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NCG CAM is a easy to use standalone CAM system for the shop floor. The toolroom machinists perfect partner. Reliable iges reader makes it a perfect match for any CAD or design system. Multi threaded for performance, saving time and money

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  1. 1. New Features for NCG CAM V12NCG CAMV11Add the Abilityto MachineSelectedSurfacesCoreRoughingHorizontalAreasStock ModelsCreated fromMultiple AxisToolpathsNCG CAMV12.0Image courtesy of LTH Castings, SloveniaTool SizeGuideRuledSurfaces
  2. 2. 2NCG CAM New Features V12– Base ModuleDifferent XY to Z Thickness for Ball-nosed CuttersThis new feature can be used in instances where the user wants to use a ball-nosed cutter and have anegative thickness in X & Y, but not in Z, or where the negative thickness is greater than the cornerradius.Use Double Precision Storage in Database FilesThis will not be visually obvious to the user like most features, as it is how surfaces, boundaries andtoolpaths are stored in the database.Storing data in double precision will allow for greater accuracy on larger jobs (typically those larger than1000mm) and if working a long way from the part origin, but also on smaller part close to the origin whereextremely tight tolerances (<0.001mm) are required.Added the Ability to Machine Selected SurfacesThis new functionality will allow the user to select the individual surfaces to machine and then set themachine selected surfaces option, to machine to the surfaces very edge, without the need to create aboundary first.
  3. 3. 3This new enhancement allows the user to definea clearance for the shank of the cutter in asimilar way to the tool holder clearance.This will make it possible to machine withouthaving the shank rubbing on existing machining.Shaft Profile AnalysisDefining the correct tool shape and holder willensure the toolpaths are gouge free, but it canresult in material being left on the part.The shaft profile allows a different approach –what cutter and holder will fit best. The user isable to try different cutter shanks and holdercombinations after creating the toolpath. Theshaft profile provides a graphical view, of therequired body and cylindrical lengths of thecutter.The shaft profile now checks a tapered shanksection of the tool in addition to the holder, andshows the area where the tool could gouge.Ruled SurfacesThis new feature will allow the user to generate aruled surface between curves. This is in additionto the existing planar patch feature.In combination with the new extract curvesfunctionality in v11, the user can for examplecreate surfaces to extend the edge of surfaces tomachine past the real surfaces edge.Cutter Shank Clearance
  4. 4. 4This new feature allows the user to create a thread milling cycle. The canned cycles menu and dialog hasbeen changed slightly.Thread MillingThread MillingThread MillingCentral Folder for Tape FilesThis new feature allows the user to define a global folder for tape files when post-processing.This will save some users from having to pick the folder on each job. This will benefit users who always posttheir NC tape files to the same folder, or machine folder.
  5. 5. 5Setting the Datum Based on the Min, Center or Max of the SurfacesThis enhancement provides the user with more control over the horizontal lead-in and lead-out arcs. Thisshould be beneficial for waterline passes, where a large step-down is used, as the toolpath will not helixdown the side of the job.Simplified Lead Moves & Elongated Leads for Waterline PassesThis enhancement allowsthe user to pick min,center or max positionfrom graphical imagerather than typing mx()cy() Mz() making it moreuser friendly.Picking the requiredposition in the image willautomatically update theXYZ coordinates with thecorrect values to positionthat part of the model atX0 Y0 Z0.
  6. 6. 6This new feature allows the user todefine a circle or a disk the size ofthe cutter, that will move with thecursor when looking down the toolaxis.This should allow the user todetermine where a particular cutterdiameter can get, without having tocreate the passes or do a lot ofmeasuring. It can also help whencreating boundaries with mouse hitsfor a particular cutter size.Tool Size GuideUser Defined Text EditorThis enhancement allows the userto define their preferred text editor,which will be used when viewing atape file.Previously the user could only useNotepad.Cutter Shank ClearanceCore Horizontal Area PassesThis new feature will allow usersto machine horizontal areasplunging off the job and thenmilling in from the side. In certainmaterials, such as Inconel (anickel-chromium-basedsuperalloy) and many other steelsafter heat treatment, machining infrom the side will give far bettertool life.
  7. 7. 7Stock Models Created from Multiple Axis ToolpathsUsers are now able to make a single stock model from toolpaths with multiple tool axis, (not just single toolaxis), which will enable the user to visualise what the user has or has not machined with a combination of 3+2and / or 5-axis toolpaths.The same stock model could also be used for rest roughing after a number of machining operations withdifferent tool axes or to edit other toolpaths too.Stock Models Created from Multiple Axis ToolpathsStock Models Created from Multiple Axis ToolpathsVERICUT Tool List CreatorA new feature has been added in the NCG CAM post-processors, for users that use VERICUTTM to doublecheck their NC Tape Files for potential problems where a tilted axis could cause a collision between machineparts.It is now possible to set an option in the post processor options that will create a tool list (*.tls) for the postprocessed operations.Once VERICUTTM is started that file can be loaded, defining the cutter and tool holder based on what wasdefined for the toolpath in NCG CAM.
  8. 8. Head Office:NCG CAM Solutions LtdSilverwood Lodge, Ely RoadWaterbeach, Cambridge, CB25 9NNENGLAND, UKTel: +44 (0)1223 863911+44 (0)1353 699840Email: estelle@ncgcam.comWeb: www.ncgcam.comAuthorised ResellerContact Details:Ideas Design Solution (P) Ltd# 8/37 (1st Floor), Above DCB Bank Jharsa Road, Kirti Nagar, Gurgaon-122001Contact Person :- Vijender Pratap SinghEmail :- vijender@idspl.comPhone: 9015730393, 0124-4721999