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A presentation of alumnae of the CONTACT program, in honor of the Interantional Women's Month.

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  • An intense professional development course as well as a celebration of life, a nurturing learning environment, and an experiment in international living and personal transformation”
  • Contact women in peacebuilding

    1. 1. Women in Peacebuilding Experience of Alumni of the Conflict Transformation Across Cultures CONTACT
    2. 2. Violent conflicts prevent… Sustainable Development Sri Lanka, after attacks
    3. 3. Violent conflicts prevent… Social Justice
    4. 4. Violent conflicts prevent… Cross Cultural Education A school in Rwanda after the genocide, 1994
    5. 5. How can we analyze root causes ofconflicts?What are the concrete steps to emergefrom the revenge cycle?How can we foster the creation of a morepositive vision of the future?How to transform conflicts?How can we sustain peace?
    6. 6. CONTACT strives to foster the creation of a more positive vision of the future by bringing together people from all over the world and from all cross sections of society who are committed to peacebuilding and conflict transformation
    7. 7. What is CONTACT?• Stands for Conflict Transformation Across CulturesCONTACT has provided training in the field of peacebuilding to over 900 participants from diverse cultural, geographical, and experiential backgrounds since its creation in 1997.
    8. 8. Historical Timeline1997: program is founded by Dr. PaulaGreen (only the Summer Peacebuilding)2000 first class of the Graduate CertificateProgram in Conflict Transformation2001 First Mid-Year Seminar in Cyprus
    9. 9. Historical Timeline2002 CONTACT Africa Ghana South Africa2003 Mid Year Seminar in Bosniaand Hertzegovina2004 develops the African Peaceand Development InitiativesProgram, focus on Uganda andEthiopia
    10. 10. Historical Timeline2006 Mid-Year Seminar in Kigali Rwanda2007 most countries represented in the program and matches the highest number of students 732008 program strengthen ties with Brattleboro Community
    11. 11. Historical Timeline2008 Senegal-experimental program2009 first march in the Heiffers Parade2010 Kathmandu, Nepal 1st SAARC Peacebuilding and Education Program
    12. 12. 73 participants, 35 countries 1 purpose: Peace
    13. 13. Building Blocks Conflict Transformation Service, Leadership & Management SPP + Certificate + 16 MA on campus credits +12 off campus credits SPP + 11 credits taken on line and independently +Mid- Year Seminar in Rwanda3 credits-3 weeks on SIT campus
    14. 14. By attending one of the CONTACT programs, participants…..• Explore the causes and complexities of conflicts• Learn the basic concepts and skills for conflict transformation work• Have an opportunity to become a part of a diverse community
    15. 15. • Promote dialogue and reconciliation• Address the psychological and social effects of trauma• Develop culturally sensitive models and accommodate in indigenous approach to healing
    16. 16. • Provide emotional support to humanitarian aid workers• Train local professionals• Foster relationships with individuals around the world
    17. 17. “I’ve connected more deeply with my identity and potentialcontributions as a peacebuilder and thus become more aware ofmy own specific role in all these interactions. As a consequence,I’m more self-assured, active, and creative in my daily practice of active nonviolence.”
    18. 18. “Because of CONTACT, I identified my own skills to design & facilitate peace-buildingprograms. It [has] guided me to start our own organization and today I am the director of programs.”
    19. 19. CONTACT Africa
    20. 20. CONTACT South Asia
    21. 21. CONTACT WOMEN Dar Mikula• “at my church I I did a „sermon‟ on Global Peace that reflected mostly on my experience at CONTACT. No one stirred for seven minutes and people are still talking about how moved they were. Two weeks later I did a seminar called „Peace starts here‟ and 40 people showed up (attendace is usually 10-12)”. „ Dar Mikula, USA
    22. 22. CONTACT WOMEN Jane Mandina• MPANZI
    23. 23. CONTACT WOMEN
    24. 24. CONTACT WOMEN Dora Urujeni
    25. 25. CONTACT WOMEN Dora Urujeni
    26. 26. MALE ALLIES
    27. 27. “There are in fact so many causes andconditions for enmity. Within these causes and conditions your way of conducting yourself is also included.” -His Holiness, Dalai Lama