifications:1) We are not working as a salesman /dealer / distributor / stockiest / agentof this company, we working as a customer only. That means we don’thave any authority to take money and we can not give you the productdelivery, all work done by company only.2) Company will give you MONEY only when you help company to grow inthe business. Like any other company/business on the planet earth.3) If you want to purchase this product or If you want to start thisBusiness, you have to have some Valuable Reference of the existingCustomer of the company, only then you can start or purchase (This islike, if you want to open an account in Bank then you need anintroduction).But the difference in the plan is an exponential growth, which doesnot happens in any other traditional business, where you work forcompany as an EMPLOYEE or as a Franchise. Now let’s understand,“HOW” ?Let’s assume that you have like this business and product, Now when youpurchase any product, like Swiss Watches or Bio-Energy Products from thiscompany, you will get business opportunity with each and every product.
  13. 13. 1ST ) Retail Profit / commission (One Time): This is like any othertraditional business, For Every customer who purchase theproduct directly through your reference from the companyQNET, you will get Part of Profit, that Retail Commission(onetime only) may very from Product to product, average 7% to 12%.Now There are TWO ways to EARN MONEY / COMMISSION1ST ) Retail Profit / commission (7 to 12 %) and2nd ) Business Volume commissionYOU (CUSTOMER)working as aENTREPRENEUR
  14. 14. YOU (CUSTOMER) as aENTREPRENEUR, create2 organization, maxLeftORGANIZATION-ARightORGANIZATION-B2nd ) Business Volume commission (every time): For Every customerwho purchase the product in your organization with OR without yourreference, you will get Business Volume. Now here we assume thateach customer has purchased product and on the base of Businessvolumes you will get commission on the base of EXPONENTIALgrowth…Now Let’s understand Business Volume commission
  15. 15. Now here we have to focus on some basic points, like1. You have to purchase one product, Once in a lifetime, which meansthere is NO compulsion to Repurchase.2. You can refer these products to customers at any time which meansNO TIME limitation to refer new customer and you can refer as peryour convenience.3. You can refer these customer anywhere on the planet earth, whichmeans you can do this Business GLOBALLY…
  16. 16. Now let’s understand, HOW company will give YOU Business Volumecommission, See In this picture you have 2 organization, One is in you left andother is in your right, Now when you will get 1 Product sold in your leftORGANIZATION-A, you will get credit Rs. 1666 and 1 Product sold in your rightORGANIZATION-B again you will get credit Rs. 1666, So by anybody whopurchase the product you will get credit Rs. 1666 to you.Your Friend-B(Customer)Your Friend-A(Customer)LeftORGANIZATION-ARightORGANIZATION-BYou(Customer)Rs. 1666 Rs. 1666
  17. 17. You(Customer)Rs.1666CreditedRs.1666CreditedYour Friend-B(Customer)LeftORGANIZATION-ARightORGANIZATION-BYour Friend-C(Customer)Your Friend-D(Customer)Rs.1666CreditedRs.1666CreditedYour Friend-C(Customer)Your Friend-D(Customer)3 Products soldon your Left byanybody in yourorganization3 Products soldon your Right byanybody in yourorganization3 Products Left + 3 Products Right :Total Commission for 6 products :1666 * 6 = 10,000 RsYour Friend-A(Customer)Rs 1666 Rs 1666
  18. 18. So, every3 Products on your Left + 3 Products on your Right = 10,000 Rs6 Products on your Left + 6 Products on your Right = 20,000 Rs9 Products on your Left + 9 Products on your Right = 30,000 Rs12 Products on your Left + 12 Products on your Right = 40,000 Rs15 Products on your Left + 15 Products on your Right = 50,000 RsAnd so onSo, every3 Products on your Left organization+ 3 Products on your Right= 10,000 Rs and its multipleThis calculation happens on every week, Friday 9.31 PM to nextFriday 9.30 PM.
  19. 19. Maximum you will get paid by company up to Rs.3,40,000 /-per week per Business. Like this you will getcommission for your lifetime and up to your NEXT 3Generation will taken care.10,000 Rs / Week20,000 Rs / Week30,000 Rs / Week40,000 Rs / Week50,000 Rs / Week1,00,000 Rs / Week2,00,000 Rs / Week3,40,000 Rs / Week5,00,000 Rs / Week
  20. 20. To earn a profit of Rs 1.75 Cr in any biz…Net Profit = Rs 1.75 CrGross Profit = Rs 3.5 CrTurnover =Rs 35 CrInvestment = Rs 10 to 100 CrIts depend, in which industry you areworking ……
  21. 21. The GOOD NEWS is,YOU can start thisGlobal Business Venture injust Rs. 50,000 only, thatalso once in life time…
  22. 22. BANK FIXED DEPOSIT COMPARISONNow let’s assume that 1st) you have put Rs. 50,000 in your Bankaccount as FD, So what Return On Your Investments You are getting.2nd) Rs. 50,000 - you have purchased the product from QNET and youare doing some little bit efforts, let see what happens…Investment – 60,000 Rs.TIME In Fixed Deposit In QNET (with efforts)1st Year Return 50,000 + 5,000 Rs.2nd Year Return 50,000 + 5,500 Rs.3rd Year Return 50,000 + 6,000 Rs.4th Year Return 50,000 + 6,500 Rs.5th Year Return 50,000 + 7,000 Rs.
  23. 23. Time Number ofCustomersProducts Sold in yourOrganizationTotal Matching IncomeLeft Right1st Month 2 1 1 2 02nd Month 4 2 2 (3+3) 6 10,0003rd Month 8 4 4 (4+4) 8 10,0004th Month 16 8 8 (9+9) 18 30,0005th Month 32 16 16 (16+16) 32 50,0006th Month 64 32 32 (33+33) 66 1,10,0007th Month 128 64 64 (64+64) 128 2,10,0008th Month 256 128 128 (129+129) 258 4,30,0009th Month 512 256 256 (256+256) 512 8,50,00010th Month 1024 512 512 (513+513) 1026 17,10,00011th Month 2048 1024 1024 (1024+1024) 2048 34,10,00012th Month 4096 2048 2048 (2049+2049) 4098 68,30,000Let’s assume that everybody refers 2 customers in their 1st month only…… lets seehow much money you will get as per….ideal calculation in 1 year.3000 BV on your Left organization + 3000 BV on your Right = 10350 Rs
  24. 24. How much money you will get total Only in ONE year =8190 * 1600 ≈ 1,28,00,000 Rs.So if everybody refers 2 customers in their 1stmonth only…… How much customer base will bethere in your BOTH ORGANIZATION = 8190customers, Only in ONE yearOf course possible, but not for everybody…So How many customer base, can happen, not onlythrough your efforts, but with all your TEAM efforts… inONE year ?
  25. 25. Even if you take 50 customers all together as a TEAM in your 1st year,You will get total commission = 50 * 1600 = 80,000 /-Now from 50 customers, say only 25 customers are working as a entrepreneur, andthey are working the same way like 20 each in their 1st year, So in your 2nd year,You will get total commission = (25*25) * 1600 = 10,00,000 /-Now from 625 customers, say only 100 customers are working as a entrepreneur,and they are working the same way like 25 each in their 1st year, So in your 3rd year,You will get total commission = (100*25) * 1600 = 40,00,000 /-Now from 2500 customers, say only 1000 customers are working as a entrepreneur,and they are working the same way like 25 each in their 1st year, So in your 4th year,You will get total commission = (1000*25) * 1600 = 4,00,00,000 /-But in the 5th year and onwards You will not get more than 1.75 Cr / Year
  26. 26. BANK FIXED DEPOSIT COMPARISONNow let’s assume that you have put Rs. 60000 in your Bankaccount as an FD,2nd) Rs. 50000 - you have purchased the product from QNETInvestment – 50,000 Rs.TIME In Fixed Deposit In QNET (with efforts)1st Year Return 50,000 + 5,000 Rs. 80,0002nd Year Return 50,000 + 5,500 Rs. 10,00,0003rd Year Return 50,000 + 6,000 Rs. 40,00,0004th Year Return 50,000 + 6,500 Rs. 1,75,00,0005th Year Return 50,000 + 7,000 Rs. 1,75,00,000
  27. 27. Now There are two ways to start this businessSo Total You will get at You -1 = 400 x 1600= 6,40,000 RsSo Total You will get at You-2 = 200 x 1600= 3,20,000 RsSo Total You will get at You-3 = 200 x 1600= 3,20,000 Rsyou will get TOTAL = 12,80,000 RsSo in the same time and same givenEfforts, if you compare the INCOME,You will get double Income and inthe Long, 3 TIMES INCOME.You -1A D200 Left 200 RightYou -2 You -3B C100 Left 100 Left 100 Right100 RightSMARTYouA B200 Left 200 RightSo Total You will get = 400 x 1600= 6,40,000 RsHARDSo In Hard way, maximum YOU canearn 1.75 Cr/YearSo In Smart way, maximum YOUcan earn 5.25 Cr/YearProduct has to be purchased worth Rs. 50,000 Product has to be purchased worth Rs. 75,000
  28. 28. 4 Stages of the Business1. Start Business Quickly by purchasing theproduct.2. L/Earn3. Help Others (RYTHM)4. Enjoy your Life with FREEDOMGood News isInstead of 40 long Years Donkey Work,Work smartly for 5 - 7 years for your family for pipeline
  29. 29. Turn Over, Liquidity and ProfitabilityT/O – 4th Year 267 Million US $9th Year 700 Million US $ - Forbes.com10th Year 1 Billion US $ (News Paper Article)14th Year 1.3 Billion US $Profit – FROM 100 %, 27% is approx mfc costs  73% Profitfrom 73% Profit,50% sharing back to Customers who helps company to Grow8 - 10 % - Royalty / RHYTHM and admin Costs10 - 12 % - ProfitLiquidity – INFLOW OUTFLOW3,50,0004,00,000========7,50,000U = 10000A = 10000B = 10000U = 10000=======Rs 40,000cap which is 3.4 Lac/WkINFLOW = OUT FLOWBUFFER
  30. 30. The only RISK in this Business isTO START LATEDELAY
  31. 31. http://www.weforum.orgThe World Economic Forum• The World Economic Forum is an independent international organization committed toimproving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic and otherleaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.• Click on COMMUNITIES button• Then click on Global Growth Companies , you will get page which tells you about thiscompanies: Membership in the Community of Global Growth Companies is byinvitation only and includes the world’s fastest-growing corporations.• And the typical Growth Parameters are :– Consistent annual growth rates exceeding industry and regional averages by 15%– Minimum turnover between US$ 100 million and US$ 5 billion, depending on the industry– Demonstrated growth potential– Capacity and intent to build a global business– Exemplary executive leadership• The World Economic Forum’s Community of Global Growth Companies (GGC) wasformed in 2007 to engage dynamic high-growth companies with the potential to betomorrow’s industry leaders and to become a driving force of economic and socialchange. As of July 2012, 360 companies from over 60 countries had been admitted tothe GGC Community.
  32. 32. VISIONARY
  33. 33. INDUSTRY MEMBERSHIPSDirect Selling Association Malaysia (DSAM)Direct Selling Association Singapore (DSAS)Direct Selling Association Philippines (DSAP)Malaysian Direct Distributor Association (MDDA)Business Ethics Institute of Malaysia (BEIM)Hong Kong Health Food Association (HKHFA)Health Supplements Industry Association of Singapore (HSIAS)Contact Centre World Platinum Member (QNET Global Support Centre)Customer Relationship Management & Contact Centre Association (Malaysia) (QNETGlobal Support Centre)CORPORATE RECOGNITIONThe Internet Show eCommerce Website Awards – Finalist (2011)Obtainer Worldwide Direct Selling Awards – Best Trainer (2011)Obtainer Worldwide Direct Selling Awards – Best Team (2011)Networking Times Master Networker (2011)Contact Centre World – Certificate in Best Practices (2011)Obtainer Worldwide Direct Selling Awards – Brand Marketing (2010)Recognition as one of the leading direct selling companies in Indonesia, by DUIT!entrepreneur magazine (2010)CaseTrust (Storefront) accreditation for Good Business Practices (2009)Caring Company Award by Hong Kong Council of Social Service (2007-11)A Company You Can Trust
  34. 34. INDUSTRY & PROFESSIONAL EVENTSIndependent Entrepreneurs Cyber Convention (IECC) – Keynote Speaker (QNET ExecutiveChairperson)Asia eCommerce Conference – Keynote Speaker (Chief Operating Officer)The Internet Show – Sponsor; Keynote Speaker (Chief Operating Officer)Consumer Association of Singapore Event (CASE) – SponsorNetwork Marketing Mastermind Event, U.S.A. – Keynote Speaker (Executive Chairperson)Elite Network Marketing Conference (ENMC) – Sponsor; Keynote Speaker (ExecutiveChairperson)Network Marketing Conference – Keynote Speaker (Executive Chairperson)Asian Bloggers & Social Media Conference – Official eCommerce PartnerDubai Direct Selling Festival – ParticipantWorld Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) World Conference – ParticipantGoogle Atmosphere Conference, U.S.A. – ParticipantContact Centre World Best Practices Conference, U.S.A. – ParticipantLOGISTICS & PROPRIETARY IT INFRASTRUCTUREVeriSign SSL & ESSL Security protocolsAkamai Content Delivery Network (CDN)CyberTrust Security accreditationMobile apps, platforms & mCommerce2FA security employedLogistics hubs with advance computerised Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) in HongKong, Malaysia & United Arab EmiratesA Company You Can Trust
  35. 35. Represented Sports WORLD WIDEQNET is the only direct selling company in the world that is represented in the elite andtechnical sport of Formula 1 racing, through our partnership with Sir Richard Branson’sMarussia F1 Team (formerly Marussia Virgin Racing).• Official Direct Selling Partner of Marussia F1 Team in Formula 1™ World Championship(2011-2013)• Official Direct Selling Supporter of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) ChampionsLeague (ACL) (2009-2012)• Official Direct Selling Partner of the Muharraq Basketball Club in Bahrain (2010-2011)• Senior Rugby Gold Sponsor of the Hong Kong Football Club (HKFC) Rugby Section (2010-2012 )• Official Direct Selling Partner of the Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) (ongoing)• QI-Meritus.Mahara – GP2 Asia Series (2008-2010)• Yonex-Sunrise Open Badminton Super Series (2009)• CIMB Team QI-Meritus – Formula BMW Asia Series champions (2007)• Team Meritus – Formula V6 Series (2006)• ‘Samba in Switzerland’ training camp for Brazil National Football Team, ahead of the FIFAWorld Cup™ (2006)• QI-IBF (International Badminton Federation) Championships (England, 2003 & Spain, 2006)A Company You Can Trust
  36. 36. www.vijayeswaran.com
  37. 37. • Registered yourself on the website, www.qnet.net /www.qnetindia.in through a reference IN002113 – Bhavin Shah,Buy a product through your credit/debit card, To know moreabout kindly call : +91 99250 33297 orEmail : contacttobhavin@yahoo.com• Refer the amazing opportunity and the amazing products to 2strong persons on each side - i.e. left & right - who are interestedin doing the business.• Learn more about the business.• In-turn help and train your organization to grow.• Remember this business is all about TEAM work.– Together– Eacha..– Achieves– More