How To Make Messaging Work For You


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  • Susan ReinhardGood afternoon everyone. I’m Susan Reinhard, Senior Vice President & Director, AARP Public Policy Institute; Chief Strategist, Center to Champion Nursing in America. I know you are very busy; so thank you taking the time to join us today to think about how to promote the important work we are all doing.I will just mention up front that we’re recording today’s webinar, so if you miss a section or would like to pass it on to a colleague, you can find the recording by going to Vital to the success of our work is figuring out how to talk about it. How do we explain what our campaign is about? What are we trying to do? Why do we want person a, b, or c to join us? These seem like simple questions, but, can you answer them as simply?This will be the conversation we will start today and I hope you find it helpful, fun, and invigorating. We’ll leave time for Q&A at the end of this presentation, so please jot down any questions that you have. Now I want to introduce you to Linda Wright Moore, the senior communications officer at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation who oversees communications for the Campaign for Action. Linda and her team have been hard at work on the campaign’s strategic communications plan as well as some communications resources to help you promote your efforts. I’ll let Linda tell you more about all of that. Linda…
  • Michael – Can we navigate to the community to show the resources “live” if possible.
  • Communicate these messages anytime you talk about the campaign.
  • Break thru the “clutter.”Connect and communicate with your audiences.Consistency: what one person says in Texas can affect efforts in NJ.Helps you to achieve your goals: e.g., generate support, increase awareness, influence policy change
  • Set up the problem, provide the solution.Think about how to generate support.
  • What’s in it for “me”?
  • How To Make Messaging Work For You

    1. 1. Susan Reinhard Linda Wright MooreAARP Senior Vice President RWJF Senior Communications Officer 2
    2. 2. Natalia Barolin Susan Lamontagne Project Director Senior Media Strategist IQ Solutions, Inc. IQ Solutions, Inc.CFA Communications Team CFA Communications Team 3
    3. 3. 4
    4. 4. • Press Releases• Presentations, Meetings• Media Events• Op-Eds, Letters to Editor• Marketing Materials 9
    5. 5. • Your main point• What you want people to remember• 2-3 words or sentences that make “your case” 10
    6. 6. • Reach your audience• Shape coverage• Differentiate from competitors• Generate support 11
    7. 7. • Who is your audience?• Do they understand the words or phrases you are using?• How do they relate to your message? 12
    8. 8. Hospital Funders Member of MediaLeadership CongressMeasurable Mission, Constituents, NewsResults Goals ReelectionSafety, New Policy Good storymedical approach, changeerrors, costs solution 13
    9. 9. • Too complex• Not in context• Audience cannot or does not relate• Messenger gets in the way 14
    10. 10. • Clear• Concise• Contrasting• Convincing• Consistent 15
    11. 11. • Our nation faces pressing health care challenges…we can address these – now – by maximizing the role of nurses. • As the largest segment of the health care workforce and the ones who spend the most time with patients, nurses are vital to the successful transformation of health care.• The Campaign for Action is working to improve health care through nursing. • We are working to make sure patients get the care they need, when and where they need it.• To meet growing health care demands/challenges, we need to change how nurses are educated, trained, and practice. • The success of this effort will depend on … stakeholders to come together to expand access, improve quality, and contain costs. 16
    12. 12. • What is the campaign?• What does it do?• Why does it matter?Role Play: Summarize your work in 2-3 sentences. 17
    13. 13. Press *1 on your telephoneto ask a question or provide a comment 18
    14. 14. Join the Campaign’s Online 19