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Creative Motion Industries, Inc. 2011 Catalog

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Cmi jan catalog_2011

  1. 1. WE’RE UP TO SOMETHING FUN! January 2011 © FUN LIGTHTING p: 2-29 CREATIVE GIFTS p: 30-35 JUSTFOR PETS p: 36-42 GREAT GARDENING p: 43-55 1-888-264-5222
  2. 2. D 12665-1 A 12860-0 C 60117-2 E 12912-6 B 69116-5 A 12860-0 Metal LED Table Lamp D 12665-1 Laser Sphere This elegant all metal finished desk lamp will The light will come out of the accent your office or your home. It comes sphere to project into the wall with long-lasting ultra -bright LED bulbs. It is and the wholeroom. Excellent very energy-efficient. mood setting light. Measures W:7”—H:15.7”—D:6” Measures W:3.7”—H:5”—D:5” Case Quantity: 6 Weight: 30 Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 30 $22.50 each $22.50 each B 69116-5 Resin Table Lamp - Blue E 12912-6 SOLAR LED (with 13 W, CFL Bulb) MULT-FUNCTIONAL C 60117-2 Resin Table Lamp - Pink (with READING SOLAR LIGHT 13 W, CFL Bulb) This solar-power reading clip light can be mounted anywhere inside or outside the house. base: 6”, Height: 22”, Shade: 6/6*11/11*9 Measures W:6.25”— H:4”—D:9.25” Measures W:x”—H:x”—D:x” Case Quantity: 1 Weight: 3 Case Quantity: 4 Weight: 30 $8.50each $20.00 each2 New Lamps
  3. 3. A 12867-9 C 12868-6 B 12869-3 D 12881-5 E 12816-7A 12867-9 Lighted Clip C 12868-6Magnifier Lamp (1.8 x Lighted Desk-top MagnifierMagnification, 5” Diameter) Lamp (1.8 Magnification, 5” Diameter)This clip mangnifier lamp can The 5” lense can magnify 1.8 timesmagnifier 1.8 times of the original of the original size. It has an LEDsize. It can clip to anywhere has a light bulb. You can turn on the lightpole or a surface. It has a button to to see the item. It comes with buttonturn on the LED light. It uses button battery.battery (include). Measures W:6.25”—Measures W:5”—H:15.7”—D:1.53” H:15.7”—D:6.25”Case Quantity: 40 Weight: 22 Case Quantity: 40 Weight: 54$10.00 each $10.00eachB 12869-3 Lighted Hand- D 12881-5 E 12816-7 Reading Lightheld Magnifier Ligth (3x / 6x USB LED Reading Light (1 (Light Panel)magnification, 3.46 diameter) watt) xxxThis elegant all metal finished Perfect reading source for your desk lamp will accent your officeThis hand-held unit has 2 areas. The laptop. It plugs into the USB area for or your home. It comes with long-bigger area can magnify 6 times and the power source. lasting ultra -bright LED bulbs so it isthe smaller area can magnify 3 times Measures W:0.5”—H:15.7”—D:0.5” energy-efficient.of the original size. It has a button Case Quantity: 25 Weight: 40 Measures W:6.69”—H:6.10”—D:0.5”to turn on the light using LED Light $15.00 each Case Quantity: 100 Weight: 50bulb. It comes with button battery. $3.75 eachMeasures W:10.55”—H:4.52”—D:1.85”Case Quantity: 10 Weight: 6$8.50 each 1-888-264-5222 Magnifier Lamps 3
  4. 4. A 12780-1 C 11606-5 E 11607-2 B 11605-8 D 11601-0 F 10389-8 A 12780-1 Ultrasonic C 11606-5 Triangle E 11607-2 Mist Lamp on Aroma Diffuser Pyramid Aroma Diffuer a Bamboo Base It consists of mister unit. Ideal for freshening a room. Add It consists of mister unit. Ideal It consists of mister unit. Ideal your own essential oils for for freshening a room. Add for freshening a room. Add aromatherapy. your own essential oils for your own essential oils for Measures W:4”— aromatherapy. aromatherapy. H:10”—D:4” Measures W:4.92”— Measures W:5”— Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 11 H:5.11”—D:4.92” H:7.24”—D:5” $25.00 each Case Quantity: 4 Weight: 6 Case Quantity: 4 Weight: 20 $30.00 each $30.00 each B 11605-8 Oval Mist D 11601-0 Cone Aroma F 10389-8 Mist Maker Lamp Diffuser It has one LED light. It It consists of mister unit. Ideal It consists of mister unit. Ideal generate mist with a built-in for freshening a room. Add for freshening a room. Add mist generator. your own essential oils for your own essential oils for W:1.77”—H:1.77”—D:1.77” aromatherapy. aromatherapy. Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 12 Measure W:5.4”— Measures W:4.4”— $12.50 each H:7”—D:5.4” H:11.02”—D:4.4 ” Case Quantity: 6 Weight: 6 Case Quantity: 8 Weight: 10 $25.00 each $30.00 each4 Mist Lamps
  5. 5. A 12863-1 C 12865-5 B 12864-8 D 12866-2A 12863-1 Heart Desk Lamp C 12865-5 Floor Paper Lantern(paper lantern) (Height: 23.6”) This paper lantern can be perfect This floor lamp is made of paper that is fire-proof.for home decor with heart printed on the Perfect for room decor.paper pattern Measures W:13.38”—H:23.6”—D:13.38” Measures W:9.44”—H:11.81”—D:9.44” Case Quantity: 4 Weight: 20Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 20 $15.00 each$12.50 eachB 12864-8 Kiss Desk Lamp (paper D 12866-2 Wave Floor Paperlantern) Lantern (Height: 23.6”) This floor lamp is made of paper that is fire- This paper lantern can be perfect for home proof. Perfect for room decor.decor with kiss printed on the paper pattern. Measures W:13.38”—H:23.6”—D:13.38” Measures W:9.44”—H:11.81”—D:9.44” Case Quantity: 4 Weight: 20Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 20 $15.00 each$12.50 each1-888-264-5222 Paper Lanterns 5
  6. 6. A 12815-0 C 12882-2 E 12818-1 B 12883-9 D 12817-4 A 12815-0 Celestial Star Light C 12882-2 Multi-Color E 12818-1 Esc Key Light Changing LED Bulb with a Every month, it will tell you what to look Remote controller (dia: 3.14”) It is giant size keyboard. You for in the sky. Perfect for study pantery 1Watt can simply push on or push off by or fun light for any room. pressing the top of the keyboard. Measures W:4.33”—H:4.64”—D:4.33” Measures W:5.9”— Case Quantity: 100 Weight: It fits into standard household H:5.11”—D:2.95” 60 socket. It is a fun LED light bulb with Case Quantity: 100 Weight: 50 $5.50 each a remote control to change to various $5.25 each light patterns. Perfect to setup specifal lighting effect for any occassions. Measures W:3.14”—H:5.31”—D:3.14” Case Quantity: 24 Weight: 8 $15.00 each B 12883-9 D 12817-4 Delete Key Light Rainbow Light The color spectrum shoots out from It is giant size keyboard. You the light source to the wall. It looks can simply push on or push off by like a rainbow in your own room. pressing the top of the keyboard. Great for night light. Measures W:5.9”— Measures W:4”—H:3”—D:6.1” H:5.11”—D:2.95” Case Quantity: 10 Weight: 9 Case Quantity: 100 Weight: 50 $12.50 each $5.25 each6 New Lamps
  7. 7. C 12746-7 NEW! NEW! A 12861-7 E 12813-6 C 12746-7 Under Cabinet Light in White Plastic Housing (13W T5 Light Tube) It provide the great light source under the cabinet. It B 12862-4 comes complete with the T5 light tube. Measures W:22.6”— H:0.9”—D:1.69” Case Quantity: 24 Weight: 22 $8.50 each F 12814-3A 12861-7 4-pc LED Stripe E 12813-6 Wireless LED SpotLight (15 pcs LED bulbs), Light (3 pc set)Internconnective Battery-operated LED spot light. Perfect for any area needs lights. No D 12747-4 wired needed.Perfect for around the wall or edge toadd additional lighting source. Measures W:5.31”— Measures W:0.34”— H:5.11”—D:2.36”H:15.39”—D:0.22” Case Quantity: 24 Weight: 24Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 12 $7.75 each$20.00 eachB 12862-4 4-pcs Plate white D 12747-4 Under Cabinet Light F 12814-3 Wireless LEDLED with Sensor in Silver Metal Track Light Housing (13W T5 Light Tube) Battery-operated LED spot light. Perfect for under-cabinet lights It provide the great light source under the Perfect for any area needs lights. Noto add additional lighting source. cabinet. It comes complete with the T5 light wired needed. Each Plate Measures W:2.28”— tube. It has a sensor to sense the presence Measures W:12.2”—H:0.25”—D:2.28” of the hand motion to turn the lights on. H:2.36”—D:1.96”Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 10 Measures W:22.6”—H:0.9”—D:1.69” Case Quantity: 24 Weight: 24$15.00 each Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 27 $8.00 each $16.00 each 1-888-264-5222 Under Cabinent Lights 7
  8. 8. NEW! A 12743-6 Black B 12748-1 Blue C 12749-8 Magenta D 12744-3 Clip NEW! E 12745-0 Black F 12757-3 Blue Shade G 12759-9 Magenta A 12743-6 Black Organizer Desk Lamp E 12745-0 Black Shade Desk Lamp B 12748-1 Blue Organizer Desk Lamp with Acrylic Shade C 12749-8 Magenta Organizer Desk Lamp F 12757-3 Blue Shade Desk This blue acrylic lamp shade comes with an organizer Lamp with Acrylic Shade on the base. G 12759-9 Magenta Shade Desk Lamp Measures W:6.5”—H:15.74”—D:6.5” This color acrylic shade lamp. It is perfect any Case Quantity: 6 Weight: 30 study desk $11.50 each Measures W:4”—H:14”—D:4” Case Quantity: 4 Weight: 22 $10.00 each D 12744-3 Black Clip Lamp with Acrylic Shade Measures W:4”—H:16.53”—D:4” Case Quantity: 6 Weight: 14 $8.00 each8 Colorful Acrylic Lamp Shades
  9. 9. A 111611-9 Pink B 11610-2 Silver C 11612-6 White A 11611-9 Pink 14.4” Mini Chandelier with 4 CFL Bulbs B 11610-2 Silver 14.4” Mini Chandelier with 4 CFL Bulbs C 11612-6 White 14.4” Mini chandelier with 4 CFL Bulbs Add a touch of elegance with this scaled version of a classic chandelier. This pewter colored, 4 light chandelier will be the focal point of any room in the house including the bathroom! Crystal glass chains and tear drops adorn this beautiful light. Can be hard wired or swaged. 10 feet of chain included.NEW! Measures W:11.75”—H:14.375”—D:11.75” Case Quantity: 1 Weight: 10 D 60210-0 $68.50 each NEW! E 60310-7D 60210-0 Twin Pack Desk Lamp include E 60310-7 71” Height Torchiere with 16”saving energy bulbs.23W E26,Knocked Down Glass Shade with 23 W bulb(KD) Shade This floor lamp comes with a tea color shade. Great forSet of 2 table lamps with bulbs. Great for any room. whole room illumination.Measures W:14”—H:60”—D:14”Case Quantity: 1 Weight: 15 Measures W:16”—H:71”—D:16”$55.00 each Case Quantity: 1 Weight: 17 $62.00 each 1-888-264-5222 Mini Chandelier Lights 9
  10. 10. Set Lamps with 1 Floor + 2 Table Lamps: All comes with 3-pc Combo ALL NEW! including energy saving bulbs. Two 13W for Table Lamps and one 23W E26 for Floor Lamp. Roomful of Lamps. A 60110-3 C 60112-7 E 60114-1 B 60111-0 D 60113-4 F 60115-8 A 60110-3 Floor + 2 Table C 60112-7 Floor + 2 Table E 60114-1 Floor + 2 Table Lamps: Plated 3-pc Combo Lamps: 71” Height Torchiere Lamps: painted bronze 3-pc ,include energy saving and 2 table lamp with ,Knocked-down shades bulbs.13W and 23W E26. Knocked-down shades Measures W:14”—H:61”—D:14” Measures W:15”—H:61.50”—D:15” Measures W:16”—H:71”—D:16” Case Quantity: 1 Weight: 20 Case Quantity: 1 Weight: 20 Case Quantity: 1 Weight: 23 $68.50 each $87.00 each $73.00 each B 60111-0 Floor + 2 Table D 60113-4 Floor + 2 Table F 60115-8 Floor + 2 Table Lamps: 3-pc with Knocked- Lamps: painted bronze 3-pc Lamps: painted bronze 3PK Down shades Knocked-Down shades Knocked-down shades Measures W:14”—H:60”—D:14” Measures W:14”—H:60”—D:14” Measures W:14”—H:61”—D:14” Case Quantity: 1 Weight: 19 Case Quantity: 1 Weight: 20 Case Quantity: 1 Weight: 20 $71.25 each $71.75 each $68.50 each10 Lamp Shade Sets
  11. 11. A 12732-0 B 12734-4 A 12732-0 Lighted 8-Branches Acrylic B 12734-4 Lighted Natural Willow Leaves Branches (LED Bulbs) This is an electrical unit. It lights up the clear acyclic. This beautiful natural willow with lights You can place inside a pot (pot not included) as a inside. With a long 1.65 feet UL trans- perfect for home decor. former cable, it is perfect for home decor. Measures W:5.31”—H:23.62”—D:5.3” Measures W:8.26”—H:46.24”—D:3.54” Case Quantity: 8 Weight: 12 Case Quantity: 2 Weight: 13 $15.00 each (not include the white pot) $24.00 each C 12808-2 D 12809-9 NEW! E 12806-8 F 12807-5C 12808-2 Purple Flower Light E 12806-8 Fiber Optic Bonsai F 12807-5 Large Fiber Optic D 12809-9 Pink Flower Light Light Bonsai LightLighted Flower pot. It lights up any room. Bonsai brings good fortune. Perfect for This larger size of the fiber opticMeasures W:3.34”—H:13.97”—D:3.34” home deocr. bonsai light is perfect for homeCase Quantity: 50 Weight: 50 Measures W:5.31”—H:11.41”—D:2.4” decor.$10.00 each Case Quantity: 120 Weight:120 Measures W:7.28”—H:17”—D:5.51” $10.00 each Case Quantity: 36 Weight: 50 $20.00 each 1-888-264-5222 Lighted Plants 11
  12. 12. A 12570-8 C 12582-1 B 11480-1 D 12580-7 A 12570-8 40” Height Lighted Orchid with 3 C 12582-1 White LED Bulb Branches Branches with a Stand (it does not include a Comes complete with 3 branches and an adaptor. One white pot) piece contains a total of 48 lights. Comes complete with tree trunk and an adaptor. It Measures W:4”—H:39”—D:4” has a total of 120 lights. Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 30 Measures W:5”—H:40”—D:3” $15.00 each Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 30 $30.00 each B 11480-1 Cherry Blossom D 12580-7 Battery-Operated 24 Light Fiber optic Lights White LED Branch Light (3AA Comes complete with 3 branches and an adaptor. batteries required - not included) Measures W:4”—H:31.4”—D:2.5” This battery-operated 24 LED light branch will accent Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 26 your home. $15.00 each Measure W: 10” H: 27” D: 1” Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 9 $7.50 each12 Home Decor Lights
  13. 13. A 12590-6 B 12591-3 A 12590-6 Battery-operated Light as Decorative Fruit Plant made with Real Gemstones B 12591-3 Battery-operated Light as Decorative Fruit Plant made with Real Gemstones This is a real gemstone sculpted into a fruit / flower with green leaves. It comes with a color changing LED bulbs on top of each fruit / flower. Battery- operated (not included) for hours of enjoyment. Perfect for home decor. Measures W:3.125”—H:7”—D:3.125” Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 14 $10.00 each D 12573-9 C 12574-6C 12574-6 Battery-Operated Orchid D 12573-9 Battery-Operated Aqua BoxLights (10 Lights) Each box comes with a white LED light on top. Put aThis is Orchid Silk flower contains 10 LED lights, live test fish inside for hours of enjoyment. Air pumpone per flower. The LED lights are battery-operated (12572-2) sold separately.(not included) and last for many hours of enjoyment. Measures W:4.75”—H:5.5”—D:4.75”Perfect for home decor. Case Quantity: 24 Weight: 22Measures W:2”—H:36”—D:2” $8.00 eachCase Quantity: 12 Weight: 6$5.00 each 1-888-264-5222 Battery-Operated LED Lights 13
  14. 14. A 12664-4 Black Umbrella Light with Color Changing Handle This umbrella has a handle containing bright, color changing LED lights wrapped in a clear layer of acrylic plastic. The LED lights run on battery power (not included) Measures W:41.25”—H:34”—D:41.25” Case Quantity: 24 Weight: 29 $12.50 each B 12643-9 Red C 12641-5 Blue D 12645-3 Silver Metallic Hanging Star light with 10-lighted white LED light string running on batteries Metallic colored paper star that can fold and expand. This shiny star comes with a white LED string containing 10 bright LED lights. The battery-operated (not included) LED string light creates an amazing lighting effect when you turn it on. You can hang the star or prop it up on a table Measures W:24”—H:24”—D:5” Case Quantity: 24 Weight: 10 D 12645-3 Silver $7.50 each C 12641-5 Blue B 12643-9 Red E 11491-7 Color Changing Oval Glass Basin Flat top area can be used as storage for fruits or other everyday items. The dynamic color changes are clearly visible through the frosted glass. Great for mood setting and home decor. Also can double as a fruit basin or change collector, etc.. Measures W:11.5” H: 5” D: 11.50” Case Quantity: 4 Weight: 30 $20.0014 Home Decor Lights
  15. 15. B 12686-6 Battery-Operated 4 Inch Rotating Globe This rotating globe comes with a clear acrylic stand. This globe can rotate 180 degrees. Measures W:4”—H:5.5”—D:4” Case Quantity: 18 Weight: 44 $15.00 each 10558-8 55” Giant Motion Lamp Who has the biggest motion lamp in the neighborhood? You will. Take your typical motion lamp and increase the height dramatically. It’s a great D 12686-6 addition in a room for a little mood lighting. Base is weighted for stability. Comes with the silver base and cap with the best selling red wax and blue liquid inside. Measures W: 10”—H: 55”—D: 10” Case Quantity: 3 Weight: 44 $35.00 each Battery-Operated Color Changing Crystal Light C 11494-8 • Stylish Crystal Glass • Great for adding some flare to your house! • Long lasting low power LED light bulbs • Run on 3 AA Batteries (not included) BEST SELLER! C 11494-8 Crystal Dolphin Lamp Colorful LED lights shoot up from the base. The clear crystal creates an amazing show of glowing light effects and splashes. Battery-operated crystal light features a cool new color changing effect! Perfect for setting a mood and creating a soothing aura. Measures W:5.43”—H:6.1”—D:2.67” Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 17 $13.25 each1-888-264-5222 Light Home Decor Home Decor Lights 15
  16. 16. BEST SELLER! B 10612-7 17” Blue Metal Task Glitter Lamp C 10611-0 17” Pink Metal Task Glitter Lamp Each lamp has multiple controls: one to operate the glitter feature and one to operate the reading A 11425-2 lamp. Adjustable head and neck for optimum lighting. High intensity bulb included. Measures W:5.5”—H:18.5”—D: 5.5” Case Quantity: 6 Weight: 24 C 10611-0 $12.25 each B 10612-7 A 11425-2 Task + Speaker Lamp A perfect lamp for both studying and listening to music. The piece is a lamp with a twist, it has two speakers built-in on the base of the unit. It in- cludes a switch for the reading light and a switch to turn on the speakers. Measures W:6.88”—H:13.38”—D:8.66” Case Quantity: 6 Weight: 20 E 10796-4 $22.50 each D 10797-1 Magnetic 4-Ball Color E 10796-4 Medusa 3-Ball Changing Lamp w/ Magnets Color Changing Lamp The 4 balls are powered by a low voltage This lamp has 3 balls that change power rod so there is no shock when color. Each ball is fixed on a touched. The balls are removable and flexible neck that allows it to twist adjustable with magnets inside them. You and turn. Each ball has separate can place the soft LED ball to either side of controls on the ball. the rod. Measures W:7”—H:13”—D:7” D 10797-1 Measures W: 4.75”—H: 16”—D: 6.25” Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 37 Case Quantity: 6 Weight: 19 $21.75 each $21.75 each16 Home Decor LED Lights
  17. 17. A 10832-9 18” Table LED Rainbow Color Tower Light Colorful LED lights shoot up from the base of the tower, creating an unforgettable light show. The lights are surrounded by an acrylic tube which creates a glowing light effect that will leave u mesmerized. The A 10832-9 unit comes with multiple modes of operation, this light can be set to change colors 3 different ways, and also features a cool new color changing strobe effect! Measures W:4”—H:18”—D:4” Case Quantity: 6 Weight: 14 $15.00 eachB 10794-0 Supernova Color Changing SphereThis large ball projects multiple serene color designs onit’s surface representing a supernova in space. It has a B 10794-0slightly level surface acting as a base for stability. Mea-sures W:8” H:8” D:8”Case Quantity: 6 Weight: 30$21.75 eachC 10849-7 Rechargeable 3 Balls (adapter included)Set of 3 rechargeable balls that canbe set atop on a recharging base. C 10849-7You can toss, roll, or squeeze the ballin any way you like. Watch the ballchange colors right in front of yourvery own eyes!Measures W:7.25”—H:4.25”—D:7.25”Case Quantity: 4 Weight: 8$20.00 each D 10818-3 Color Changing Twister Lamp 4 pieces of intricately designed acrylic that rotate and change color D 10818-3 simultaneously! The amazing effects will leave you mesmerized. Measures W:6”—H:12.5”—D:6” Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 21 $15.00 each 1-888-264-5222 Fun & Functional Lamps 17
  18. 18. A 11579-2 BEST SELLER! B 11580-8 C 11355-2 NEW BIGGER SIZE! W: 26” H:14” D:2” A 11579-2 Hanging Rectangular LED C 11355-2 Hanging Vertical LED Open Sign Open Sign What better way to get attention than a flashing sign What better way to get attention than a flashing that says open? Blinking blue and red LED lights move sign that says open? Blinking blue and red LED around the sign drawing attention more efficiently than the lights move around the sign drawing attention common mundane Open sign. Definitely an eye-catcher! more efficiently than the common mundane Open Measures W: 9.75” H:21.5” D:1.25” sign. Definitely an eye-catcher! Case Quantity: 2 Weight: 10 Measures W:19.5”—H:11.75”—D:1.25” $41.00 each Case Quantity: 6 Weight: 21 $41.00 each B 11580-8 Hanging Oval LED Open D 11183-1 Battery Operated Sign Blue LED Fiber Lamp with What better way to get attention than a flashing Chrome Base sign that says open? Blinking blue and red LED Thousands of long fiber strands fall about lights move around the sign drawing attention a silver base to create a beautifully blue more efficiently than the common mundane and mesmerizing glow. Battery-Operated Open sign. Definitely an eye-catcher! with 3 extra bright long lasting blue LED Measures W: 26” H:14” D:2” lights. Case Quantity: 2 Weight: 12 Measures W:3.25”—H:13.25”—D:3.25” $45.00 each Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 8 $2.75 each18 LED Open Sign LED
  19. 19. A 12812-9 B 12804-4 B 12804-4 Laser Light Laser light project to the wall with manyA 12812-9 Sound-Activated LED Light patternsThis party light will bounce around to the sound. W: 5.11”—H: 3.62”—D: 2.04”The front of the lamp projects the lights all around Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 22the room $60.00 eachW: 7.08”—H: 7.48”—D: 7.08”Case Quantity: 10 Weight:30$40.00 each C 80202-9 D 80204-3C 80202-9 Bubble MachineWho doesn’t love bubbles, how about thousands ofbubbles? This creates a constant stream of thousandsof bubbles.Perfect for any occasion: parties,weddings, summer heat and more!Measures W: 10”—H: 7”—D: 7”Adapter: 3V DC 0.8A Battery: 2 size CCapacity:1 pintCase Quantity: 6 Weight: 16$14.50 eachD 80204-3 Bubble Juice 1 QuartW: 4.75”—H: 7.5”—D: 2.75”Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 28$2.50 each E 11163-3 E 11163-3 18” Black Light Tower (15 Watts) Made with durable clear blue plastic with built in holes for wall or ceiling mounting. Measures W:2.75”—H:21.50”—D:2.75” Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 17 $13.25 each 1-888-264-5222 Party Lights 19
  20. 20. A 80215-9 Red A 80215-9 Police Beacon Light Choose either red or blue police beacon light. A plastic cover encases a spinning beacon disc sending red or blue light spinning around the room. Looks just like the real thing. Measures W: 7”—H: 9”—D: 7” Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 30 A 80215-9 Blue $8.50 each B 80216-6 Electrical Traffic Light Measures: W 4”—H 11”—D 4” B 80216-6 Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 30 $8.50 each C 11378-1 Battery Operated LED Strobe C 11378-1 Light It runs on batteries so you don’t need to worry about wires. With an ultra-bright LED light, the effect is immense—a real electrical strobe light. You can hang this battery-operated LED strobe light anywhere. People can feel the intensity of the strobing effect from far away. Great for warnings or enhancing a party’s lighting effect without worrying about wires. Measures W:2”—H:8.75”—D:3.75” Case Quantity: 30 Weight: 14 $4.25 each D 80307-1 D 80307-1 Electrical Strobe Light The effect is immense—a real electrical strobe light. You can hang this battery-operated LED strobe light anywhere. People can feel the intensity of the strobing effect from far away. Great for warnings or enhancing a party’s lighting effect without worrying about wires. Measures W:2”—H:8.75”—D:3.75” Case Quantity: 24 Weight: 24 $6.00 each E 80219-7 Mega Strobe Light Bigger is better! Mega Strobe Light in translucent blue casing. Comes complete with five color filters: red, green, blue, yellow, and clear. Also includes wall and ceiling mount kit and speed control for option strobe speed setting. Measures W: 5.5”—H: 7”—D: 5.5” Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 15 $10.00 each E 80219-720 Party Lights
  21. 21. Rotating 180 DegreesCreating a Dramatic Lighting Effects! BEST SELLER! BEST SELLER! A 80210-4 B 80211-1 C 80212-8A 80210-4 4” Rotating B 80211-1 6” Rotating C 80212-8 10” Rotating Disco BallDisco Ball (Bulb: E12/E26 Disco Ball Measures W:11”—H: 14.5”—D:11”Incandescent) Measures W:7”—H:8.5”—D:7” Case Quantity: 4 Weight: 30Measures W:5.5”—H:6.5”—D:5.5” Case Quantity: 6 Weight: 11 $20.00 eachCase Quantity: 24 Weight: 30 $8.25 each$6.00 each C 11619-5 10” Rotating Disco Ball with CFL bulb Measures W:11”—H: 14.5”—D:11” Case Quantity: 4 Weight: 30 NEW! $27.50 each D 80225-8 D 80225-8 Electrical 4” Twin Disco Ball Light Twice the fun with 2 disco balls. Great lighting effect for party and to attract attention. Measures W:11.81”—H:7.38”—D:5.31” Case Quantity: 6 Weight: 24 $17.50 each 1-888-264-5222 Globe Lamps 21
  22. 22. A 11600-3 B 11420-7 BEST SELLER! B 11420-7 Twin Mirror Ball A 11600-3 Lamp Mirror Ball with Twin Projector Lamp It comes with 2 shiny, reflecting mirror balls. It comes with 2 shiny, reflecting mirror balls. Includes Includes multiple color changing LED lights to multiple color changing LED lights to better reflect on better reflect on the mirror which allows the light to the mirror which allows the light to projects on the wall or projects on the wall or ceiling. It creates tons of fun ceiling. It creates tons of fun with lighting action. with lighting action. Measures W: 10.62”—H: 9.37”—D: 5.21” Measures W: 19.4”—H: 12.8”—D: 22.4” Case Quantity: 6 Weight: 14 Case Quantity: 6 Weight: 20 $17.50each $20.00 each D 80302-6 C 10848-0 C 10848-0 5” Square D 80302-6 8” Mirror Ball, Spot Rotating Mirror Ball Light Light & 5 Color Lens With LED (adapter included) Set comes complete with rotating 8” The bright LED bulbs enables the Mirror Ball, Pin Spot Light, and four mirrors of the mirror ball to reflect light colored interchangeable lenses: blue, through the whole room. green, red, yellow, and clear Measures W:5”—H:5”—D:5” Measures W: 7.5”—H: 13”—D: 7.5” Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 25 Case Quantity: 4 Weight: 30 $12.00 each $23.00 each22 Party Lights
  23. 23. Plasma Lamp Lightening at your Fingertips A 10194-8 BEST SELLER! 7” Plasma Ball Measures W:7”—H:11.5”—D:6” Case Quantity: 4 Weight: 16 $17.00 each B 10191-7 5” Plasma Ball Measures W:6”—H:9”—D:6” Case Quantity: 6 Weight: 16 $15.00 each C 10192-4 4” Plasma Ball Measures W:5.5”—H:9”—D:5.5” Case Quantity: 12 BEST SELLER! Weight: 26 $13.25 each B 10191-7 D 10190-0 3” Mini A 10194-8 Plasma Ball Measures W: 4.5”—H:7”—D: 4.5” Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 13 $8.75 each C 10192-4 E 10256-3 Plasma Eye D 10192-4 Measures W:9”—H:7”—D:6” Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 30 E 10256-3 $13.75 each G 12810-5F 11204-3 Battery- G 12810-5 Blue PlasmaOperated Plasma Heart LampA heart-shaped plasma light A bottle-shaped plasma light ran byran by batteries (not included) batteries (not included) or an ACor an AC adapter (not adapter (not included). When youincluded). When you touch the touch the glass, a light current followsglass, a light current follows through your fingertips.through your fingertips. Measures W:4.72”—H:16.53”—D:4.72”Measures W:4”—H:6.3”—D:4” Case Quantity: 4 Weight: 13Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 30 $25.00 each$7.00 each F 11204-3 1-888-264-5222 Plasma Lights 23
  24. 24. 10029-3 Groovy S-shaped Motion Lamp New motion lamps with an a brand new sleek modern design. Measures W: 2.5”—H: 16”—D: 2.5” 10029-3 Case Quantity: 6 Weight: 23 $8.00 each Color combinations: 10029-3 Yellow Wax / Blue Liquid Yellow Wax / Purple Liquid Red Wax / Purple Liquid Red Wax / Blue Liquid Red Wax / Yellow Liquid Blue Wax / Blue Liquid 10029-3 10032-3 10032-3 Blue Glitter Lamp 10034-7 10034-7 Purple Glitter Lamp 10031-6 Lime Glitter Lamp Groovy S-shaped Glitter Lamp Traditional motion lamps now have a curvy new twist! This brand new design boasts a curvy new glitter lamp atop a slim base. Choose one of the three colors for the glitter, and watch your hot selling motion lamp in action! Measures W: 2.5”—H: 16”—D: 2.5” 10031-6 Case Quantity: 6 Weight: 26 $8.00 each24 Motion Lamps
  25. 25. Sparkle Lamps A cascade of shimmering glitter circulates through lime green, purple, or blue liquid. Creates an unforgettable effect which will leave you mesmerized. Casing comes in a silver or black. Choose from 3 colors: Purple, Blue, and Green. 10015-6 13” Sparkle 10403 GR Lamp(All Black Base/ Cap) Measures W:4”—H:13”—D:4” Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 28 $5.75 each 10403 BL BEST SELLER! 10403 REMotion LampsAssorted colors of wax float serenelythrough colorful liquid. Choose froma silver or black base and one ofour assorted wax/liquid combinationbottles:Red wax / Yellow liquidBlue wax / Blue liquidYellow wax / Blue LiquidAvailable in two sizes: 13” & 16”10014-9 Silver Base13” Motion Lamp (AllSilver Base/ Cap)Measures W:4”—H:13”—D:4”Case Quantity: 12 10403-1Weight: 25 16” Metallic Motion Lamp$5.75 each Now with an attractive silver colored base to compliment the new metallic10041-5 Black Base colored wax. Red, green and blue16” Peace Motion wax, all in a new metallic color,Lamp(All Black Base/ move like liquid metal within clear liquid.Cap) Measures W:4.2”—H: 16”—D: 4.2”Measures W:4.2”—H:16”—D:4.2” Case Quantity: 6 Weight: 23Case Quantity: 6Weight: 23 $8.25 each$7.50 each 1-888-264-5222 Motion Lamps 25
  26. 26. NEW! A 11429-0 B 10397-3 C 10394-2 C 10394-2 Ketchup Motion A 11429-0 Gas Pump D 10397-3 Orange Juice Lamp Motion Lamp Motion Lamp Ketchup Motion Lamp is made with This retro gas pump lamp Orange Juice Motion Lamp is made real Ketchup bottles. Red wax moves recreates memories of the old gas with real old fashioned bottles which serenely through clear liquid behind pump look. Great collector’s item. bubble orange “juice” within clear a pad print of a tomato and TOMATO Measures W:4”—H: 17”—D:4” liquid. Printed with an orange slice and KETCHUP right on the bottle. Case Quantity: 6 Weight: 20 ORANGE JUICE right on the bottle. Measures W:4”—H: 14.5”—D:4” $11.00 each Measures W: 4.5”—H: 14.5”—D: 4.5” Case Quantity: 6 Weight: 20 Case Quantity: 6 Weight: 27 $12.00 each $12.00 each D 10411-6 Glitter Reflection Vision Lamp E 10412-3 Motion Reflection Vision Lamp The mysterious wonders of glitter and motion lamps, packaged neatly into a silver casing. The regular lamps because extraordinary when combined with lights and mirrors, creating an entirely different look. No matter how you look at it, it seems to be a newer better lamp every second! Measures W:5”—H: 15.5”—D: 5” Case Quantity: 6 Weight: 32 $17.50 each D 10411-6 E 10412-326 Retro Motion Lamps
  27. 27. BEST SELLER! A 12750-4 Motion Lamp Key Chain Fun B 12751-1 Disco Ball Key Chain C 12752-8 Police Light Key Chain This fun light key chain series consist ofKey Chain motion lamp, disco ball and police light. It has a “Try Me” button you can press and see the lighting/blinking action. Tons of fun. Measures W:0.78”—H:2.87”—D:0.78” Lights Display Tray. 24 pcs per Tray Case Quantity: 10 Trays Weight: 17 $2.00 each A 12750-4 Motion Lamp Measure w: 0.78” H: 2.87” D:0.78” C 12752-8 Police Light B 12751-1 Disco Ball Measures W:1.18”—H:1.77”—D:1.18” Measures W:1.57”—H:2.36”—D:1.57” D 10771-1 D 10771-1 Fiber Butterfly Light Detailed butterfly replica accents a compact night light in 3 assorted colors. Flickering color-changing effects at night adds ambience and fun to any room. BEST SELLER! Measures W:3.5”—H:7”—D: 4.5” Case Quantity: 24 Weight: 30 $5.75 each E 10761-2 E 10761-2 Stardust Night Light Serene, sparkling glitter circulates through a night light version of the favorite glitter motion table lamps. Plugs directly into outlet like conventional night lights for fun motion all night long! Bulb included. Measures W:2.75”—H:7.75”—D:2.75” Case Quantity: 24 Weight: 12 $2.75 each1-888-264-5222 Night Lights 27
  28. 28. B a t t e r y - O p e r a t e d NEW! E l e c t r i c a l - O p e r a t e d D 80117-6 Purple A 12577-7 E 10077-4 A 12577-7 Battery-Operated 10 Light LED Lantern Light 10 lantern lights accent a 12 feet string of lights. These lantern lights are battery operated (not included) for hours of enjoyment. The LED bulbs are located in the center of each lantern light or a creative, serene glow. Measures W:4”—L:84”—D:4” Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 6 F 80114-5 $10.00 eachFlexible Bendable EL Wire - Run onBatteries B 12709-2 Blue NEW! D 80117-6 Purple 10-Light String Light 10 purple lighted flowers accent this string of light. The flowers are attached with realistic petals individually attached with sprinkles of detailed “pollen”. The bulbs are located in the center of the flower for a light ambient glow. C 12715-3 Measures W:4”—L:84”—D:4” Orange Case Quantity: 24 Weight: 10 $4.25 each E 10077-4 Fiber Butterfly Light String Delicate fiber optic strands have been woven throughout the intricate wings to add sparkle to your walls or window sills. Ten colorful 4” x 2.75” butterflies adorn this 14 foot long String. Hooks are attached to the base of each butterfly to make display even easier anywhere. Measures W:4” L:84” D:4” Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 14 $8.50 each B 12709-2 Battery- C 12715-3 Battery- F 80114-5 Beer 10-Light String Light Operated Blue Operated Orange 10 Beer Mugs (3” x 4”) accent a 12’ string of lights. With the bulb located in the center of the mug for a cool glow. String Light String Light Measures W:4”—L:84”—D:4” Measures Measures W: Case Quantity: 24 Weight: 30 W: 98.8”—H:3.54”—D: 0.1” 98.8”—H:3.54”—D: 0.1” $4.25 each Case Quantity: 60 Weight: 22 Case Quantity: 60 $8.00 each Weight: 22 $8.00 each28 String Lights
  29. 29. C 10280-8 BEST SELLER! A 10275-4 B 10835-0 D 12718-4 NEW! A 10275-4 Neon American C 10280-8 12” 2-Color Neon Rock Guitar Wall Clock Clock w/ Chrome Frame Large guitar lined with neon adds (2-Color Changing w/ Chrome Frame) dazzle along with a salute to the Three modes of operation! Set the American flag. clock to steadily illuminate on Pink Measures W:29”—H:10.5”—D:2.5” or Blue, or set it to a flicker mode Case Quantity: 1 —Weight: 8 between the two set colors. $25.00 each Measures W:12”—H:12”—D:2” Case Quantity: 6—Weight: 17 $16.00 each B 10835-0 Cresta LED Color D 12718-4 Mirror Clock Changing Panel Clock This is mirror and sit on a desk-top. Create a scene with this color changing There is a built-in digital clock to show LED panel which doubles as a clock. time. You can turn-on or turn-off the Cubes change color individually for digital clock. added effect! Measures W:8.66”—H: 8.66”—D: 0.98” Measures W:9.8”—H:9.8”—D:2” Case Quantity: 40—Weight: 51 Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 30 $11.00 each $20.00 each1-888-264-5222 Clocks 29
  30. 30. A 12826-6 NEW! C 12820-4 D 12823-5 B 12825-9 A 12826-6 Billiard Clock C 12820-4 Pyramid Desk Clock The clock is perfect for any game room. A fun way of looking at a time. Pyramid Measures W:11.81”—H:12.20”—D:0.78” rotates to give you current time. Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 36 Measures W:3.74”—H:6.1”—D:3.74” $35.00 each Case Quantity: 60 Weight: 60 $13.00 each B 12825-9 Motorcycle Clock D 12823-5 Square Clock The gear around will move around to give This Motorcycle-shaped clock is perfect you current time. for any room. Measures W:4.8”—H:6.88”—D:4.8” Measures W:5.11”—H:13.77”—D:1.57” Case Quantity: 30 Weight: 30 Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 60 $8.00 each $42.00 each30 Clocks
  31. 31. NEW! A 12852-5 C12880-8 B 12854-9 D 12827-3 A 12852-5 Bread Coin Bank C 12880-8 Electronic Basketball Game Looking for a perfect place to store your coins. It shapes like a bread. Perfect for This palm size basket game is fun ande makes kitchen area. sound when you get the basket. Measures W:4.33”—H:3.14”—D:4.33” Measures W:3”—H:3”—D:3” Case Quantity: 60 Weight: 30 Case Quantity: 144 pcs/ 12 pcs per display $5.75each Weight: 48 $4.5 each B 12854-9 Cup Cake Trinket Box D 12827-3 Micro Wallet This shapes like a cup cake. You can This is a perfect wallet who need a small store things near your kitchen area. palm size but can store plenty. Measures W:4.13”—H:3.93”—D:4.13” Measures W:4.13”—H:3.54”—D:1.18” Case Quantity: 48 Weight: 24 Case Quantity: 120 Weight: 60 $5.50 each $4.00each1-888-264-5222 Gifts 31
  32. 32. A 12719-1 B 12713-1 C 11359-0 A 12719-1 Expandable 8-pc B 12713-1 Wine Lid (24 pcs C 11359-0 Leather Double Wine Rack with a counter display) Wine Holder & Tools You can easily fold the unit and expand Perfect for an open bottle A classy leather box containing all the unit when needed as a wine to keep the wine fresh. the tools you would need to open rack. It stores up to 8 bottles of wine. Measures W: 1.96” H: 1.65” D: 1.65” alcohol bottles. It holds 2 bottle of Measures W: 17.71” H: 12.20” D: 5.11” Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 27 wines (not included). It comes with a Case Quantity: 24 Weight: 33 $46.50 handle on the top for ease of carry. $7.25 Measures W:7.5”—H:14”—D:5.11” Case Quantity: 4—Weight: 15 $20.00 each D 12683-5 E 12684-2 D 12683-5 Toilet Paper Dispenser Shape like a Toothpaste E 12684-2 Toilet Paper Dispenser Shape Like a Glue A fun way to dispense your toilet paper. Measures W:7.08”—H:11.81”—D:1” Case Quantity: 100 Weight: 62 $6.00 each32 Wine Accessories
  33. 33. B 12710-8 NEW! C12712-2 A 12701-6 NEW! NEW! D 11388-0 A 12701-6 Angel Set C 12712-2 24-pc Rose with (Wing, Wand, Halo) a Ring (Inside each Rose) It has angel wing, angel What a romantic way to give a nice wand and angel halo in a set. ring to a love one. It comes with 24 Measures Wing (17.7 x 13), pcs of roses in a counter display case. Wand(13.7), Halo(6 x 10.23) Measures W: 9.75 H: 10.75 D: 9.75 Case Quantity: 50 Weight: 20 Case Quantity: 288 Weight: 33 $5.00 each $31.25 each B 12710-8 Single Rose D 11388-0 Heart LED Candle w/ Made of Soap Clear Holder You can use it a gift. Its a soap LED tea lights incased in beautiful clear to sculpture into a shape of glass holders in a variety of fun shapes to a rose. Measures W:1.96”— fit your style. (with batteries & clear glass H:10.23”—D:1.96” holder). Battery-operated LED candle Case Quantity: 288 Weight: 18 simulates a real flame. Comes inside a $0.80 each color box. Measures W:3”—H:1.75”—D:3.15” Case Quantity: 60 Weight: 23 $2.20 each1-888-264-5222 Gadgets 33
  34. 34. A 12674-3 NEW! B 12675-0 NEW! C 12676-7 NEW! A 12674-3 Drinking B 12675-0 Spin N Shot C 12676-7 Drink Dart Lottery You can have fun You can a lot of fun Game with this drinking game. with this spin and drink You can play the dart game and Measures W:8.5”— game. Measures have a lot of fun. H:8.5”—D:8.5” W:3.5”—H:12.75”—D:12.50” Measures W:3.5”— Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 35 Case Quantity: 8 Weight: 22 H:14.50”—D:11” $10.00 each $10.00 each Case Quantity: 10 Weight: 28 $10.00 eachMiniature Pool Table for E 12626-2 F 12627-9Home or Office NEW! D 12625-5 Floor Miniature Pool Table E 12626-2 Desk-top Miniature Pool Table F 12627-9 Mini Billiards Table Not a full size pool table but has everything a regular size pool table has. Great for home or office stress reliever. Floor- Measures W: 25.59” H: 29.13” D: 47.24” Case: 1 Weight: 145 Cost: $125.00 Desk-Top: Measures W: 20.47” H: 7.87” D: 37” Case: 1 Weight: 125 D 12625-5 Cost: $60.00 Mini: Measures W: 4.33” H: 1.967” D: 7.87” Case: 24 Weight: 38 Cost: $5.0034 Games
  35. 35. A 11375-0 Real Glass, Real Wax Candles! B 12638-5 C 12639-2 B 12638-5 - Beer Glass Candle A 11375-0 Radiometer - Solar Engine C 12639-2 - Beer Mug Candle The sun or light makes it run. This fascinating radiometer spins from the light of the sun. The vanes in the radiometer Looks like a real beer glass and beer mug from are dark and light in color. The dark vanes absorb the rays, a distance. You can light it up like a real candle. the light vanes reflect the rays, and in a vacuum condition Great for room decor. the energy creates a spin, • Beer Glass: Measures W:3.5”—H:5”—D:3.5” Measures W:3.14”—H:7”—D:2.36” Case Quantity: 24 Weight: 30 Case Quantity: 48 Weight: 95 $3.50 each $3.75 each • Beer Mug Candle: Measures W:2.75”—H:5.12”—D:3” Case Quantity: 16 Weight: 36 $4.50 each D 12631-6 Blue Shopping Bag with Wheels E 12633-0 Purple Shopping Bag with Wheels F 12634-7 Red Shopping Bag with Wheels G 12635-4 Black Shopping Bag with Wheels Bring your own bag to shop. It comes with easy rolling wheels. Holds plenty of items inside the bag. Back of the bag has extra pocket for storage. Measures W:13.77”—H:37.8”—D:8” Case Quantity: 1 Weight: 31 $15.00 each1-888-264-5222 Candles & Shopping Bag 35
  36. 36. A 12837-2 C 12840-2 E 12517-3 All NEW! B 12838-9 D 11374-3 D 11374-3 D 12841-9 E 11385-9 A 12837-2 Red Pet Carrier C 12840-2 Red Pet Carrier E 12517-3 Red Bag Pet Carrier Handbag This is stylish bag has many pockets You can carry your pet around with this to store things. This soft carrier meets This good looking handbag is a pet handy pet carrier. most airline carry-on regulations. carrier. You can put your favorite pet Measures W:16.53”—H:11.02”—D:9.84” Measures W:16.5”—H:12”—D:9” inside the bag and carrier it around. Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 30 Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 36 Measures W:x”—H:x”—D:x” $15.00 each $20.00 each Case Quantity: 24 Weight: 30 $16.00 each B 12838-9 Black Pet Carrier D 12841-9 Black Pet Carrier Handbag This good looking handbag is a pet You can carry your pet around with this carrier. You can put your favorite pet handy pet carrier. inside the bag and carrier it around. Measures W:16.53”—H:11.02”—D:9.84” Measures W:x”—H:x”—D:x” Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 30 Case Quantity: 24 Weight: 30 $15.00 each $16.00 eachF 11386-6 36 Pet Carrier
  37. 37. D 12845-7 E 12846-4 ALL NEW! A 12842-6 B 12843-3 C 12844-0 A 12842-6 Red Basket Pet Carrier D 12845-7 Cozy Pink Dog Blanket B 12843-3 Blue Basket Pet Carrier E 12846-4 Cozy Blue Dog Blanket C 12844-0 Green Basket Pet Carrier Keep your puppy or small dog warm and cozy during Amazing light weight design for you small dog. cold nights and winters. Easy to put on you pet or Made of quality aluminum and durable fabric. remove with hook & loop fasteners. Beautiful stylish print with mesh windows Measures W:32.67”—H:21.25”—D:8.23” Measures W:8.6”—H:10.23”—D:18.30” Case Quantity:48 Weight: x Case Quantity: 45 Weight: x $2.50 each $15.25 each1-888-264-5222 Pets Accessories 37
  38. 38. A 12510-4 B 12677-4 A 12510-4 Rolling Backpack for Pet B 12677-4 Pink Pet Carrier Take your pet wherever you go! It is made with C 12697-2 Blue Pet Carrier soft vinyl with wheeled carrier and a telescoping This is stylish bag has faux leather look handle. It is easy to pull. Converts to a backpack, and feel. This soft carrier meets most a secure car seat with straps for seat belt. Easy airline carry-on regulations. zippered access to pet compartment, cool mesh Measures W:7.87”—H:9.84”—D:14.96” panels for pet’s comfort. Case Quantity: 24 Weight: 27 Measures W:13.5”—H:20”—D:9.5” $16.50 each C 12697-2 Case Quantity: 10 Weight: 65 $30.00 each D 12511-1 F 12515-9 G 12516-6 E 12521-0 D 12511-1 Purple Bag with Purple F 12515-9 Brown with Black Stripe Pet Carrier Handle Pet Carrier (Nylon Fabric) G 12516-6 Black Canvas with Black Strip Pet E 12521-0 Pink Bag with Pink Handle Carrier Pet Carrie This is stylish bag has many pockets to store This is stylish bag has many pockets to store things. This soft things. This soft carrier meets most airline carry- carrier meets most airline carry-on regulations. on regulations. Measures W:17.25”—H:10.75”—D:10.5” Measures W:18”—H:11.75”—D:9” Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 36 Case Quantity: 24 Weight: 96 $20.00 each $20.00 each38 Pet Carriers
  39. 39. Carrier House NEW! A 12513-5 B 12514-2 F 12833-4 E 12519-7 NEW! G 12834-1 C 12723-8 NEW! D 12519-7 A 12513-5 Green Tent Pet Carrier D 12856-3 Dog Palm Mat You can make this tent an instant bed for pet. t is made of soft fabric shaped like a dog palm. It comes with a handle on the top for easy Very comfortable as a mat. carrying. Measures W:32.67”—H: 38.58”—D:0.5” Measures W:12”—H:16”—D:12” Case Quantity: 10 Weight: 20 Case Quantity: 24 Weight: 33 $10.00 each $15.00 each B 12514-2 Black Tent Pet Carrier E 12519-7 Blue Footprint Animal You can make this tent an instant bed for pet. House (Foldable) It comes with a handle on the top for easy It is made of soft fabric. You can easily zip it to carrying. make an instant pet house. Measures W:15.5”—H:16”—D:15” Measures W:20.5”—H: 17.50”—D:18” Case Quantity: 24 Weight: 72 Case Quantity: 12 Weight: 30 $20.00 each $20.00 each C 12723-8 Dog-Shape Mat F 12833-4 Red Dog House This is a dog mat shape is nice a comfortable for G 12834-1 Black Dog House your pet to rest on. Instant zip-up house for your pets. Measures W:28.34”—H: 15.74”—D:2 Measures W:15.74”—H:15.35”—D:15.74” Case Quantity: 60 Weight: 22 Case Quantity: 24 Weight: 36 $13.25 each $15.00 each 1-888-264-5222 Pet Carriers 39
  40. 40. Pet’s Harness NEW! Standing D 12628-6 A 12520-3 Flat Side View Top ViewPet’s Leash & Lighted Collar B 11451-1 C 11452-8 Pet’s Tracking Device E 12629-3 Sending Device Receiving Device NEW! A 12520-3 Yellow Pet’s C 11452-8 Lighted Up Dog E 12629-3 Pet Tracking Harness Collar Device Great for carrying items. Glowing safety pet collar. Avoid You have a sender and a receiver Measures W:13”—H:12”—D:6” danger in the dark for pets and devices to allow you to track where Case Quantity: 40 Weight: 40 owners. your pets are. The effective distance $7.50 each Measures W:16”—H:1.75”—D:0.2” is around 40 feet radius. Case Quantity: 100 Weight: 47 Measures W:1.75”—H:3.15”—D:1.75” $12.50 each Case Quantity: 144 Weight: 31 $12.50 each B 11451-1 Lighted Up Dog D 12628-6 Automatic Sensor Leash Lid Dog’s Bowl Glowing safety pet leash. Avoid The lid will open automatically when danger in the dark for pets and the dog gets close. Keep the dog owners. food covered. Measures W:40”—H:1”—D:1” Measures W:7.48”—H:3.9”—D:7.48” Case Quantity: 100 Weight: 47 Case Quantity: 20 Weight: 30 $12.50 each $30.00 each40 Pets’ Accessories
  41. 41. A 12699-6 NEW! B 12696-5 C 12687-3 A 12699-6 Black Dog Retractable Leash with Flash Light and Garbage bag all in one B 12696-5 Blue Dog Retrackable Leash with Flash Light and Garbage Bag all in One Glowing safety pet leash. Avoid danger in the dark for pets and D 12688-0 NEW! owners. It comes with a flash light and also a doggie self collecting D 12688-0 Blue Stripe bag. It is convenient for the pet Dog Cloth with a Leash owners. Keep the dog warm and safely walk Measures W:5.9”—H:5.9”—D:1” your dog with a leash on the bottom Case Quantity: 60 Weight: 45 of the dog (instead of choking your $7.50 each dog). Measures W:7.87”—H:12.99”—D:1” Case Quantity: 120 Weight: 33 $7.25 each C 12687-3 Dog Garbage Bag This is the supplement insert to the E 12689-7 Pink Stripe item 12699-6 and 12696-5. A pack of E 12689-7 Dog Cloth with a Leash 3 rolls of bags 20 bags per roll. Each Measures W:7.87”—H:12.99”—D:1” Bag size: 12” x 10 1/3” Case Quantity: 120 Weight: 33 Measures W:1”—H:2.28”—D:1” $7.25 each Case Quantity: 144 Weight:30 $1.60 each F 12690-3 Dark Blue Dog Cloth with a Leash Measures W:8.46”—H:15.74”—D:1” Case Quantity: 80 Weight: 33 NEW! $6.25 each E 12691-0 Portable Water Container and Food Storage Unit Traveling somewhere. Not aF 12690-3 problem you can use this portable unit for both the water and food Measures W:5.31”—H:9.05”—D:5.31” Case Quantity: 16 Weight: 16 $6.00 each NEW! E 12691-0 1-888-264-5222 Pets’ Accessories 41